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Nevyana Karakasheva

About Nevyana Karakasheva

Nevyana is focusing on Content Strategy and Backlink Profile improvement projects at OptiLocal. In her free time she enjoys reading fantasy novels, watching movies and Korean TV series, traveling near and far, but most of all she enjoys spending her time with friends on a pint of Guinness, or two.

Marketing Festival – Brno, Czech Republic – Day 2

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Jan Řezáč @janrezac

I don’t like that website!

Jan Řezáč I don't like that website

Jan was the second Czech representative at the Marketing Festival. He delivered really charismatically his take on the purpose of visual design. At the end of his lecture he provided this online resource. This interactive page expands his slides into a truly well-designed written presentation (please, check it out – it’s really cool). By being consistent with his words and actions this adds more value and meaning to the point he wanted to make with his lecture.

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