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As Atlanta’s top data-driven SEO Company, OptiLocal helps small and medium-sized businesses boost their online visibility, attract more local customers, and maximize profits. If you run a business in Atlanta and struggle with declining website traffic, poor local search rankings, and losing revenue to outranking competitors, our customized SEO solutions can turn things around.
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The OptiLocal Difference: Guaranteed First-Page Rankings Focused on ROI

We take a data-driven, ROI-focused approach to our SEO campaigns. Before developing a customized strategy for your business, we conduct in-depth audits analyzing:

  • Technical on-site optimization
  • Local relevance and citations
  • Link building opportunities
  • Content and conversions
  • Ranking analysis for key Atlanta geo-targeted keywords

Armed with data-backed recommendations, our team implements proven SEO best practices to improve your search visibility starting from month one.

What sets OptiLocal apart is our guaranteed first-page rankings within 6 months for your most valuable Atlanta keywords. We also provide complete transparency into your campaign’s progress through custom analytics reporting.

Most importantly, we focus on driving real business growth by increasing your website traffic, lead generation, and sales revenue. Our past clients have experienced 20-40% higher profits within just 6-12 months of partnering with us.

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Laser Focused on Atlanta Businesses’ Unique Needs

Atlanta is an extremely competitive market. As locals ourselves, we understand the unique challenges facing metro area businesses targeting local customers.

Whether you are a multi-location retail franchise, lawyer, doctor, restaurant, trades company or agency, our data-driven SEO solutions help you:

  • Stand out from competitors targeting Atlantans with similar services
  • Attract customers from affluent neighborhoods and commercial districts
  • Build trust and reputation with engaging local content
  • Gain authority in Atlanta’s business ecosystem
  • Increase foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores

We tailor powerful, white-label SEO campaigns to become an extension of your marketing team. Our strategies help you convert Atlantans seeking your products into long-term customers.

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Drive More Customers to Your Atlanta Business with Custom SEO Solutions from OptiLocal

As Atlanta’s top data-driven SEO Company, OptiLocal helps small and medium-sized businesses boost their online visibility, attract more local customers, and maximize profits. If you run a business in Atlanta and struggle with declining website traffic, poor local search rankings, and losing revenue to outranking competitors, our customized SEO solutions can turn things around.

Many Atlanta business owners realize that having some online presence is important these days but very few understand the immense impact search engine optimization (SEO) can have on their growth and bottom line.

Without intentional, data-driven SEO efforts tailored to your local Atlanta audience and core business offerings, you are losing out on up to 90% of potential business every single day to competitors that rank higher than you on critical searches.

This prevents new customers from finding you, destroys brand visibility and credibility, and costs you thousands in lost revenue every month.

Our comprehensive SEO services address these urgent problems by getting you found online, driving highly targeted traffic to your site, and converting visitors into paying customers.

We are not your average Atlanta SEO agency dishing out spray-and-pray tactics. Our customized solutions, tailored to your specific location, business type, products and services deliver tangible business growth month after month.

The Alarming Yet Overlooked Need for SEO Among Atlanta Small Businesses

Yet very few Atlanta small business owners realize the urgent need for search engine optimization to get their websites found and frequented by local customers daily.

Without intentional SEO efforts tailored to Atlanta geo-targets and buyer keywords, local companies miss out on up to 9 out of 10 potential customers and inquiries each month to higher-ranking national chains and ecommerce giants.

This leads to preventable outcomes that threaten the survival and growth of SMBs in Atlanta:

  •  Losing 60-90% of digital market share to competitors ranking above them
  •  Plummeting brand visibility as customers can’t find them online
  •  Declining brand trust and revenues each year
  •  Higher customer acquisition costs by up to 32%
  • The costs of ignoring SEO add up fast for Atlanta businesses struggling to find their footing post-pandemic.

