Apr 03, 2019, Monthly News Recaps

SEO News Recap – March 2019 by Manuela Gadancheva

SEO NEWS RECAP - march 2019-min
In our March SEO News Recap we have gathered up the most interesting updates that have taken place in the SEOsphere, from the new layout to highlight offers and promotions in your Google My Business profile to the latest experiments in hotel searches and the ways of representing business ratings on Google Maps. Keep reading to learn about what Google is planning for the future. ... Read the post

Mar 07, 2019, Monthly News Recaps

SEO News Recap – February 2019 by Manuela Gadancheva

SEO NEWS RECAP - Feb 2019-min
In February Google and Facebook rolled out a fresh stream of new features that you should take into consideration in terms of developing your SEO and social media campaigns and improving your business’ online visibility. The most notable upgrades that can potentially affect the way customers can find and engage with you online include the highlight of Google Posts within the Local Finder, the rollout of a new section in the free websites for local businesses by Google, as well the small Google My Business tweaks that can make big changes to your restaurant and hotel business. ... Read the post

Jan 02, 2019, Monthly News Recaps

SEO News Recap – December 2018 by Manuela Gadancheva

SEO NEWS RECAP - December 2018
In December edition of our SEO News Recap we will cover the latest Google My Business advancements like the new Product Editor, the new chat feature, and the new user interface design of GMB listings’ photos on mobile. Google officially released the Chrome 72 beta, as well as a “Stories” feature and a new design of hotel highlights. The guys from Facebook were also active with several new tests regarding their Story feature and advertising platform. ... Read the post

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