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Without their services I wouldn’t be open for business in a market that is now very competitive.NICK C.THOMPSON

Client background

Nick Thompson is a bankruptcy attorney in Louisville, KY with the 3rd largest bankruptcy law firm in the area. He has been using his website to promote his business for more than 10 years, having occupied the #1 in SERPs for most of his relevant keywords over large periods of time.

Reason for contacting us

His website was penalized by Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithms. He completely dropped off the organic SERPs and was relegated way down in local results. He tried several SEO companies in vain until he finally got in contact with us. His main goal was to recover from the penalty and get back to his previous ranking.

Our solution and end results

We began with a Link Removal. Any bad links that we couldn’t remove manually we included in a disavow list which we submitted to Google. We found many citations with inconsistent and outdated NAP information. We used our Citation Audit & Cleanup service to edited them make them up-to-date and then built more citations on top of that with the Citation Building service. Nick was the owner of several websites with very similar content on different domains – we dealt with them accordingly, aligning Nick’s online presence with Google and Bing’s guidelines for best practices. His main website itself needed a lot of onsite optimization. After 6 months of hard work the penalty was lifted and his website was back on page #1 on Google for 4 of his main keywords.

Empirical Data

  • Top 10
  • in organic rankings

4 main keywords ranked in the top 10 organic results!

  • Top 10
  • in local rankings

7 main keywords ranked in the top 10 local results!

  • v3.0
  • Penguin Penalty Recovery

We cleaned up multiple online domains owned by the client and entirely cleaned up his backlink profile which resulted in the penalty being removed.

Services Applied

Link Removal
Google My Business Optimization