May 30, 2016, Citation Building

Local Search Revolution: Optimizing for Mobile or Automobile by Greta Simeonova

Recent years have exposed us to a drastic evolution in the way users perform local search. As customers get more comfortable with the online world, their expectations shift towards data integration across multiple devices. Following the movement of digital innovation, automobile technology is a greatly affected player in the evolution, with increased in-car search provoking the need for better-connected cars. ... Read the post

Dec 21, 2015, Local SEO

All You Want For Christmas is a SEO Service Discount by Greta Simeonova

Santa is coming to town to help your business rank for industry terms and geographic location! We know that businesses often struggle to find the best ways to attain search visibility so we’ve decided to give out the most useful gifts this year! We invite you to play a quiz for an opportunity to win coupons for exciting discounts on Local SEO Services! ... Read the post

Dec 03, 2015, Content Strategy

Cold Content Soup is Never a Good Idea – 8 Risks of Failing at Content Strategy by Greta Simeonova

With the unbelievably dynamic and diverse competition nowadays and the fact that Content’s Kingdom is about to evolve further in 2016, we will surely be needing a Master Content Strategy plan to be able to work the SEO magic and stay on top of search results.But with the myriad of information available on this topic, it can be a bit paralyzing to lay out a full functional plan. ... Read the post