Guest Posting Guidelines

Greetings you great SEO copywriter!

May the muse and expertise be with you while drafting your piece for the OptiLocal blog!

But how could you join our guest blogging team – below follows a basic outline of the key factors you should keep in mind while writing for us.

If you agree with those, send your topic ideas to Nevyana [at] optilocal [dot] org and make sure the headlines are within the realm of Local SEO and are targeting the small and mid-sized businesses!

  • Minimum 1,500 words is the post length you should be aiming for;
  • You should maintain an easy-to-read post architecture:

  • Relatively short sentences and paragraphs;
    H2 tags for quick skimming through the post;
    Bullet lists.

  • We are admitting unique content only, written for our blog and audience exclusively. We do not tolerate attempts to repost articles on our blog or to use duplicate or spun content within the posts you submit. Either of the fraudulent practices mentioned above stand for an explicit deal breaker in our relations;
  • Our readers are small and mid-sized businesses – make sure to use the right tone of voice:
  • Guide them through the realms of SEO;
    Don’t use excessive industry terminology without explaining it;
    Show the examples of how similar Local businesses have managed the problem you are writing about;
    Show them how your tips will benefit their business per se.

  • Try to use examples from real life in your posts, if the post topic allows it – this is the best way to convince the reader and to visualize the point you’re making;
  • Use visuals, wherever possible to enrich your post. Make sure to give credit where necessary, or better yet – if you are referring to Google screens and searches – make your own screenshots as examples accompanying your copy;
  • Do not repeat same concepts over and over again – instead be concise, write to-the-point and don’t indulge excessively in using synonyms and paraphrasing or otherwise you’ll bore the reader to death;
  • We will examine the outbound links you include in your post
  • Please, submit a short bio of yourself and an author image (a headshot on a single-color background) would be best. We allow including one backlink to your company website within this author section;
  • Enjoy what you do – when you write with enthusiasm and understanding of the topic it really shows. The reader will sense it if you write from the heart and if you have the expertise to address the given topic – don’t try to mislead the reader because they are often good in reading between the lines.