Few Alarming Statistics:

The costs of not having an SEO strategy add up quicker than most local companies realize. Here are some alarming stats that underscore why Atlanta SMBs need to take action today:

  • 75% of consumers who search on Google for something nearby visit the business within 5 miles of their location. Without good visibility on keyword searches and map packs, you miss out on up to 9 in 10 potential customers.
  • 53% of website traffic is driven by organic search results. Ignoring SEO means poor rankings resulting in plummeting site visitors over time as competitors outpace you.
  • Pages 1-5 of Google drive about 92% of all clicks. If your business does not rank in at least the top 5 for your core customer search queries, you hardly get any traffic to show up from SEO at all.
  • Close to 50% of small businesses still don’t have a website while those with sites often invest minimally in SEO. This relinquishes all organic business opportunities to rivals.
  • High local rankings can increase revenue by over 100%. Moving from page 2 to page 1 for the same search terms can sometimes DOUBLE total sales volume from new customer findability.

Take the first step now towards leveraging SEO to unlock game-changing revenue in 2024. Call us today for your free website audit and market domination assessment!

OptiLocal’s Core SEO Services for Atlanta Small Businesses

As a full-service digital marketing agency, OptiLocal offers integrated solutions encompassing SEO, PPC, web design, and more. When it comes to driving local leads and sales for SMBs, we have honed expertise around core SEO services:

 Keyword Research 

Our Google algorithm-aligned keyword research process delivers the high-converting search terms you need:

  1. Initial Research: We start with your GMB categories, competitor analysis and knowledge of customer search behavior to create an initial list of buyer keywords specific to your products, services and Atlanta location.
  2. Demand Validation: Using market data intelligence tools, we validate monthly search volumes to isolate the highest potential phrases for your niche. We upgrade and downgrade terms as needed for the ideal ROI balance.
  3. Conversion Optimization: Next, we conduct intent analysis to segment keywords—navigational queries with commercial buying intent vs. informational exploration terms. We customize strategies to win visibility for both traffic-driving and conversion-focused phrases.
  4. Topic Clustering: Related keywords are grouped into strategic topic clusters optimized individually based on opportunity, goals and resources. Groups may be Atlanta location focused, product-specific, service line oriented or other logical segmentations.
  5. Growth Roadmap: Finally, we map out a data-backed quarterly roadmap focused on ranking your cluster topics sequentially over 6-9 months based on impact. As new opportunities emerge, we course-correct in agile sprints.

Our living keyword research process gives you an expandable SEO foundation delivering targeted visitors to your site over the long-term.


Link Building for Atlanta Rankings Authority

Links remain one of the most powerful signals that elevate your local SEO to page 1. But business site links are EARNED, not bought. Our evidence-based process earns you authoritative website placements organically.

First, we build a tiered link earn opportunity list of topically relevant, reputable Atlanta websites. Next, our outreach team nurtures relationships with site owners and influential local figures to secure impactful link inserts and brand mentions.

We customize guest posts, resource contributions, testimonials, data studies, expert quotes and other authoritative link inserts that resonate with each site’s audience. Our community networking also fosters sponsorships, event features, press releases published on local websites.

Our full Atlanta link velocity framework encompasses:

  1. Industry Resource Link Inserts: Optimized articles on leading local industry blogs and media platforms. This bolsters domain metrics like DA, PA and social metrics.
  2. Location-based Local Links: We pursue deep integration with influential local business directories, city publications, neighborhood sites like Nextdoor and regional chamber associations. This fortifies powerful signals like Moz Local and GMB authority.
  3. Niche Review Builds: Creating and promoting authentic reviews on niche-specific rating sites indicate your category relevance to rank higher on related commercial terms.
  4. Community Engagement Links: Guest podcast appearances, community service partnerships published online, neighborhood forum profiles and press release links expand visibility.

Our proven link velocity system rapidly elevates your organic rankings fueling revenue!

Conversion-Focused Content Creation

Our talented team of Atlanta SEO copywriters creates optimized, engaging content across your website designed specifically to captivate your ideal customers while seamlessly integrating your target keywords.

