It takes a lot of time, stress and risk for the majority of customers to find a beauty salon to trust. Social media networks have become a great way to find information on local services. More people are inclined to search and share information about services they love or hate in a particular location, even to complete strangers. If you’re running a salon, it’s about time to unlock the full potential of social media marketing in order to stand out from the crowd and hook those customers. Thanks to these 17 simple tips and ideas to employ, you can make social media an effective marketing tool that will drive clients through your salon’s door.

Step 1. What does your beauty studio aim to achieve with social media?

The first step towards a productive social media strategy for your beauty salon is to define what you want out of social media:

  • to spread the word about your business;
  • the beauty industry in your local area;
  • to show off your expertise and knowledge in order to build trust and increase the foot traffic to your studio;
  • to promote your services and to increase the sales of retail products available for sale in your salon ot website. trigger the purchase retail products on your website or at your salon.

Step 2. Define your target audience

Factors like the gender, age, and the interests of your target audience will have impact on your marketing messages to convince people to visit or to refer your salon. That is why you should consider them when setting the tone of your social media pages.   will set the tone

Specialization and differentiation is the key to success. Your task is to become “the best answer” on the topics that are most relevant to your target. Narrow your focus down to a single target group, understand which social media platforms they prefer to hang out on and what content formats they prefer to interact to, e.g. text, images, video, audio, or live. how they like to consume content.

For example, if your salon is specializing in male services and you are dealing with younger customers that take pride in their appearance, you can post tips about grooming, hair care and shaving in a funny and casual tone. You can also discuss in your social media posts how massages, facials and laser hair removal can improve their body image.


Generating  relevant promotional ideas content ideas like the owners of this barbershop do: “Promotions at the shop come with bottles of tequila—flowers just don’t seem appropriate.” can encourage your customers to spend money on your services and spread the word for you.

Step 3. How to choose the right social media channel/s for your salon

It’s totally fine not to be on every social media platform because not every platform will work for your beauty business. Keeping that in mind, here are a few questions to ask yourself in order to help you decide which social media profiles to concentrate on:

1. How do you want to interact with your social media followers?

Think about how you are going to communicate to your audience. Is it going to be through images, videos or text? For example, social channels like Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are more suited to visual content.

2. Which networks do your current clients and potential customers use?

Conduct a quick survey among your existing customers to find out which social media platforms they predominantly use. Chances are your prospective clients are using the same networks.

3. How much time do you have to commit to creating posts?

Social networks like Instagram have free editing features to help you spice up your visual content, for example tools for cropping images and creating collages, filters to change the brightness and colors of the image, and tools to add text and stickers.

4. Do you have the resources and the ability to create your own visual content and to handle real-time online interaction with your social media followers?

YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest are more suited for visual content. If you want to get more personal and get involved in real-time conversations with customers, then Facebook and Twitter would be the right choice for you.

If you choose to do the social media management by your own, we recommend to start with the most effective platforms from a beauty/spa brand point of view in this time – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.

3.1. Becoming a Facebook Ninja

Facebook is a great tool for promoting your salon. Not only can you reach a large client base (almost everyone has a Facebook profile these days) and communicates in real time with your target audience, but you can also

  • Share any recent achievements, awards, services you offer and all sorts of other relevant work-related information do;
  • create exclusive offers;
  • advertise your services to people located nearby your salon;
  • host exclusive giveaways;
  • popularize your in-salon events.

If you haven’t already created a Facebook business page, check out our handy step-by-step guide for setting up one the right way.

Treat your salon’s page as a mini version of your website and as a customer service platform. When customers visit it, they should be able to quickly find all the information they are looking for. Take advantage of the various Facebook page features available for local business to structure your business information and content:

  • use the “About” tab to share the story of your salon and a detailed information about you address, working hours, phone numbers, and company website;
  • the “Reviews” will enable your clients to share their personal feedback about your beauty studio and the services you offer;
  • in the “Service” tab you can list all your services, accompanying them with short descriptions, photos and prices:


  • don’t forget the “Book Now” button that will enable your clients to send you an appointment request:



  • the “Locations” tab offers you the opportunity to register all your locations under one main Facebook page:


This feature also has a built-in map and a location finder.

3.2. Joining the Twitter party

Twitter remains a challenge for many salon owners because it seems to be so dynamic (it’s where things happen in real time), has a 280-character limit, which forces you to be more creative with your writing and your tweets have a short life span, so you need to generate content more frequently in comparison to other social media platforms.

You can use this channel to share educational articles about skin care tips and latest beauty trends. Also, you can tweet stories about your beauty salon, for instance specific services that you offer, new members who have recently joined your team, and your availability.


In your posts Include links to your website where people can get more information on the topic. This will help increase your website’s traffic.

