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A Guide to Cars.com Dealer Reviews

Reviews can make all the difference in selling cars and attracting potential customers.

In this blog post, we’ll explore why specific car dealerships need positive online reviews, how they can encourage their customers to leave them, and why consumer reviews are crucial for buyers and sellers in today’s market.

We’ll look at practical ways dealerships can encourage satisfied customers to leave positive online reviews. From offering incentives to simply asking nicely, businesses can use many effective strategies to boost their reputation online.

Cars.com Dealer Reviews

Cars.Com Overview

Cars.com is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of cars, making it easier than ever to find the perfect vehicle for your needs. The platform offers many features, including detailed listings, price comparisons, and more. It also provides helpful tools such as car reviews and ratings from experts in the automotive industry. The website has been around since 1998 and has grown into one of the most popular car-buying websites in the United States.

Cars.com makes it easy to search for vehicles by make, model year, body style, mileage range, or even color – so you can narrow down your choices quickly without visiting multiple dealerships or spending hours researching different models online. In addition to helping you find a great deal on a new or used car, Cars.com also provides helpful resources like financing options and trade-in value estimates to get an idea of what kind of offer you should expect when negotiating with a dealer.

How Does Cars.Com Work?

When a customer is looking to buy a vehicle, the initial step they typically take is to conduct online research. Cars.com makes it easy to search for vehicles by make, model, year or even specific features like fuel economy or safety ratings. A recent study from UK-based DMA showed that 68 percent of people rely on automotive reviews for their purchase decisions. Cars.com is one of the leading automotive pricing and research tool providers, with an estimated 15.5 million unique site visitors each month. Users can filter results based on price range and location to narrow their choices quickly and easily. Once you’ve found your ideal car, you can compare different models to decide which is right.

  • Reviews

 Cars.com also has user reviews that offer insight into how reliable certain cars are after years of ownership experience have been documented by previous owners who have shared their experiences on the site’s review section. These reviews help prospective buyers determine if a particular model will be worth investing in before making a commitment – something that would otherwise take hours of research time without access to such valuable feedback!

  • Inventory & Dealerships

Finally, Cars.com gives users access to thousands of local dealership inventories across all 50 states plus Canada, so they can browse available cars within driving distance without ever stepping inside a showroom floor! This allows shoppers more freedom than ever when looking for their next ride – no matter where they live!

Where Can You Find Your Cars.Com Dealer Reviews?

Cars.com is one of the most popular websites for researching and shopping for cars, so it’s no surprise that many dealerships are eager to get their reviews listed here. The easiest way to find your dealership is by searching for cars in your ZIP code area on the Cars.com home page. If you have a car in stock that matches what customers are looking for, then they will be able to see your dealership appear in the search results when they click through to view more details about the vehicle itself.

  • Viewing Reviews and Ratings

When customers click through from a car listing, they can also find out more about the dealership by clicking on its total number of reviews located below the image of each vehicle description page. Reviews on dealer websites such as cars.com can greatly impact a dealership’s business. DealerRater research shows that 41 percent of consumers look at car-related reviews to find a dealership. Imagine the percentage of consumers on Cars.com, which attracts an average of 22.4 million monthly users. Each review includes five additional rating criteria and information about whether or not buyers actually purchased at this location and who worked with them during their visit if any staff members were mentioned in their review text.

  • Understanding Cars.com Dealer Reviews

Cars.com dealer reviews are invaluable for any dealership looking to build a positive online presence. Reviews can be influential in strengthening customer loyalty and upholding the good name of a business. Understanding how these reviews work, what information customers provide, and how best to respond to feedback is important.

How do Cars.com dealer reviews impact your business?

Positive feedback on Cars.com can bolster your website’s traffic and foster a more favorable impression among prospective customers who might be considering doing business with you. Reviews also serve as social proof that others have had good experiences with you before, increasing their likelihood of doing business with you again in the future. On the other hand, negative reviews can hurt sales by discouraging potential customers from making purchases or seeking out services from you due to concerns about quality or customer service issues they’ve seen mentioned elsewhere online by previous customers.