We take an omni-channel approach to content creation, producing various formats that appeal to both search engines and visitors:

  • In-depth Pillar Content: 4,000+ word expert guides, lists, how-tos and location pages targeting ranking for high-value buyer terms.
  • Blogs: 500-1000 word articles offering local insights, addressing customer pain points, and profiling case studies.
  • Videos: We assist with on-page and YouTube optimization for video content, embeds and transcriptions.
  • FAQs: Question-and-answer content builds trust around popular consumer questions.
  • Testimonials: Customer review articles, quotes and local search display ads showcase satisfaction.
  • Off-site Content: Guest posting, news stories and profile features expand your brand influence.

Our Atlanta SEO content incorporates keyword optimization best practices while focusing heavily on solving our geo-targeted audience’s needs with valuable information and engagement. This powers results.

Our full in-house content capabilities give your website an unbeatable asset–a library of SEO content fueling lead generation 24/7.


Our on-page SEO experts optimize every element of your website copy and code for higher rankings and conversion rates.

We start by conducting an in-depth site audit to identify existing issues hindering performance. This includes fixing duplicate content errors, broken backlinks and redirects, accessibility problems, site speed bottlenecks and more.

Next, we perform competitive analysis to benchmark your site against rankings leaders in your niche. We analyze why their pages outrank yours and identify optimization gaps.

Then, our team implements targeted on-page enhancements:

  • Optimized Title Tags: We create compelling, clickable titles with primary keywords and site branding.
  • Keyword-Focused Headings: H1, H2 tags infuse LSI keyword variants to indicate relevance.
  • Alt Texts/Image Names: We optimize visual elements for better image indexation.
  • Internal Linking: Our architecture improves click-depth and links to top pages.
  • Page Speed: We optimize code, images, and videos for faster load times.
  • Schema Markup: We implement microdata, micro formats and RDFa for better snippet display.
  • URL Structures: Our developers improve URL parameters for cleaner architecture.

These enhancements indicate to Google your pages’ relevance and authority to rank higher. Our holistic process enhances not just rankings but also your site’s usability and conversions.


Our advanced Local SEO solutions help Atlanta businesses dominate the critical Map Pack and Local Finder listings by establishing robust location-based authority.

We start by optimizing and managing your Google My Business profile for maximum visibility. This includes:

  • Accurate business information
  • High-quality photos
  •  Engaging and optimized posts
  •  Responding to reviews and questions

Next, we build dozens of powerful citations and reviews on directories like Yelp, Facebook, YellowPages, Mapquest and many others to reinforce your NAP consistency.

We also create optimized Google Map landing pages targeting different Atlanta neighborhoods and suburbs that rank for hyperlocal searches. For multi-location brands, we customize each landing page while managing national-local overlap.

Additionally, our link building experts secure strategic local links from location-relevant sites to indicate your active presence and influence in the community.

And we generate explosive growth by funneling Offline conversions data into your GMB profile.

With this comprehensive Local SEO game plan, we can make your business THE go-to local option customers see whenever they search for related products or services near them.

Dominate the Map Pack this year!

Decoding the Critical Differences Between Technical SEO and Local SEO

Technical SEO and Local SEO play interconnected yet distinct roles in driving overall organic visibility and targeted neighborhood/city searches for an Atlanta business respectively.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO establishes an essential holistic foundation focused on improving your website’s underlying quality signals from an engineering perspective. It ensures search engines can efficiently crawl, index, comprehend, and value the entire breadth of pages and content you offer visitors.

Key Technical SEO Factors:

  • Site architecture and navigation
  • Page speed load times and mobility
  • Proper on-page markup and metadata
  • Effective internal linking structure
  • Fixing crawl errors and duplicate pages
  • Addressing broken backlinks and redirects
  • Implementing security protocols like SSL
  • Enhancing accessibility for all users
  • Structured data markup additions

Robust technical SEO translates into higher overall domain authority, reduced site bugs, lower bounce rates and more reliable backend performance regardless of traffic fluctuations. This indirectly influences page rankings.