Apart from sharing news and information about beauty-related topics, you can also build up your own Twitter followership and develop strong professional connections in order to add value to your business by:

  • Creating or subscribing to Twitter lists

The purpose of Twitter lists is to help you group and keep up with the tweets from people and other organizations with specific interests, for example celebrity hairstylists, beauty editors, beauty bloggers, cosmetic brands, and niche magazinesniche magazines. The pros of creating your own Twitter lists is that you don’t need to be following a given Twitter user to add them to your list. Also, you can make your lists public or private. If your list is public, it will be available for everybody on Twitter to see or subscribe to. Additionally, the people will be notified when you add them to the list. On a regular basis, go into those lists, retweet good content from them and comment on their tweets as much as possible.

If you want to make the lists only accessible to you, then use the private option. The private Twitter lists are a great way to keep up with your competitors’ content without publicly following them. Another plus is that Twitter won’t notify users when you add them to those lists.

If you find already created Twitter lists that are relevant to you, you have the option to subscribe to them in order to follow the tweets from the lists’ members. The good thing is that you don’t need to follow every individual account within the lists in order to follow the existing lists.

  • Joining Twitter chats

Twitter chats are public and moderated conversations that occur about a particular topic at a scheduled day and time. Check out these already existing Twitter parties to see how it’s done:

  • #TRESxAsNTM (a chat organized by TRESemmé, a brand offering hair care and styling products);
  • #SalonSpaChat (hosted by @mafiahairdreser, a salon owner and salon social media advocate);
  • #BrownBeautyTalk (a chat created by UK’s online beauty magazine for women of colour. The Twitter discussion covers beauty issues from makeup, skincare, the benefits of BB and CC creams, sun protection, body care and hair care.);
  • #beautyBSchat (hosted by @ladyjourney_ a lifestyle blogger);


During the chat participants ask questions and express their opinions by using an unique hashtag specifically created for the chat. Participants must use that hashtag in their tweets, which makes the conversation easy to find and follow.

By taking part in these Twitter discussions you have the opportunity to connect with new potential customers, engage with popular beauty brands and industry influencers.

  • Following and mentioning people and other business accounts

It’s like a handshake. Be proactive and tag beauty personalities and top industry magazines in your tweets with kudos or asking for their opinions on a particular topic.

  • Retweeting posts from happy clients on your own Twitter feed


This is a way to thank them for being your clients. They will appreciate being featured on your Twitter page. Moreover, these tweets may encourage potential clients to call you and visit your salon.

3.3. Jumpstarting your YouTube channel

If you have a decent video camera on your mobile phone and time to upload and edit your videos, you can turn YouTube into an affiliate marketing weapon. Overall there is a huge customer demand for how-to videos and makeup/hair tutorials. So, instead of trying to hard sell your services or products on YouTube, you’d better provide content that people actually want to watch:

  • How-to and Do-It-Yourself videos:


Alli Webb, founder of a blow dry bar specializing in just blowouts, shares her tips and trick for how to use a flat iron.

You can promote those how-to videos through your other social media channels and launch “How-To Tips Tuesdays” series.

  • Product review videos – discuss the pros and cons of a given beauty product and demonstrate how to use it;
  • 360-degree video shots of your clients accompanied by a quick interview of them sharing their feedback of the beauty treatment.

Check out the following YouTube management tips in order to make your videos more discoverable and attractive to YouTube viewers:

  • Use catchy headlines and clear descriptions containing relevant keywords

Thus, your videos will reach a wider audience. However, keep in mind that your video title can be up to 100 characters long and your description should fit the 5 000 character limit.

  • Don’t forget to categorize your videos with tags

This will help viewers find your videos on YouTube:


However, don’t place the tags in the video description because it’s against YouTube guidelines and YouTube might remove your videos or even terminate your account.

  • Choose a clean background and good lighting when doing tutorials. We recommend purchasing LED ring lights and a backdrop to further boost the quality of the video;
  • Invest in some good video editing software and train yourself or some of your team members to do some basic editing, such as cropping, rotating, setting up the video contrast and saturation, and adding background music.

3.4. Mastering your Instagram page

Instagram is by nature a visual social network. It offers you an opportunity to showcase your work with before and after photos of your treatments, or you can take your audience behind the scenes of what you do. Target your local audience using relevant hashtags and collaborate with beauty brands that you’re using at your studio.

We recommend creating an Instagram page for your salon because you will be able to:

  • monitor your page’s activity;
  • see insights about the performance of your posts;
  • analyze how your live videos and promoted posts perform;
  • discover the best times to post;
  • see where your followers are from.

You can use the following Instagram features to encourage your followers to interact with your salon more actively:

  • Contact buttons


When you have a business account for your salon, contact buttons appear just below the profile photo and description. They enable customers to either call you, get directions to your salon or spa, or email you.

  • Instagram Stories

The functionality lets you get creative with:

  • Q&A sessions
  • before & after images
  • tutorials
  • new service/product announcements
  • salon’s behind-the-scenes

and at the same time not annoy your followers by clogging up their Instagram feeds.


You can add a hashtag or a sticker, tag other Instagram accounts, your salon’s location and even include links to your website (this option is only available to verified accounts and business accounts with more than 10 000 followers).