How to Get Positive Reviews on Cars.com

The key to getting positive reviews is providing excellent customer service every step of the way so that customers are satisfied enough to take the time out of their day to leave a review after they buy or lease a vehicle from you—or even if they just come by for an oil change or tire rotation. From creating an inviting atmosphere at your dealership and treating customers like family when they walk through the door, all the way up until delivery day (and beyond.), ensure that each customer leaves feeling like their experience was top-notch and worth sharing with others online in order maximize word-of-mouth marketing opportunities via reviews on platforms such as Cars.com.

Benefits of Positive Reviews on Cars.com

Positive reviews for your dealership’s listings on Cars.com are essential for gaining customer trust and boosting sales opportunities from potential buyers who visit the platform to find their next car or truck purchase. 

A great online reputation can lead to more leads, higher conversion rates, and increased sales numbers at your dealership when customers feel confident about making a purchase with you instead of going somewhere else that has negative reviews online. Additionally, having more positive ratings will make it easier for potential buyers to find your listing in search results since the algorithm favors those with good ratings over competitors with bad ones—so you get better visibility as well.

Tips for Maintaining Positive Reviews on Cars.com

Maintaining Positive Reviews on Cars.com

Maintaining positive reviews on Cars.com requires a proactive approach that focuses on providing exceptional customer service, transparency about financing options, and streamlining processes to reduce wait times. There are some tips such as:

#1. Provide Excellent customer service

Dealerships should provide superior customer service by providing knowledgeable guidance during the selection process, promptly addressing queries or grievances, and being transparent about pricing and financing choices. This includes offering helpful advice during selection and responding quickly to inquiries or complaints. Dealerships should be forthright with customers concerning pricing and financing alternatives so they can make informed decisions without feeling coerced or misled.

#2. Incentivize Customers

You can also incentivize customers who have left positive reviews on Cars.com by offering discounts on product services or special offers exclusive only to reviewers – this not only encourages more people to leave feedback but also increases loyalty amongst existing ones.

#3. Respond to Reviews

Once you start receiving customer reviews, it’s important to respond appropriately and promptly so that other potential customers know you care about what people say about your business. If someone has left a negative review, then make sure to apologize for any inconvenience caused and offer solutions if possible; this shows current and future customers that you take customer service seriously, which will help build trust in your brand overall. For positive reviews, thank the customer for taking the time to write one – even just acknowledging them goes a long way.

#4. Responding To Negative Dealer Review On Cars .com

Negative dealer reviews can be damaging if left unchecked – but responding promptly and professionally allows you not only to diffuse any anger but also to turn a bad situation into one where both parties feel respected. Begin by apologizing sincerely, then explain what steps have been taken since then to ensure similar situations won’t occur again in future interactions between yourself and potential buyers and customers. Finally, try finding common ground between both parties while thanking them for bringing attention to issues that need resolution – this shows other visitors reading these comments that you care deeply about each person’s experience doing business with you. 

FAQs about A Guide to Your Cars.Com Dealer Reviews

Writing a dealer review on Cars.com is easy. Start by visiting the website, finding the dealership you want to review, and clicking on “Write a Review”. From there, provide an overall rating for your experience with the dealership out of five stars and detailed comments about what you liked or disliked about them. Be honest in your assessment so other shoppers can make informed decisions when choosing their next car-buying destination.

Cars.com is a dependable source, delivering customers with precise and current data on cars for sale nearby. The website has been around since 1998 and provides helpful services such as detailed car reviews, price comparisons, and safety ratings. Cars.com’s intuitive design and vast listings from dealerships and individuals make it a great resource for those seeking reliable vehicles without compromising quality or trustworthiness.

A good deal on Cars.com offers a lower price than the car’s market value, along with additional benefits such as free maintenance or extended warranties. A great deal is an even better offer, usually including discounts and/or incentives for purchasing from Cars.com specifically. Great deals may also include additional services like roadside assistance or discounted financing options to make the purchase more attractive to buyers.


In conclusion, having a comprehensive understanding of your cars.com dealer reviews is key to managing and optimizing your online presence. By implementing the correct tactics, you can obtain more positive reviews and ensure customers are aware of your business’s great aspects. Ultimately, with a guide like this one and OptiLocal’s expertise in local SEO services available to help you along the way – there’s no limit to establishing an impressive online presence.

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