SEO Case Study | Ophthalmology

Working with OptiLocal, we have seen a nice recovery from Google’s algorithm updates, more traffic and a growing amount of business. We couldn’t be happier! DR. RAJA

Client background

Orlando Eye Institute is a multispecialty ophthalmology practice located in Orlando, FL. They opened their doors in 2010 with the ambition of becoming the number one choice for patients in need of ophthalmology services in the area. They offer a wide variety of services covering many eye health conditions.

Reason for contacting us

The client approached OptiLocal looking for an Onsite SEO service, overall improvement in user experience, website performance and increased rankings in search engines. Our initial audit revealed a problem with their backlink profile – too many links were built within too short a time period and with obvious “money” keywords dominating the anchor texts. We offered a cleanup service in addition to our Onsite SEO service. The Google Penguin 3.0 was released before we started the campaign, their website was penalized, the rankings dropped significantly and it became apparent that our audit had correctly diagnosed the issue.

Our solution and end results

At that point we started working on a site which had just been hit by Google’s Penguin Penalty. We made a thorough backlink analysis, manually removed as many bad links as possible and included the rest in a disavow list which we uploaded to Google’s designated repository. We discovered new relevant keywords with significant search volume to be targeted. We made some onsite improvements putting in extra effort on content creation, headings and meta titles. Four months later we had the website on page 1 in Google SERP for 15 keywords, 6 of which were on position #1! The website also started to rank in the local results for the first time after its penalty. It also saw a significant rise in Bing SERPs. Combined, the results of our successful penalty removal and optimizations brought the traffic to levels significantly better than its pre-penalty ones.

Empirical Data

  • 14
  • new keywords

In Google Local: ranking for 14 brand new keywords!

  • Top 3
  • for 8 new keywords

8 new keywords were ranked among the top 3 positions for local rankings.

  • 7%
  • visibility score increase

7% increase in the website’s visibility score (from 1373 to 1564).

  • v3.0
  • Penguin Penalty Recovery

After being heavily burdened with a low-quality backlink profile and multiple other issues we managed to recover the client’s website from Google’s Penguin 3.0 Penalty.

Services Applied

Link Removal
Google My Business Optimization