However, there are several feature’s limitations:

  • Your stories have a 24-hour life span;
  • You can’t post video stories longer than 15 seconds;
  • You can’t add music directly to your stories.
  • Polls

This function is only available within Instagram Stories. You can write your own playful or serious questions around relevant topics and add custom voting buttons. After you create a poll in your Story, your followers can immediately start voting and you can see real-time results of their feedback.


A hair & makeup artist asks her audience for feedback on her hair painting service.  

You can use polls for:

  • doing a market research before launching new treatment or new products at your salon;
  • determining topics for future blog posts;
  • clarifying client preferences to the range of colors available at your studio.
  • Instagram Stories Highlights

This feature lets you save and repost your best temporary posts before they expire from your active Stories. Sort your content into different categories to make it easy for your audience to navigate through it.


You can have highlights for your beauty services, your team, FAQs, and How-To tips.

You can check out the following free icons provided by Hootsuite for your Highlights or create your own unique icons like this hair stylists did for her business Instagram account:


This makes your Highlights more compelling and consistent with your brand.

  • IGTV

If you want to share longer videos on Instagram, you can set up your own IGTV channel and post full screen, vertical videos up to an hour long. For example, you can use it for sharing full microblading classes, tutorials, or interviews with hair designers:


You can also repurpose the content you use for Instagram Stories or create entirely new content for this channel.

3.5. Showcasing your services on Pinterest

The same as Instagram, Pinterest is based on sharing images and this makes it a perfect platform for visual marketing. When uploading your own pins, you are prompted to add a link to a web page together with a description. This makes Pinterest one of the best social networks for referred traffic to your website.


Additionally to showcasing your stylists’ work, skin care and beauty products you sell at your studio, or your salon specials, you can create boards for wedding and prom inspirations, latest hairstyles, manicure and fashion trends, and ideas for vintage looks.

If you have a product page on your website for selling items, make sure to set up Rich Pins in order to increase customers’ engagement and boost your e-commerce.


Those pins allow you to include information from your website like the product’s name, pricing, availability, and your salon’s physical location. It’s worth noting that Product Pins must link to the product landing page where customers can view and purchase the product.

Step 4. Pimp up your social media profiles

Whether you have a website for your salon or not, your social media pages are often customers’ first point of contact with your business. So, be sure all the important information is listed there. Once you’ve created your social network business pages, check to see whether:

4. 1. Your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) is consistent

Having these three on your social media profiles helps potential clients to easily contact you or visit your salon.


Make sure your social media NAP is consistent with the contact information on your website and your Google My Business page.

4. 2. Your pages have a personality

Tell your business story with descriptive and keyword-friendly descriptions. Upload professional photos of your salon and your team.

Organize your images into albums on Facebook or Pinterest boards. “Hair styles DIY,” “Curly hair tips,” and “Prom styles” are good album names for your hair salon.


Also, include relevant keywords to your photos, album/board titles and descriptions. This will make your content and business profile more easily discoverable on the social networks.

Once you have done all of these steps, you can go ahead with the content creation and the promotion of your salon services.

Step 5. Engage your audience with the right content

You probably already know that you need to create valuable and beneficial content. However, in order to stand out as a knowledgeable, trustworthy and competent in the beauty and cosmetology field, it’s important to diversify your content. It doesn’t mean that you have to change your entire content strategy, but we are suggesting that you broaden the type of the content you have in order to keep your audience engaged and even to attract potential clients to your beauty salon or wellness studio.

Follow some of the ideas, we’ve gathered below to create fresh content for your social media pages.

5. 1. Post general beauty and body wellness tips like:

  • your professional advice on DIY daily hair or body & face care routine


The founder of a California-based chain of salons, specializing in blowouts, shares tips and tricks to style post-workout hair.

5.2. Share useful “get the look” tricks and tutorials


You can create a post that combines an image with instructions that guide people through the major steps on how to get that specific look. You can also recommend products appropriate for that style that you sell at your salon.

5. 3. Offer customized care tips


A beauty studio in New York prescribes personal product regimens by encouraging people to chat with them on social media or take a special quiz on their website.

5. 4. Build brand authenticity with live streaming

Live-streaming is the latest trend on social media. It overcomes the limits of face-to-face interactions, and can help you personally connect and engage with your audience. Here a few ideas on how to use live videos for your beauty business:

  • Livestream master classes or trainings of experienced makeup or hair artists via Instagram Live or Facebook Live:


A microblading studio in Orange, Connecticut uses Instagram Live videos to tease out their microblading training classes in order to attract potential attendees and prompt them to register for their upcoming events.

  • Make live studio tours:


A spa studio in Naples, Florida makes occasionally live videos featuring their studio facilities and equipment, so their audience can see exactly what the experience in their place would be like.

