Jun 01, 2018, Monthly News Recaps

SEO News Recap – May 2018 by Manuela Gadancheva

Here are some of the topics you are about to read in May's SEO News Recap: Google Posts now show videos and hot offers data, Google My Business rolls out marketing agency-friendly features, the Google Maps Platform and the Google Assistant’s directory appear on the horizon, Yelp and TripAdvisor partner up into fighting Google’s monopoly in local search. ... Read the post

Apr 05, 2018, Monthly News Recaps

SEO News Recap – March 2018 by Manuela Gadancheva

Here comes the SEO News Recap for March 2018. As always, Google are aggressively updating their products. Below we’ll cover some big news including the official rollout of the mobile-first index, the latest improvements to the Google My Business dashboard and the Search Console, the chatter around the recent Google algorithm update, as well as some interesting insights on local search based on a couple of new industry surveys. ... Read the post

Mar 01, 2018, Monthly News Recaps

SEO News Recap – February 2018 by Manuela Gadancheva

In this SEO News Recap we'll go over some of the most important announcements made by Google in February. We’ll walk you through the recent updates of Google My Business, the local Knowledge Panel, and Google Image search. There are also several official releases worth noticing including the beta version of the Search Console and the new site audit feature to Google’s Lighthouse Chrome plugin. ... Read the post

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