Why is Technical SEO Important?

Solid technical SEO is important for both visitors and search engines. It provides:

Better crawlability: Clean code and URL parameters improve bots’ ability to index all your pages.

Faster load speeds: Optimized images, scripts and assets reduce latency issues.

Enhanced user trust: HTTPS, data security, privacy are now SEO ranking factors.

Universal access: ADA compliance helps more people access your content.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO focuses directly on optimizing your online visibility and rankings for queries centered on location-based intent from customers in a specific geo-target like Atlanta.

Core Local SEO Tactics:

  • Google My Business listing optimization
  • Location-specific landing pages
  • Building local citations/reviews
  • Location-based content and backlinking
  • Promoting proximity-based offers

So while technical SEO sets up an SEO-friendly site, Local SEO customizes relevance signals to dominate searches from Atlanta natives seeking local products, services and deals.

Why is Local SEO Vital?

Appearing prominently for local searches is extremely valuable because:

76% of consumers search for local businesses online before buying, so geo-targeted visibility is imperative.

 72% of customers who find local information on search engines are more likely to visit stores, hence directly influencing foot traffic.

 97% of consumers search for local businesses on mobile, underscoring the rising need for location-based optimization.

Technical and Local SEO form a symbiotic ecosystem that produces well-rounded organic visibility—the former supporting overall rankings capabilities while the latter directly fuels lead gen and sales from localized queries.

How OptiLocal Helps You Maintain Powerful Local & Technical SEO Strategies

We recognize that ranking well today is easier than sustaining long-term visibility against Google’s shifting algorithm and growing local competition.

That’s why our managed SEO retains your hard-won organic positions through:

Local SEO Maintenance:

 Regular citation refresh: We routinely verify and update NAP citations across directories to prevent inconsistencies that may negatively impact local pack rankings.

 Geo-targeted content expansion: Our blog production continually pumps out fresh, location-optimized content interlinking with your landing pages and website to demonstrate relevance.

Hyperlocal rank tracking: We monitor your keyword positions weekly and respond swiftly if a neighborhood-focused term drops pages. Rapid recovery prevents revenue impact.

Technical SEO Care:

 Algorithm monitoring: Google rolls out hundreds of updates annually. We analyze signals, recommend countermeasures if rankings fluctuate and refine your assets accordingly.

Ongoing site audits: We perform quarterly 30-point health checks, identifying new website issues early and fixing them promptly. This prevents technical debt accumulation.

 Regular site speed tests: Page load speeds change over time with added plugins, new code etc. We routinely test site speed to meet evolving core web vital benchmarks.

Consistent, data-driven SEO support gives you peace of mind that your brand remains visible when it matters most—during the moments customers pull out their phones needing products or services in Atlanta.

The OptiLocal Process: How We Help Atlanta Businesses Rank Higher

We take a uniquely transparent and collaborative approach to SEO for our Atlanta partners so you know what we’re doing and why every step of our engagement. Here’s a glimpse of how it works:

Free Atlanta SEO Audit and Rankings Analysis

We start every new Atlanta search engine optimization partnership with a comprehensive 30-point audit of your current website visibility, performance, and untapped opportunities. We do the same for key competitors to map out our game plan. Then we summarize our findings and recommendations in an Atlanta SEO card detailing what it will take to achieve page 1 Google rankings.

Bespoke Atlanta SEO Blueprint

Our strategy team then custom builds an Atlanta-specific SEO plan optimized for your most high-potential buyer terms, products, service areas, and business model. We select the optimal keyword targets and outline the link building, online properties setup, and conversion-focused content creation needed monthly to own them.

Ongoing Collaboration Through Weekly Calls

Communication builds trust in any good relationship. We hold weekly 30-minute update calls to recap SEO ranking progress, content published, link building wins, and traffic/leads data to showcase our ongoing impact. You’re also assigned an Account Manager for 24/7 access.