  • Cover events that you are hosting or attending via Twitter’s live streaming tool Periscope:


  • Start Q&A sessions to discuss beauty therapy treatments and answer question from your audience;
  • Reveal upcoming service and product launches and make big announcements like opening a new location;
  • Take your followers behind-the-scenes in a myriad of situations, from what’s going on in the salon to the set of your latest event;
  • Host Instagram Takeovers during which you can invite happy clients, influencers in the beauty niche like hair stylists, bloggers or your team members as guests to take over your Instagram account and share opinions, reviews, and tips aligned with their area of their expertise:


Include a hashtag for your takeovers along with your unique hashtags, for example #InstagramTakeover or #TakeoverTuesday, which are commonly used hashtags for Instagram takeovers.

When you share a live video on Instagram or Facebook, for instance, your followers will be notified when you go live so they can tune in and interact with you during the broadcast. On Instagram your profile picture will appear at the top of your followers’ Feed with a colorful ring around it and the word Live.


While you’re live, you can add a brief description of what the video is about by pinning a comment for everyone.

The live streaming tools also provide you with the ability to track and analyze the viewers of your broadcasts.

5. 5. Instill confidence in your potential and current clients:

Demonstrating your expertise and willingness to learn and improve your service will help customers in their decision to schedule an appointment.

  • Post updates about the professional trainings your employees attend or about the certifications they have earned;


In order to help their hairdressers stay competitive and up-to-date, a hair salon occasionally sends their employees to seminars, workshops and other off-site classes. Then the salon shares on social media selfies and photos taken by the team members during the events.    

  • Announce salon achievements – for example you can tell your followers that you’ve won a special award. Tag the employees who contributed to your success and the award-giving organization to broaden the reach of your message beyond that of your page audience.

5. 6. Show customers that you use high-quality products

Create product review postings to inform your followers on products, like keratin, botox, body natural oils that you use in your salon or spa. Share your observations and recommendations based on your experience and wisdom. Also tag the social media accounts of the product companies. This will have a knock on effect of them noticing your account. Thus, they might start following you or even share your posts with their audience which will boost your online exposure.


You can create a video series on your YouTube channel or Facebook page around your product range. Discuss the benefits of each product. This would not only help your customers understand the benefits of each product and the importance of skin or hair care but will also help advertise your salon to future clients.

5. 7. Show that you have sense of humor


A blow dry bar uses funny pictures both to boost the user engagement and to promote products they sell on their website.

5. 8. Discuss the latest trends

Don’t hesitate to share your critical opinion and encourage your audience to speak up:



You can follow Facebook community pages like “Trends Women” for inspiration and share occasionally relative updates with a comment.

5. 9. Comment on celebrities’ hairstyles and makeup looks


Demonstrate your expertise and at the same time promote your services by convincing customers that they can help then look like those celebrities.   

5. 10. Showcase your stylists’ talent

The following types of social media posts provide proof of what you and your team can do:

  • Before & After photos of your work


Remind your team members to always look out for an opportunity to take a photo of their work. A salon in Naples, Florida uses Instagram to show the final look of their clients’ hairstyles in order to grab online users’ attention.

  • Customer stories of transformations – once your clients’ transformation is completed, ask them for their feedback and suggest recording it;

5. 11. Provide products’ ingredient information

Clients are usually looking for salons that offer products with natural, safe and healthy ingredients.


Providing useful information about the ingredients of the products you use and highlighting their benefits will help generate interest and trust in your brand.

5.12 Promote the services and products you’re selling at your salon

To drive engagement to your social media pages, you should regularly conduct promotional campaigns. They are a win-win solution for all parties involved because they help spread the word about your salon while your customers could try out your services for free or even win something.

  • Make contests

Create several posts during the contest’s period to encourage people to enter it or pin the initial post announcing the start of the competition on top of your social media pages so that anyone viewing your business profiles could see it.


List the prizes of the contest: those could be anything from a service offered at your salon to the latest beauty and spa products you sell. You can provide gift certificates to the local residents and Amazon gift cards to people outside your service area.

Be transparent and record a video showing the winners selection process. Also announce which are the winners of the contest by tagging them in your post.

Let people know when your next giveaway will be or at least mention that it is coming soon, so that they can keep an eye on your profile for news and updates.

  • Create promo campaigns with user-generated content

Organize engaging contests that require your followers to either post photos, take a poll or share personal stories and opinions about beauty-related topics for a chance to win prizes. Also, ask them to tag a mate to double their chances or to mention the friend they would bring with them if they win. These little hacks will greatly expand your social media reach.


Create your own branded hashtag for the campaign and ask participants to include it in their posts.

  • Do exclusive deals

Create offers that are only available to your social media audience. Thus, your clients will want to follow you on social media more closely and will most likely tell their friends when they do run into an exclusive deal. For example, you can entice them to like your Facebook page by offering to all your new followers a 30% off their next visit to your salon, or you can offer a gift with their next procedure if they decide to share your Facebook page with their friends.


If you have several social media profiles, you can test their effectiveness by offering a different promo code on each channel to determine where you’re getting the most exposure and engagement from.

