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We invest our hearts and souls in each of our digital marketing projects. That’s how we earn the trust and respect of our small and mid-sized business clients.

Our experience shows that a satisfied customer is a returning customer, so there’s nothing more valuable to us than ensuring a successful digital marketing campaign for our clients’ local businesses

Featured Case Studies

Our custom solutions aim at boosting a company or brand’s online visibility. They are well-tailored to our customers’ budget, time constraints and goals. Regardless of the niche or the area served by our clients’ local businesses, we strive to provide high-end, timely and price competitive assistance.

Browse through the success stories that we’ve been privileged to be a part of over the years and maybe you’d decide to let us help you forge a success story of your own!

CASE STUDY: The Ophthalmology Niche

The client approached us with a request to improve the overall user experience of his local business website. He was especially concerned with the low search engine rankings of his website. Our on-site audit revealed a problem with their backlink profile and a possible hit by a recent Penguin update. A thorough link audit and clean-up was in order to make up for the lost traffic.


CASE STUDY: The Orthodontics Niche

This local professional was SEO cautious even though his website was performing rather well in his niche. He turned to us as to safeguard his leading search engine positions in the long run, given that his niche was really dynamic and highly competitive.


CASE STUDY: The Beauty Studios Niche

Frank reached out to us in his desire to unlock the true potential of his business website. In his pursuit of high traffic and increased on-site conversions rates, he found a reliable Local SEO partner in our team, whom he relied on for a number of projects.


CASE STUDY: The Legal Niche

This client faced some real challenges as it comes to search engine visibility. His business website was wiped out of the organic search results and his local rankings were poor to say the least. His business was nowhere to be found online. After a number of fruitless attempts to find adequate SEO assistance, he finally contacted us and the things went into a whole different direction.



Many local businesses have entrusted us with their online marketing campaigns. Together we have built brand awareness, online visibility and customers’ interest. The top industries that we have developed custom digital marketing solutions for include:


  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Travel Agencies
  • Tour Operators

  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Maid services
  • Locksmiths

  • Retail Stores
  • Beauty Salons
  • Movers
  • Auto Repair



Karim Aziz

I really appreciate the extra touch of verifying all the information before going ahead and building the citations! Top notch service so far!

Chris Dawkins

Your team has been great to work with - I'll be setting up some more subscriptions this month.

Dawn Boyette

Thanks for the report on the progress. Nice work! I'm ready to place an order for some more citations.

J. Ryan Fuller

Thank you so much for being so methodical. I really appreciate you taking the time to get things right.

Ron Gage

I want to thank you for doing such an excellent job. We already received calls from the Yelp listing, so we couldn't be more pleased. Thanks again.

Sarah Chancey

I trust them completely and look forward to expanding to several new cities with their help. They are my "A Team". I can't recommend them enough. An absolute delight to work with!

Dr. Raja

Working with OptiLocal, we have seen a nice recovery from Google's algorithm updates, more traffic and a growing amount of business. We couldn't be happier!

Violeta Antonova

We have been using Optilocal services for the past 18 months. Optilocal's team of experts helped us take our small business web site to the era of e-commerce.

John Moore

Thankfully, Optilocal took care of everything for us and did so quickly, professionally and at a reasonable price. If I had any questions, there was always someone available to respond.

Nick Thompson

Without their services I wouldn’t be open for business in a market that is now very competitive.

Frank Moore

I just don't know where my small business would be today without the help of Optilocal. Our business is more busy than ever today as a result of using their services.

Slavina Todorova

We would recommend OptiLocal as an SEO partner when developing your website. OptiLocal, we are thankful for your assistance and services!

Zach Bain

Not all citations are created equal. While many services offer "premium" or "express" listings, nothing matches the care and attention to detail the team at Optilocal brings to citation building.

Ron Medlin

Optilocal understands local search and the factors that go into increasing local rankings, and that makes me feel extremely comfortable using them. Thanks Vlad!

Brett Gremilion

You have been great and that’s why I hired you for the next month and for the many months after.

Yam Regev

Always executing more than agreed, showing huge flexibility towards me as a client and providing the service down to the last detail in the timeliest manner.

Patrick Hogan

I would recommend OptiLocal to anyone when it comes to local search.

Nicholas B. Slettengren is the corner stone of growing our client's reach online locally and producing high ranking results within Google Places.