Performance Reporting Through a Private Client Hub

Our online client command center houses all your key SEO assets, rankings, and reporting accessible anytime. You can view content created, backlinks earned, rank tracking dashboards, and in-depth analytics decks recapping monthly progress. Consider us an extension of your marketing team.

Become the #1 search result for Atlanta customers seeking your products with our proven SEO success system this year!

Atlanta Client Success Stories Showcasing Our Proven SEO Results

Our time-tested SEO methodology has produced standout organic visibility for diverse local brands in Atlanta driving exponential lead generation and revenue year over year.

Here are a few highlights demonstrating our strategic “win today AND tomorrow” approach tailored for long-term, sustainable ROI gains:

Local Plumbing Franchise Unclogs 55% Yearly Growth

A family-owned Atlanta plumbing business with 11 locations saw declining website traffic and falling revenue as national chains and online aggregator sites using PPC outranked them for essential services related searches.

Our geo-modified focus keyword discovery isolated the unique high-value queries people used when seeking their offerings in various Atlanta neighborhoods. Next, our technical SEO audits revealed multiple site speed and accessibility issues limiting their reach which we promptly fixed.

Our local link building secured several citations and reviews in hyperlocal directories followed by physical publication placements. And our GMB optimization strengthened locality and service relevance signals.

The impact? 55% yearly revenue growth from elevated local SEO visibility as they dominated page 1 and the 3-pack for their core commercial plumbing and drain cleaning terms!

Software Startup’s Organic Traffic Explodes 14X Under 2 Months!

A promising Atlanta SaaS startup with innovative martech approached us after losing faith in a large national digital agency unable to move their keywords out of page 3 obscurity. After a site migration and fixing crawling errors limiting their indexation potential, we systematically built relevant niche links indicating their market influence.

In under 60 days, we attained page 1 rankings for several of their unique commercial product terms in a crowded space resulting in their monthly organic traffic shooting up 14X almost overnight! This helped them scale efficiently by leveraging SEO visibility to supplement their outbound sales process.

Embattled Restaurant Group Reclaims Lost Customers

The COVID pandemic hit the hospitality industry hard. An Atlanta restaurant group saw their lunch and dinner reservations plummet as customer mobility declined. Their SEO lacked sufficient local intent signals and location-based optimization elements.

We orchestrated an aggressive local link and review building campaign followed by publishing optimized blogs targeting dining and cuisine-related information searches from Atlanta foodies. Further GMB enhancements highlighted changing business hours and safety measures rebuilding post-pandemic trust.

This multi-channel local SEO approach saw their core bookings search terms shoot up from page 4 oblivion to page 1 within 5 weeks! By capturing high-commercial-intent traffic from potential diners again, the group efficiently reclaimed lost business.

The common thread across these examples? Our process-driven SEO delivers targeted visibility for YOUR highest value keywords and offers here locally in Atlanta week after week!

Let us make your website and online local presence the most visible and trusted option for potential customers searching today.

Utilizing Geotargeted Advertising and Promotions For Maximum Local Impact

The ability to precisely target marketing messages to specific neighborhoods and regions based on proximity unlocks immense leads and sales potential for location-based businesses.

We incorporate tailored geotargeting techniques across multiple channels into our comprehensive Atlanta SEO packages to hyper-focus your promotions directly reaching your ideal local customer base.

Geo-Fenced Social Media Advertising

We run tightly targeted Facebook and Instagram ads displayed only to users within designated parts of Atlanta based on advanced mapping technologies that trace devices entering the geo-perimeters.

This improves ad relevance and local conversion lift by focusing spends reaching the areas with highest probability of purchases. We help craft messaging aligned with products and services relevant to those micro-regions.

Neighborhood Text Ad Sequences

Our sales funnel automation platform and SMS tool lets you deliver customized text promotion sequences, special offers or events invites to subscribers located in predefined Atlanta zip codes using accurate mobile geotracking.