  • Alert your fans for special occasion discounts

Provide discounts for special events to your social media fans which are only redeemable by mentioning the specific post or ad. Here are a few examples, you can base your discounts around:


By offering birthday incentives, like a discounted procedure or free products, you’re letting your clients know that you value them, that you’re thinking about them on their special day and want to celebrate with them.

  • Holiday events like a prom, a spring break, or a back to school week;


A beauty salon in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, created a special Facebook offer for the local high school students that are going to celebrate their prom.

  • Conduct last-minute promotions


In this Twitter post a hair salon owner announces a special discount for those who immediately book a specific slot in their appointments calendar that opened due to an unexpected client’s cancellation.

  • Engage more people with group deals

Beauty salons are social gatherings where people often go to relax, to feel good about themselves, and to have a refreshing chat with other clients or their stylist. Organizing group deals is a great way to engage with multiple people at once.

5.13. Share pictures and videos of famous people being your clients

If you have local celebrities as your clients, ask them to share their experience at your salon:


Bringing endorsements from local celebrities like TV hosts, news anchors, musician, football players, and actors will help you attract more followers. As shown in the example above, make sure to retweet, favorite and reshare their postings like the manager of a London salon did.   

5.14. Provoke discussions

Ask relevant and personalized questions in your posts that encourage salon-goers to give their opinion.


“What will be your summer haircut of choice?” or “What is the choice of your hairstyle?” are example of a good conversation starter.

5.15. Thank your clients


Adopt a more personalized approach and share ‘thank you’ posts addressed to your clients for trusting your business and for being loyal customers.

5.16. Inform your clients for changes in your business

Notify people about either temporary or permanent business changes:

  • Part-time working hours during holidays;


  • An unexpected close due to bad weather or emergency situations;


  • A salon relocation;


Give your clientele a reason to stick with you, for example that you’re staying close to your old location or that the new location is much calmer and quieter. Don’t forget to update your address on all your web pages, including your website, social media profiles, Google  My Business listings, and business directories.  

5.17. Celebrate special holidays

Use national and local holidays as a way to celebrate with your social media followers and promote your services.


Design your own greeting posts featuring pictures with holiday-themed hairdos, makeups or manicures that will also showcase your salon’s services.   

Besides the general holidays, e.g. Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Year-End Holidays, make posts regarding unique and funny “beauty” holidays:

5.18. Be locally responsive

Share useful information about your area because people tend to engage more with content that’s relevant to where they live or work.

  • Emergency situations in your local area;


A spa studio in South Florida informed their social media followers that they are closed because of Hurricane Irma. They also shared an article from a local news media with a list of all running supply locations.

  • Upcoming events in your local community

Sponsor local campaigns for gathering donations or take part in local runaway shows. Let people know that you are getting involved in your community by creating a Facebook event and sharing pictures/videos from the event.

  • Upcoming events in your salon

People are usually loyal to their stylist, barber, or masseur for years and switching to a new salon can feel like a betrayal. Host “open house” events in your salon to provide information about your services, free consultations, or free treatments to attract new customers.


Promote your in-salon events or workshops on your social media handles and Facebook groups to build buzz around them.


Post some behind the scenes images and videos of you getting ready for your in-house beauty classes.


Invite local influencers such as bloggers and vloggers to attend to your events in order to test out the new procedures offered at your salon. They would most probably share their experience with their audience and a positive review on a popular niche blog or a post on an influencer’s social media account will make all the difference for your local business.

Step 6. Hashtags are your aces

Using the right hashtags throughout platforms like Twitter and Instagram can expose your salon to new followers who are interested in beauty and spa-related topics. Hashtags increase your chances to improve your searchability within those social media channels.

While broader hashtags (#hairstyle, #makeuptransformation, or #brazilianblowout) or seasonal tags (#summerhaircolor or #prommakeup) will help your business engage with new audience and get more likes. On the other hand, more targeted or location-specific hashtags (#texassalon or #londonspa) will improve your odds of being found by local residents.

It’s worth noting that Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post. However, instead of pushing the limit, a much better strategy would be to pick several key hashtags like your salon’s name, location, and neighborhood, and use them frequently in order to attract the attention of your followers.


To find more popular and relevant hashtags in your area look at the suggestions provided by Instagram for #yourcity. Also, check out what other hashtags locals and other local businesses with a prominent presence on Instagram to refer to your city. For example, if you are located in Austin you could go for the following options: #austintexas #austin360, #discoveraustin. That way potential clients looking for a salon nearby may easily find your posts.

Experiment with different variations of hashtags to find out what delivers the best results for you:

  • Popular hashtags – #haircolor, #wakeupandmakeup, #skincareproducts, #beautybar, #organicskincare;
  • Niche and beauty -specific hashtags – #silverhair, #curlyhair, #kidshairstylist, #over30beauty, #rosebrownhair;
  • Generic geographical hashtags – #austinlife, #austintexas;
  • Geographical-beauty hashtags – #austinspaday, #austinhairstylists;

Step 7. Repurpose your content

Repurposing content you’ve created for one social media channel to adapt the needs of another is a good way to maximize your time and resources. For example, you can summarize a blog post on professional hair smoothing treatments, published on your website into a short video for your YouTube channel or into a series of Facebook posts.


