Feb 17, 2014, Link Building

How to Get Rid of Low-quality Links (for Beginners)? by VladTodorov

If you have been operating in a highly competitive niche and have spent considerable time on building your online presence, hopefully you are achieving some results in terms of your visibility. You might, however, also make your situation worse and lose even whatever unsatisfactory rankings you already had. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, one of which is having acquired low-quality backlinks. ... Read the post

Feb 12, 2014, Citation Building

The Dangers of Citation Directory Networks by Pavel Kukushev

Citations can have a great positive impact on your local rankings but if not done properly they can also hurt you. There is a huge number of factors that can make a directory a good or a bad choice. Here I’ll discuss directory networks and more specifically how some networks can present a good source for your local citations, while others must be avoided at all costs. ... Read the post

Jan 31, 2014, Link Building

Useful Metrics for Assessing a Link Building Prospect: Don’t Follow Domain Authority or Google’s PageRank Stats Blindly – Conduct a Thorough Research Instead by Nevyana Karakasheva

One of the major steps of a Link Building project is selecting the best opportunity for your website. Thus assessing the worth of the available prospects is a must if you are to successfully boost the online presence of your business. Creating bulk backlinks from random sites simply because you can is not a path you want to take. ... Read the post

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