SEO News Recap – July 2015


Here’s the first edition of our monthly news digest devoted to the world of online marketing. In case you don’t have time to keep tabs on everything that’s going on in the SEO industry, going through this concise and info packed recap will definitely come in handy.

Let’s have a look at this month’s news!


New Generic TLDs Are NOT a Ranking Factor

Google rarely provides us with direct intel about their ranking factors. Nevertheless, just recently, they’ve published a post on the Webmaster Central Blog that clarifies misconceptions about new gTLDs and their influence on rankings.

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Interview with Bill Slawski


Internet marketing landscape has become so demanding and highly competitive these days, while the almighty Google still keep tweaking their algorithms in their constant strive to improve the quality of search results.

To have a closer look at the industry trends, we have invited Bill Slawski for a chat. Any introduction of this highly respected industry veteran would be redundant as the name Bill Slawski is associated by the majority in the filed with infallible expertise, acute interest and understanding of Google patents and special preference towards Google’s semantic search growth.

So here he is, friends, the president and founder of one of the leading SEO blogs: SEO by the Sea, the friendly soul that ruthlessly dissects every new patent Google attempts to apply for or to add to their vast patent library, give it up for Bill Slawski!

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Get More Followers on LinkedIn: 12+ Useful Tactics for SMBs

Q: What’s LinkedIn?
A: The world’s biggest database of business professionals.
Q: What are they doing at LinkedIn?
A: Looking for jobs, clients, consultants, partnerships, and growth opportunities. In short, they are there for business.

LinkedIn is, without any doubt, the most effective Social Media platform for business networking, probably the only one, where you don’t need to think of “angles” or “hooks” to promote your business, because it’s tailor-made for B2B marketing.

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Get More Followers on Twitter: 8+ Useful Tactics for SMBs

According to a recent study, conducted by Twitter, 43% of people will buy from the SMBs they follow on Twitter, and 60% have already made a purchase based on something they’ve read on Twitter about the given product or service.

Twitter has surely picked up lately. It now has more than 302 million active users and hosts almost 500 million tweets every day.

Recently, Twitter has introduced a number of advertising and targeting solutions for brands and businesses (e.g. 1, 2, 3). As a matter of fact the organic reach on Twitter is much higher than that on Facebook. Businesses tweeting two or three times a day can reach up to 30% of their followers, while the same posting activity on Facebook will result in the measly 3% – 4% audience reach.

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Get More Followers on Facebook: 10+ Useful Tactics for SMBs

Currently there are 1.39 billion monthly and about 890 million daily active users on Facebook (source: Facebook).

But don’t let the overwhelming size of the community fool you. All these numbers don’t mean a thing if your business page doesn’t have sufficient likes or fans.

Social media marketing can help you build trust and credibility. It can help you engage potential customers, and convert them into clients. It can also help you stay on top of your customers’ minds. But all that is possible only if you manage to build and maintain your fan base of target customers.

Our main goal behind creating the following guide is simple: we wish to help small businesses get more likes and followers on Facebook. So let’s go over the following 10 tried and tested methods and learn how to successfully attract new followers.

1. Setup: Laying the Right Foundation:

    • Select the proper page type. Each Facebook Page format comes with a different set of fields and subpages. Usually the best fit for your business will be the “Local Business or Place” page because you need to add info like “About”, “Hours of Operation”, “Parking Details” or “Price Range”.

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    Ten Robust Reasons to Add a Blog to Your Business Website


    Blogs were initially launched as a kind of online diary or journal where individuals would keep an account of their day-to-day activities, but the idea took off big-time. Today, blogs are among the most common types of websites. Blogging offers something for everyone, from professionals to celebrities, and from small businesses to large corporations.

    Adding a blog to your business website can open up a world of opportunities. In fact, a business blog with quality content can be one of the best online assets that your small business can have. Continue reading “Ten Robust Reasons to Add a Blog to Your Business Website”


    A Sudden Website Traffic Drop: 15+ Reasons and Ways to Diagnose Them


    Imagine you own a nice shop in a mall and your store used to be abuzz with business activities and visitors throughout the day. Then one fine morning, you wake up and find out that your store was teleported to some deserted place by some paranormal force, and suddenly you find yourself with hardly any customers whatsoever.

    Sounds like such a sudden change is quite impossible in the real world. Right? Wrong.

    Welcome to the World Wide Web, where your website traffic can take a nosedive due to various reasons, and with that, your chances of generating leads or sales, or getting any kind of benefits from your website.

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    24 SEO Experts Reveal their Favorite Google Penalty Recovery Tools

    Google Penalties whether algorithmic or manual hide a huge potential threat for each business. The road towards recovery is not always so straightforward as we all would like it to be. There are a lot of details to consider when auditing your website for flaws and signs of issues that could violate Google guidelines. It is hard to account for all those elements on your own, thus we have asked the top 25 experts in the field to reveal a secret shortcut to handling Google penalties.

    Each expert has shared with us a set of tools that s/he uses to “cure” a website from deindexation. Bellow we have listed their tips: every single one of our respondents has developed a recovery methodology of their own, though many of them have similar tool set preferences. Learn from their wisdom and experience, revive your penalized business website and enjoy rejuvenated traffic flow and updated rankings.

    If you are curious to see the final results of this Expert Roundup you could scroll to the bottom of the post and check out the whole list of tools mentioned by the experts that we have ranked by popularity (the number of instances the tool has been mentioned by our respondents).

    This roundup was conducted thanks to the joined efforts of our team at OptiLocal and our friend Nabeel Tanveer. Nabeel is a seasoned SEO strategist with 6 years of experience in the web marketing field. He is the founder and editor of Search Engine Lead and we are really glad to have him onboard for this massive roundup.

    We have selected well-respected and experienced specialists in the field that could offer reliable and up-to-date guidance throughout the Google penalty recovery process. We appreciate that they accepted our roundup invitation and decided to share with you their wisdom and knowledge. Here’s what they said…