А hair salon in Kerrville, Texas, created a poll on their Instagram Stories asking their followers if they knew the benefits of the Brazilian Blowout procedure.


Then the business owner shared a list with the treatment’s benefits together with before-and-after images taken at the salon thus promoting the service offered at their location.

Step 8. Boost your offline marketing efforts with social media

8.1. Spread the word for your salon

When your salon gets a good local press coverage about recent achievements like winning an award or opening a new location, don’t miss the opportunity to show off by sharing a snapshot of the articles:


Good press can make the phone ring and even bring foot traffic to your salon.

You can also use social media to prompt your local followers to vote for your salon in a ballot organized by a local newspaper:


8.2. Become selfie-friendly

Many are the people who take a selfie of themselves after a visit at their hairdresser, barber, or manicure expert. They take a photo of themselves in the car on the way home or at their house. Then they usually post and discuss their makeovers with friends on social media. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and associate your salon’s name with their proud pictures. Just set up a special selfie-station in your studio with a mirror and your salon’s name, and thus you’d effortlessly succeed to increase the online presence and social media activity of your business.


Don’t forget to put stickers with your logo, your contacts and your own hashtags at the selfie station.

You can also organize a “selfie promotion” by offering a free service or a discount of retail products as a gift to clients who take a selfie at your salon, post it on Facebook or Instagram while tagging your salon and stylists.


You can also feature those user-generated pictures in a gallery on your salon’s website, which will generate social proof and convince prospects to visit your business. 

8.3. Popularize public events your are attending or holding

Set up a temporary booth or a kiosk during  a local shopping center happening, local festivals, or arts and craft shows in order to promote your business. Organize a social media campaign around those offline events like offering free services, like haircuts, stress-relieving massages, or makeups:


This will make a good impression on your current and potential clients and will boost your word-of-mouth advertising.

Create a Facebook event to invite your current and potential clients to attend a community event that you’ve organized.


A Canadian spa studio created a Facebook event for their free seminar about homeopathy.


If you stream your event via a Facebook Live video, you will broaden the reach of your event by showing those who aren’t able to attend what is going in real time.  be limited. Invite potential audience to tune in by sharing updates before the event.

Step 9. Get in the game of social media advertising

You may have thrown money into a boosted Facebook post and were disappointed by getting only few post likes, some irrelevant comments and one or two appointments.  Don’t stress out – you just need to learn how to use Facebook to its full potential by taking advantage of customized targeting and tailored messages, your salon will enjoy a real boost in actual foot traffic and online appointments.

Here are 4 tricks on how to make awesome Facebook ads in order to get more exposure in your city, dozens of new appointments and sudden increase in revenue:

  • Don’t limit your ads to a single targeting parameter – By layering multiple targeting criteria you can fine-tune your ads to reach the right customers and maximize your conversions. For example, don’t target only people who are located close to your salon, but also people who like the Facebook pages of specific hair and skin care brands that you use at your salon. It’s highly likely that they will want to try out your services just as well.
  • Come up with an irresistible hook for your ad – You can promote a summer package of five holiday-related treatments including eyebrow shaping, lip waxing, spray tan, manicure, and pedicure at the price of two procedures for the first 100 people who book an appointment with you.


A walk-in barbershop in Deerfield Beach, Florida offers a free shave for those who bring their kids with them at the salon for a hair-cut.

  • Go beyond boosting your Facebook updates – the Facebook ads manager gives you so many more options that will make your ad campaigns a success;
  • Make your ads more personal – include a video/photo of yourself, your salon, staff or happy clients, introduce yourself, make your staff and their personalities the stars;
  • Diversify your ads by showing them to several different targeted groups


You can target your ads to people who know your business, or to those living in your town and who are similar to your current social media followers but still haven’t interacted with you on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Show your ads to people who visited your website – install a Facebook Pixel, a little piece of code, on your website to target ads to people who already visited your business website. Good trick is to target your website visitors who have started but haven’t actually completed the appointment form on your contacts page;
  • Show ads to existing customers by uploading your own customer data like email addresses, phone numbers and names – Facebook use the data as an identifier to match your customers to people on their platform. Check out these guidelines on how to format your customer information and keep in mind that you are required to specify the origin of your data;


To improve your potential match rate, include as many identifiers as possible as columns in your file.

