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About Us

OptiLocal was established in November of 2011. The company specializes in Local Search Engine Optimization for small and mid-size businesses of any niche. Our core mission has always been to offer a comprehensive, one-stop, quality service to clients who want to dominate their local presence.

OptiLocal is transparent. Transparency is a guiding principle that we live by, hence we heavily emphasize on comprehensive quotes containing a detailed strategy of how we are going to get the job done and heavy reporting. We always encourage prospective clients to ask about our previous work!

Still being a small company ourselves, we are a perfect pick for small and medium-sized businesses as we get back to questions within 48 hours, 7 days a week and really spend the extra time to understand our clients' personalized needs.

OptiLocal is young and determined. Our team is made up of young specialists who all want to develop in the field that they are in. While already quite some time has passed since we launched our service and we've learned a lot, we feel that there is a tone more to learn.

We like to play darts in our office, carpool or bike to work together and enjoy some company outings together (teaming up against the managers in Paintball is totally not cool). We hate the swear jar despite all the junk food that it bought us.

The Team

Vladislav Todorov Veselin Petrov Viktor Vasilev Marieta Rosenova Dimitar Pavel Kukushev Georgi Nevyana Stan



Vladislav is the Co-Founder of OptiLocal. He got his degree in Computer Science from Ramapo College of New Jersey and was introduced to Local SEO right after graduation. What he likes the most about his job is the diversity of little “jobs” that he has while trying to grow OptiLocal – not only in the field of Internet Marketing but in Management and Customer Support as well. Vlado likes seeing things through and developing a service from the ground-up and that’s what keeps him motivated. In his spare time he enjoys sports like basketball and table tennis, hanging out with his friends and playing the guitar. When he travels he likes to stay longer in each place at a time and get to know the locals through hitchhiking, couchsurfing or volunteering.


Veselin Petrov

Vesko is a Team Leader of a group of citation builders and is responsible for the proper execution of their work and for their development and growth in the SEO field. He got his degree in Accounting from the University of Economics in Varna but he has always been fascinated by the world of computer technology. Vesko started working in the field of SEO immediately after graduation and to this day this is what excites him the most. He’s got good language skills in English and French and is pretty interested in new technologies, hardware and software innovations, and the developments in Local SEO. Outside the office, Vesko enjoys spending time with friends among the nature, away from the computer. Listening and collecting music is his hobby and this is a very important part of his life.


Viktor Vasilev

Viktor is one of the two co-owners of OptiLocal and is involved in a lot of the company processes, mostly the ones related to the citation building service and software development. He graduated from Boston University with a Master's degree in Bioinformatics and delved into SEO about a year after that. Despite he started his specialization in computer science and programming, he is also interested in graphic design as a hobby and is fascinated by mathematics and various sciences. In his spare time he likes playing various sports and enjoys watching movies.


Marieta Rosenova

Marieta is a Team Leader of a group of citation builders. Her job is to organize and distribute tasks as well as quality control. She is holding a Master of Advertising and Media Communications degree from the University of Economics in Varna. What she likes about her work in OptiLocal is that being a citation builder trains her mind, speed and memory. She loves learning about how search engines work and tries to find ways to make small local businesses grow their online presence. What she likes about Internet Marketing is that it is a moving target and one is always learning new things. Marieta also has particular interests in learning languages and communicating with people from different cultures. She likes listening to music, writing down her thoughts on a piece of paper or just to stand by the sea. Marieta has a dream – she wants to help children all over the world to have an equal start in life. If she had the opportunity, she would give them food, clothes and help them get proper education. What she hates the most is knowing there are children somewhere in the world dying because of hunger.



Dimitar is the Main Team Leader in OptiLocal’s Citation Building Department. He is responsible for organizing everyone’s tasks, doing quality checks, and preparing the final reports before delivering them to the clients. He graduated from the University of Economics in Varna with a major in Management. When he first started working in SEO, little did he know about this field but his interest started to grow once he devoted himself to exploring it. He believes that SEO is more of a craft rather than a science because there is no manual that one can read in order to dominate Google’s SERPs. Dimitar’s special skills are recognized by everyone who appreciates his work. His interests have always been in the realms of computer hardware and software, cars and handy skills. He hopes one day to be able to devote himself to restoring classic cars and make this a part of automotive history.


Pavel Kukushev

Pavel is responsible for prospecting hyper- local and niche directories and he is also finding and choosing the best directories for our Citation Building team. Since he joined OptiLocal, he has been involved with Citation Building, Link Building and wrote a couple of blog posts about important problems related to citation building. He has done some research in the fields of linguistics and natural language processing as well. Pavel is about to graduate from the Technical University of Varna with a degree in Computer Science. He has been involved with computer-related work since high school - mostly website-building and a little bit of programming, too. He has knowledge of HTML/CSS, C/C++, Java, Parallel Computing, Databases and algorithm creation. Outside of work, Pavel is a well-balanced person, knife-collector and a metal-music fan.



Young and driven digital communications professional and strong believer in the importance of direct communication and creation of value for customer. Georgi is interested in all forms of marketing communication and in bringing the proposition to the consumer in a unique and original manner. With experience in Public Relations, Marketing communications and Social Media in renowned companies such as Philips and smaller players such as ISOTX and EarlyBridge Singapore as well as the non-government organisation for human rights "Thirdway"Ghana, Georgi brings a unique blend of experience and curiosity to the OptiLocal team.



Nevyana is our company’s eyes and ears. She is constantly researching the newest trends and best practices in SEO so that we implement them in our processes. She helps developing new services and tools to add to our company portfolio. Nevyana has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree as well as Master’s in Advertising and PR. What she likes about SEO is the dynamic rhythm of this industry – the ever- changing rules of the game trigger your creativity and make you alert and ready to adapt to the highest standards set. She likes knowing that our work helps our clients and that our efforts make their businesses rise above their competitors. Nevyana has an utter movie and TV series addiction – some of her favorite pieces are Dexter, Supernatural, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Shameless and Suits. She loves eco tourism, traveling and meeting new cultures and friends.


Pavel Kukushev

Stanislav is one of our Local SEO specialists. He graduated from the University of Economics in Varna with a Bachelor’s degree in International Economic Relations. Stan is very tech savvy and always keen to try new technology and software. This is one of the reasons he enjoys working in SEO and having to adapt to the latest algorithm changes of the search engines and best practices is something Stanislav finds exciting. Seeing positive results from his work on a website is his favorite part about any project. What he likes the most about SEO is that he can apply his computer skills and knowledge to bring tangible benefits to people in the real world. He likes working on websites of small and mid- sized businesses and optimizing their online presence. Stan would like to learn more about programming and graphic design. To be more specific, he would like to learn PHP and become a Photoshop guru and maybe someday develop software that will make the lives of many people easier. He also has a strong affinity for cars and admires everything about them – from the design and the way driving them makes you feel to the technicalities of their parts and systems and the way they function.

Citation Building Team

Ani Bojana Denitsa Guler Heli Hristo Zhechko Tseni

Dev Team

Nasko Mitko Gosho