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24 SEO Experts Reveal their Favorite Google Penalty Recovery Tools

posted by Nevyana Karakasheva in: Interviews, Roundups

One of my favorite tools for optimization and diagnosing and fighting a penalty is Screaming Frog Web Crawler. I want to rule out as much as possible if I think a site might have been penalized, and I try to begin by getting as good of an assessment of the health of a site to start with. It can be very easy to jump to conclusions about the reason for a downturn in traffic, and I’ve seen a lot of mistakes involving heavily duplicated content on a site, incorrectly implemented canonical link elements, poor archiving... Read More


The Latest Google Places Makeover – Welcome to Google My Business

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Google Finally Releases a User-Friendly Interface for Its Local Business Pages

On Wednesday Google announced the roll-out of a huge update aimed to terminate the old Google Places as we know it.

The new Google My Business is said to be just a dashboard improvement, however it brings us a much more significant change: the long-awaited integration of all products that Google has designed for the local business is now on. Both business owners and local SEOs have been experiencing the shortcomings of maintaining both the social and the local Google pages in the pursuit of improving their brand visibility on Google. When Google decided to merge the two types of company pages (social and local) a new wave of problems aroused. The automatically created duplicate social pages seemed like a real nightmare to the confused business owners. Hopefully with the latest Google Places makeover all those challenges will be left behind.

But let’s see what Google My Business is all about:

You Ask, We Answer: May 30, 2014

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How to optimize my website for a selected keyword?

Are you in a lazy Friday mood? Then take a breath, lean back and forget about your piling work for a moment. Sometimes the solution to your troubles is right in front of you. If you are running out of ideas on how to improve your rankings for the selected key phrases, then read on. Today’s post will focus on establishing credibility and encouraging online referrals and you don’t want to miss on that.

The questions that we will cover were sent by Jacob Lang and are tailored to the needs of his website. If you wish to take part in our Friday Q&A session, you simply have to email us and share the issue that you are concerned with. We might select your question and discuss it in a detailed post, just like the one that you are about to read. And here comes Jacob’s questions, actually:

Q: I’m working to optimize my website based on the key phrase “direct mail advertising”. I’ve done keyword research and found this to be a viable option. What I’m trying to do is generate enough viable back links to my site to be recognized and more credible according to Google. What is the best way to go about this?

You Ask, We Answer: May 23, 2014

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How to ensure that your website is in full compliance with Google standards?

This Friday we are about to delve deeper into Google’s quality guidelines in order to be on the safe side when improving the quality of our website or blog. The idea for today’s Q&A post was sent to us by Lauren Witte the Associate Director of Marketing & Client Services at the Mesa, AZ law firm, JacksonWhite. We thank him for the interesting suggestion and we welcome all of our readers to take part in this open Q&A series and send us their questions with a subject You Ask, We Answer. The most interesting questions will be selected, featured and answered on this blog, so feel free to join our Friday discussion.

And now let’s see the original question that Lauren sent us:

Q: How can you evaluate your website to ensure that you are in full compliance of Google standards?

The Innovative Local Reviews Aggregator WhoDoYou Brings Up the Social Referrals on the Table

posted by in:

local serachesDo you try to keep a steady positive review profile of your local business? Do you encourage your satisfied customers to leave you a testimonial on Google+, Yelp and Angie’s List? Of course you do, you are diligently looking after your online brand, company image and respectfully – your local rankings. And while Google have mentioned that their ranking algorithms do not take into account the Facebook social signals, the worldwide social network gradually brings in more and more tools that help the local business owner get in touch with new customers and learn about their predisposition toward his brand and company.

Creating a local page for your business and, of course, encouraging customer reviews on Facebookis only a small part of how you can use the social media to your advantage. And even if your efforts won’t be automatically granted with high rankings in the SERPs, you would probably focus on the most influential advertising approach that has never failed to work “the word of mouth”. Because that’s what people do on Facebook, right, chat, rant, gossip, exchange info on experiences and impressions. Facebook practically represents a rich referral network that has a great potential to become a universal ambassador of your brand.

You Ask, We Answer: May 9, 2014

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What are the SEO basics that the Small Business Owners and Managers should keep in mind?

Our Friday Q&A post will discuss several issues that Jennifer Martin, a San Francisco Business Coach at Zest Business Consulting, was so kind to draw our attention to.  Jennifer helps worldwide business managers and leaders build a thriving business and she has a pretty clear idea of the common difficulties they go through. Today we will try to shed some light over those grey areas in online marketing that most business owners struggle with.

If you wish to take part in our Friday Q&A session, just send us your question. If it is really intriguing, we may consider featuring it and answer it in details for all our readers to learn from – just like we did with Jennifer’s questions. Here are the topics she was particularly interested in:


Q: I’ve heard that Google is now penalizing websites with lower rankings if they have established backlinks with non-reputable websites. How can I find out if some of my backlinks are hurting me instead of helping me?

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