  • Reach people who have interacted with your business on Facebook, for example people who have visited or saved your Page or a post, ones who have clicked any call-to-action button, sent you a message via Facebook, or have engaged with your updates and ads.
  • Experiment with the Lookalike Audiences feature – Facebook will show your ads to people who are similar to an audience of your preference, for example the fans of your Facebook business page, your website visitors, or another customer audience you have created on Facebook. It’s recommended that your source audience is between 1 000 – 50 000 people;
  • Take advantage of exclusion targeting – this feature will help you refine your intended audience and avoid showing your ad to people who don’t meet certain criteria, who have already converted or who are competitors of yours:

You can also run ads on Instagram by using your Facebook page and Facebook advertising account. You can create, run and track your ad campaigns on Instagram in the same way you do on Facebook.


Your ad will appear in people’s Instagram feeds amongst regular posts with the “Sponsored” tag.

Step 10. Unleash the power of word-of-mouth

As a free form of advertising word-of-mouth is crucial in the salon business. Trust is a key factor when it comes to skin care, hair and beauty procedures in general, therefore having your satisfied clients share their experience during their visit at your salon with their own Facebook network is a great way to extend your brand awareness.

10.1. Provide social proof of the excellence of your services on your social media pages for easing your prospects’ decision and encouraging them to try your services by:

  • Ask your happy clients to throw in a selfie taken at your studio so their friends and social media followers can see their makeovers;


A delighted mother shared a picture of her baby girl during her first hair cut at a hair salon for kids in Douglas Cork.


 Consider saving and featuring those selfies in a Pinterest board. Make sure the images link back to a landing page where potential customers can make an appointment at your salon.

  • Ask your satisfied clients to leave a review on your Facebook Page:



Genuine positive reviews encourage potential customers to try out your services and can get you even more reviews.

10.2. Offer incentives for clients who upload a picture of the time they’ve spent at your beauty studio:


A beauty salon in Inverkeithing, United Kingdom encourages their current clients to upload pictures of their hair, nails or makeup done at the salon on Facebook or Instagram with special hashtags by rewarding them with vouchers and free services.  

10.3. Take part in relevant Facebook groups

If your beauty studio specializes in bridal hair and makeup you can search for relevant Facebook groups like this one Brides to be, preloved & wedding suppliers – Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and take part in the discussions or post pictures of your work.


Be careful with the hard selling in Facebook groups, because this may alienate some customers. Better listen to their needs, take part in conversations, and offer your services only when someone asks for suggestions.

Step 11. Turn your team members into your social media advocates

As a face-to-face business, let your employees appear in your social media posts and engage with your followers. Thus, you can turn them into brand ambassadors and at the same time help them develop their personal brands and establish their selves as an authority in the beauty space. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t intrude on their social network experience by forcing them to represent something online that they aren’t enthusiastic about. Show the human face of your business by:


You can also encourage your hairstylists, manicurists, or aestheticians to include their position and a link to your website, Facebook business page, or Instagram account, in the bios of their personal social media profiles. Later you can reshare their content on your business’ social media pages. This will ensure maximum exposure for your business.

Step 12. Be socially aware

When people associate your business with a cause that tugs at their heartstrings, they are more likely to choose you over your competitors. Helping a local cause and demonstrating that your salon is conscious will contribute to the favorable image of your business in your local community. You can:

  • ask your clients to donate their hair after a haircut to fundraising foundations helping sick people with hair loss from different diseases:


  • offer complimentary haircuts to men wearing pink T-shirts in order to raise breast cancer awareness:


  • work together with a charity, like Movember Foundation, tackling men’s health and funding projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health by offering free shaves at your barber shop:


  • donate a portion of your proceeds of certain treatments booked during a concrete period of time to support research efforts into the causes of leukemia:


  • share the outside interests of your employees like taking part in charitable program activities and thus attract and build stronger relationships with customers who have the same interests:


Step 13. Extend your customer service

Enable clients to make online reservations quickly and easily through your social media assets:


Facebook also enables you to add “Send Message”/”Call Now”/”Book Now” buttons on your Facebook business page:


Step 14. Differentiate from the competition

Instead of looking for ways to copy your competitors, you should find ways to stand out from the crowd and give customers a reason to choose your services. Popularize those special features that transform the customer experience across your social media profiles. Here are a few suggestions:

14.1. Promote your own app enabling clients to book appointments online 24/7


A hair salon specializing in providing solutions for curly hairs developed an app for their clients. The app enables clients to see free appointment slots on a shared calendar, schedule and manage appointments, as well as view ongoing promotions and contact information through their devices. The salon owner understands that not every customer is tech-savvy and shared a tutorial on their YouTube channel to help people setup and get to know the primary feature of the app.

14.2. Display that your beauty business is socially and green conscious

The demand of organic, chemical-free products is growing as more and more people are health and wellness aware or are “going green” or “eco-friendly”. You can jump on this bandwagon and attract new clients, who are gravitating towards brands that are socially and health responsible.


A beauty bar in West Parsippany New Jersey displays that they are using only cruelty-free products on their website and social media profiles.

14.3. Offer complementary services

Consider working with external freelancers who can visit your parlor once or twice a week and perform special treatments that your clients will appreciate. You can inform customers through social media posts that you offer complimentary consultations for your spa/skin care services.