So a fitness studio may send a sequence about a guest pass to a spin class targeting folks in Sandy Springs while a pizzeria highlights weekend specials targeting Midtown residents.

Hyperlocal Email Outreach

Our consultants also identify and directly contact potential local partners and influencers like schools, offices and apartment complexes within specific Atlanta communities that can help amplify your messaging to their nearby members, residents and attendees.

This expands your branded exposure and word-of-mouth referrals exponentially within concentrated areas of Atlanta at once.

Customized Neighborhood Landing Pages

Finally, our web team builds dedicated localized landing pages highlighting special offers, events or discounts called out in your geo-targeted ad units sent to corresponding areas.

These improve relevance and response rates by providing a customized conversion destination showcasing promotions relevant to that particular zip code.

Localizing every external marketing channel while aligning closely with your core SEO site content targeting Atlanta searches gives you an all-encompassing strategy to completely dominate your geographic service region.

Let’s boost revenue by focusing your budget, assets and campaigns directly on the right personas and sub-regions within Atlanta!

OptiLocal’s Tailored Atlanta SEO Packages For Every Budget

While our comprehensive premium end-to-end service is ideal for measurably growing brands, we understand every business has unique needs and capabilities.

That’s why we offer tailored SEO engagement packages aligned to your goals, timeline and marketing stack.

🥉 Bronze DIY Local SEO Toolkit

Our self-service Local SEO toolkit equips you with the knowledge, templates and resources needed to jumpstart optimizing your online visibility.

This budget-friendly package includes:

✔️ Atlanta keyword research analysis

✔️ Geo-modified on-page optimization guide

✔️ Google My Business audit checklist

✔️ Local citation building template

✔️ Schema markup implementation instructions

✔️ Monthly 30-min strategy support call

Perfect for active do-it-yourselfers willing to take hands-on ownership of foundational SEO tasks.

🥈 Silver Done-For-You SEO Management

Our hands-on Silver plan takes over creating, optimizing and managing your SEO assets monthly while you focus on running day-to-day business operations.

Deliverables include:

✔️ 4x SEO-optimized blogs

✔️ 2x service area landing pages

✔️ 1x location-based long-form video schema markup

✔️ 30+ tier 1 local citations

✔️ 10x GMB posts with images

✔️ Enhanced online properties data consistency

✔️ Monthly performance reporting

Ideal for busy teams who understand the SEO opportunity but need an extra capacity boost executing tactical optimizations month-to-month.

🥇 Gold End-to-End Local Domination

This expanded annual engagement option includes our full suite of core premium technical SEO, content, and local link services plus additional capacity:

✔️ 60+ tiered authoritative link inserts

✔️ 100+ branded local citations

✔️ 3x/month conversion-focused content creation

✔️ PPC campaign launch and management

✔️ Weekly rank tracking reports

✔️ Unlimited monthly optimization requests

Perfect for well-resourced teams striving to systematically dominate the first page of Google in 2024 across all high-potential revenue driving keywords.

Let’s explore which tailored solution above or custom combo plan best fits your unique local SEO needs in Atlanta!

Partner With Atlanta’s #1 SEO Agency Today!

I hope this outline of our core SEO services and proven success optimizing Atlanta SEO for local businesses of all sizes gives you confidence that we can deliver these same results for your company.

We take time to deeply understand your business, ideal customers, and growth goals so we can custom-tailor solutions producing maximum ROI. Our experts specialize in diverse niches – from law firms to contractors, medical practices to ecommerce stores, hotels and restaurants to home service franchises.

Our Atlanta SEO Services focus on what delivers the highest return for you based on conversion potential and revenue impact.

To get started dominating the first page of Google this year, call OptiLocal now for a free 30-minute consultation with one of our strategy experts.

Our free analysis will audit your current organic presence, uncover quick traffic wins, and map out a plan to systematically achieve page 1 rankings for your most valuable keywords driving business growth in 2023.

We can’t wait to explore how our obsession with results can take your Atlanta business to new heights this year.


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