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Are you an Alpharetta business owner struggling to attract local customers and compete with larger companies dominating the first page of Google? Does your website get little to no traffic while your competitors rank higher and steal your potential sales?

You’re not alone. Many SMBs in Alpharetta face this crisis due to lacking the expertise and resources for effective paid search marketing.

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

“Really good. Mindflow Marketing has completely surpassed our expectations.”

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Why PPC Advertising is Critical for Alpharetta SMBs

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising levels the playing field allowing small businesses to compete in online visibility against much larger companies. For Alpharetta SMBs, PPC delivers compelling benefits but requires investment and strategy to work.

The Pros

  • Reach customers proactively searching for your products and services near them
  • Drive targeted traffic straight from high-ranking ads to your site
  • Increase visibility on search engines like Google for your brand with paid spots
  • Improve lead generation and sales with PPC ads optimized for conversions
  • Regain lost organic traffic as 67% of search clicks go to just the top 5 listings
  • Flexibility in budgeting and ability to set maximum costs per click/conversion

Without PPC ads constantly displayed for relevant searches, you miss out on connecting with this highly-motivated audience. You lose them to competitors willing to pay for visibility.

And with over 67% of clicks going to the top 5 organic listings, absence from those premium spots means giving away a majority of potential business.

The Cons

  • Ongoing costs that must align to positive ROI from conversions
  • Keyword bids driving up prices for competing on high-value terms
  • Monitoring effort required to optimize campaigns and control budgets
  • No guarantees of conversions though proper optimization maximizes potential

We mitigate these cons through expert campaign optimization, budget strategy, and goal-focused performance analysis.

Most local competitors probably don’t utilize paid search or have mastered it yet despite its profit-driving power. Our agency can help you capitalize on this opportunity and dominate the competition.

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Don’t LoseBusiness to Competitors

Get Ready to Convert Visitors into Customers.

With over 20 years of experience, our SEO consultants wouldn’t just help you to dominate your competitors on search engines, but will also use our unique and proven SEO strategy to turn your website visitors into customers.

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PPC Vs. SEO: Which Strategy Should You Choose?

Businesses seeking to improve search visibility and rankings often deliberate between pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO). Which is right for your organization?

SEO as a Long-Term Strategy

SEO takes considerable time and effort to organically improve authority signals like:

  • High-quality link-building
  • Content optimization
  • On-site technical enhancements
  • Trust indicators

But SEO investments compound over time for sustainable rankings, rather than disappearing when advertising stops.

PPC for Quick Leads and Sales

In contrast, PPC delivers immediate visibility by purchasing ads tied to valuable keyword searches. This leads to urgent lead generation/sales vs. SEO’s slower brand-building.

Key PPC Benefits

  • Increased ad visibility starting day one
  • Complete control over the searches you target
  • Pay only when users engage your listings
  • Optimization for direct conversions

So PPC and SEO play complementary roles. Savvy marketers leverage both for long-term growth plus short-term lead generation as needed. Contact us to determine the best allocation for your goals!

The OptiLocal Difference: Unparalleled PPC Expertise for Alpharetta Businesses

What makes OptiLocal the top PPC company in Alpharetta over cheap freelancers and shady agencies?

With over 15 years’ experience, no one knows paid search in Alpharetta better than we do. Our PPC talent combines the highest Google Partner status with in-depth local knowledge from running successful campaigns here for years. We become an extension of your team, leveraging our Alpharetta-honed PPC expertise to build a custom solution for YOUR:

  • Business model – Products, services, locations, etc.
  • Goals – Lead generation, phone calls, form fills, etc.
  • Ideal customer – Demographics, geo-targets, etc.
  • Budget – Maximize ROI within your means

The result? PPC campaigns with the right messaging, to the right people optimized for actual sales at your business. Not vanity metrics or guesses.

We also provide hands-on account management and strategic guidance:

  • Campaign setup, keyword research, ad copywriting, landing pages, and ongoing optimization
  • Detailed performance reports and calls to analyze results
  • Budget pacing, actionable recommendations to improve performance

Compare this level of active partnership to letting stale campaigns waste money or hiring inexperienced reps who set things up then disappear.

Wouldn’t you rather have Alpharetta’s paid search experts in your corner?

