Local SEO Solutions For SMBs

4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find local information

People search online for: store address, business hours, product availability, directions, and reviews. Ranking your business site for both your industry terms and location will boost brand awareness and visibility.

Roughly 1 out of 5 mobile searches on Google are location-related

The rapid growth of mobile searches makes search engines more prone to showing local-specific content to users who search from a smart phone or a tablet.

50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphones visited a store within a day

and 34% who searched on a computer/tablet did the same. Local search visibility is a stepping stone towards higher relevant traffic and immediate customer action.

18% of local searches on smartphones lead to a purchase within a day

Local searches lead to more purchases than non-local searches – only 7% of non-local searches result in purchases.

Local SEO is a niche online marketing strategy that helps businesses rank for both industry terms and geographic location while channeling their online presence towards a more targeted audience. The mobile search boom further boosts location-specific search results.

Online users are increasingly inclined to look for businesses that operate near their actual location. Local businesses simply can’t miss out on such a great opportunity. They should recognize the need to put their business on the map and become easily found online!

Local SEO presents SMBs with the opportunity to rank for their industry terms for location-specific search results and successfully compete with larger corporations and world-wide brands.

Our Integrated Local SEO Solutions aim to:

  • Enhance SMBs’ web presence.
  • Rank local businesses higher in the local search results.
  • Attract relevant targeted traffic to your website.
  • Make your website highly competitive in its niche.
  • Ensure consistency of your business information throughout the web.

To Boost Local Online Presence In Search Engines Our Experts Will Help Your Business With:

Citation Building

Citations are the online mentions of a company’s Name, Address and Phone number. Consistent and high quality company citations will increase the authority of your Local Business in Google Local search results.

As part of our Citation Building service we build high quality relevant citations that present a fine blend of citations in local, industry-specific, national and international citation sources. Such a solid, reinforced business profile will positively affect not only your local organic rankings but also your business’ visibility in the Local Snack Pack (the G+ Page listings in the Local SERPs).

Citation Audit

The consistency of your business information across all your citations online is one of the leading local ranking factors.

However, tracking all existing citations is not a piece of cake. Automated tools which try to solve this problem never get it completely right. That’s why our team has specialized in manually tracking down all your business’ citations for your current business information as well as for all old combination of business name, address or phone.

If you want to know how consistent your local citation profile is and what to do next to make it consistent take a look at the Citation Audit service page for more information.

Citation Audit & Cleanup

As business citations could raise or undermine a company’s online presence in the Local SERPs, their consistency plays a vital role in Local SEO.

Local business owners are often unaware that their company local citations contain inconsistent information. It is enough for a company to change phones or to relocate to another office without updating their online citations for their local rankings to take a serious nosedive. Sometimes supporting various company name interpretations online is the sole thing that could utterly undermine the vital NAP consistency of a business.

Thus, regularly monitoring Local Businesses’ citations is an important ingredient to a winning Local SEO strategy. Our Citation Audit & Cleanup service helps SMBs fix their outdated NAP info online and feed accurate and up-to-date data about their business to the search engines.

Onsite SEO

A well-optimized website that is indexed and correctly crawled by search engines does not only have a positive impact on organic but also on local rankings.

The Onsite SEO work we perform is designed to boost local rankings. Apart from the common indexability and crawlability fixes, it also includes but is not limited to: page loading speed optimization; creation and optimization of local landing pages; schema markup for business’ NAP: industry reviews; association with business’ G+ Local Page and map embedding.