You can invite a famous hair stylist of local TV anchors and news staff to conduct monthly consultations once a month at your location.

14.4. Show off your flexibility

Don’t forget to inform your social media followers that your stylists or therapists are available throughout the whole week, including bank holidays, like this London hair salon does on Twitter:


Step 15. Leverage the power of social media marketing automation

As a salon owner with long working hours and all the social media management work on your hands, you probably try to publish your social posts in between appointments which can be really frustrating.

Here’s where automation comes in handy. By automating some of the more time-consuming tasks like scheduling and uploading your posts on your social media handles, you are able to focus on live-streaming, tracking and answering comments and questions from your current and prospective clients.

Some social media platforms like Facebook allow you to schedule posts ahead of time:


When you are done creating your post on Facebook, click the arrow pointing downwards next to “Share” and select “Schedule”. Then select the date and the time when you want the update to go live.

There is also a number of automation tools like Buffer and Hootsuite that allow you to schedule multiple updates, track mentions and user comments, and review analytics on your Facebook page, Twitter handle, YouTube channel, or Instagram account from a single dashboard.

Step 16. Join efforts


А wedding planning agency in the Temecula Valley, California tagged both a spa studio, providing wedding/event makeup services and a hair salon in a Facebook post. As a result both beauty salons cross-shared the post. This is a fine way to be noticed by the followers of your partners and thus create a strong brand affiliation.

Step.17. Social media practices to avoid

Take a look at this five social media don’ts in order to avoid sabotaging your efforts:

17.1. Don’t post little or too much

If you don’t post enough quality content, you risk losing exposure to relevant potential customers and trust in your regular social media followers. However, nobody likes being spammed by a business through social media especially with posts that aren’t providing value to them. To avoid this, maintaining а social media posting schedule is crucial. A social media calendar helps you stay organized and disseminate consistent messaging across all your social media accounts.

17.2. Don’t remove negative feedback from your pages

Let’s face it, dissatisfied clients are more likely to post their feedback than satisfied customers.

Before responding to negative reviews, discuss the issue with your team members and find out what actually was the reason why feels upset with the salon. That will help you address the issue, see things from both your employee’s and client’s perspective and see if you need to make amends.


Thank the client for their feedback and respond to his comments in a timely manner. Don’t leave unhappy clients hanging and offer them to call your salon directly.


After resolving the problem, follow up in order to make sure that the client is satisfied with the resolution and ask him if he would consider leaving a positive review.

However, there are cases when salon owners face  offensive or clearly fake comments. Simply thank the negative reviewer and offer a phone number to call you and discuss the problem.

17.3. Don’t enter the social media black market

Numbers, such as the number of followers, video views, comments and clicks per post, are a big thing on social media. Most of the business owners tend to believe the bigger the number, the more successful they would be. If you’re tempted to artificially boost your followers base, likes, comments, and shares in order to look more appealing than your competitors in the eyes of your target audience, be careful: doing so could actually discredit your brand and you could even get banned from social networks. Moreover, such fraudulent behavior often results in poor return on investments.

Also, be careful doing business and associating your business with beauty bloggers and illegitimate social media influencers who have bought fake followers and comments. Instead, connect with influencers who have a smaller but more authentic and active audience. Consumers who follow influencers are more inclined to actually interact with the content, leaving comments, likes and following recommendations about the featured products and services. This can help you can amplify your beauty salon’s message. You can use tools like Social Audit Pro or Twitter Audit to scan any Instagram or Twitter profile followers and determine how many of them are legitimate based on their account activity.

17.4. Don’t play the follow and unfollow game

Avoid the practice of following people to get them to follow you back and then unfollow them  within a few days. Don’t underestimate your followers because most of the people will return the favor and unfollow you right back. It’s a frustrating practice to follow, moreover it looks spammy and people can even report your social media business accounts.

17.5. Don’t use poor quality images

Blurred and low-quality images give a less-professional first impression to your social media pages. While stock photography is ok to use in some instances especially when you are on a tight budget, it’s available to anyone, including your competitors and it cannot give the customer a taste of what the atmosphere of your salon is.

If you are concerned about the cost of professional photography, you can try these tips to create eye-catching and shareable images:

  • Use the filters and frames Instagram provides to adjust the lighting of your images;
  • Use tools like Adobe Lightroom CC, Canva and Piktochart to design and edit your images, to add your logo, or to create pic collages;
  • Consider setting up a special spot at your beauty studio with a clean backdrop and LED ring lights, where you can take pictures of your work:



There isn’t a magic wand that you can wave to get thousands of customers in a short period of time for your beauty studio. In today’s world of social networking, the importance of interactive relationships with your clients has never been so profound. You can use social media together with other marketing tools, like local search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, and online advertising to jump on the board.

Keep an eye on your short and long-term social media goals and objectives, select the best social media channels for you to deliver your marketing messages and use the creative tips and example we have gathered for you in this guide in order to gain new and loyal clients for your beauty salon.