Core PPC Services Driving These Impressive Results

Our end-goal isn’t vanity metrics – it’s sales and growth for Alpharetta businesses through optimized PPC campaigns. We focus on the marketing activities that actually drive conversions:

Granular Keyword Targeting

The foundation of effective PPC is reaching users by precisely matching your ads to their search intent. We dig into questions like:

  • What wording do your potential customers use around Alpharetta when looking for companies like yours?
  • What long-tail variations on your products or services might they search to find solutions to their problems?
  • How do geo-modifiers, questions, comparative phrases reveal intent we can target?

Identifying and bidding on these optimal search queries is key to connecting your messaging and offers to searches signaling readiness to buy.

We uncover the PPC opportunities competitors are missing and build campaigns around those high-converting searches.

Dynamic Ad Copywriting

Even with perfect targeting, ad copy must still speak directly to searchers’ motivations or they’ll ignore your ads.

We put ourselves in the shoes of prospects in Alpharetta:

  • What immediate concerns or questions pop into their minds around your business?
  • What key information do they need to see to have confidence in engaging further?

Armed with this understanding, we craft compelling ad copy optimized for each target keyword that:

  • Captures attention with emotional hooks relevant to their search
  • Positions your brand as the ideal local solution they desire
  • Motivates desired actions like calls, form fills, site visits, store visits

Landing Page Optimization

Driving hard-won clicks to a poor website experience kills conversions.

We ensure your site provides a seamless transition reinforcing what attracted searchers to your ad with:

  • Custom landing pages mirroring ad copy messaging
  • Prominent calls-to-action to contact, set appointments, or purchase
  • Forms reducing barriers to convert visitors

Fast page loads, easy navigation, and clear next steps make it effortless for visitors from PPC traffic to engage further.

Additional PPC Services Driving Results

Beyond our core paid search offerings, OptiLocal provides further specialized PPC services leveraging the full spectrum of options available on platforms like Google Ads:

Display Advertising

Placement targeting through:

  • Search partners: ads on relevant sites
  • Content networks: relevant contexts like industry articles
  • Via remarketing to visitors of your website

Benefits: Increased visibility beyond only search ads.

Video Advertising

  • YouTube masthead ads
  • In-stream video ads on YouTube and other networks
  • Video ads on Facebook, Instagram

Benefits: Ad formats that grab attention and interest.

Dynamic Search Ads

Algorithmically generated ads pulling from website content to match searches Google deems relevant.

Benefits: Expanded reach without manual keyword management.

Shopping Campaigns

Showcase product inventory in highly visual product listings displayed to searching buyers.

Benefits: Increased visibility and conversions for ecommerce sites.

Local Services Ads

Special ad unit prominently featuring your locations/contacts.

Benefits: Higher visibility for location-based services.

We tailor all PPC initiatives to your unique goals, budget, and custom Alpharetta KPIs for maximizing ROI. Contact us to learn more!

Guaranteed First Page Rankings for Alpharetta Businesses

Dominating the front page for strategic searches demonstrates our PPC skill better than promises.

When you become an OptiLocal PPC client, we guarantee first page Google rankings for your selected core keywords in Alpharetta – or we refund every penny spent with zero risk.

No one else is willing stake their fees on actually delivering page 1 visibility because they lack expertise delivering this locally.

Dedicated Support Maximizing Your PPC Investment

Our PPC managers don’t disappear once campaigns launch either.

We provide ongoing strategic direction through:

  • Detailed performance reporting highlighting successes and areas for improvement
  • Calls and emails for discussing optimizations to improve conversion rates
  • Budget allocation guidance balancing traffic volume with conversions
  • Account structure expansion maximizing opportunities

You gain a virtual team filled with Alpharetta paid search wisdom.

Get Started With a Free PPC Audit and Proposal

Ready to claim your share of Alpharetta customers with optimized PPC campaigns? Let our local paid search experts tailor a proposal to exceed your lead generation goals.

Contact OptiLocal for a no-obligation audit analyzing your current PPC initiatives (if any) plus custom plan outlining what is possible specifically for increasing visibility and conversions in Alpharetta searches.

Our Free PPC Analysis Covers:

  • How your current ads and keywords perform (if existing)
  • Missed opportunities to target high-converting searches
  • Recommendations on highly-effective campaign structures tailored for your unique offerings
  • Volume estimates and goal-optimization strategy for lead gen or other KPIs
  • Budgetary breakdown of specialties like shopping, display and video ads

Come away with a prioritized game plan and guaranteed confidence we can hit aggressive conversion targets in Alpharetta searches. Complete the form below or call (555) 123-4567 to lock in a free custom proposal today!

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