Local Search Revolution: Optimizing for Mobile or Automobile

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Recent years have exposed us to a drastic evolution in the way users perform local search. As customers get more comfortable with the online world, their expectations shift towards data integration across devices such as mobile, desktop, tablet and even newly emerging wearable devices, giving users the scope to freely discover products, services and businesses across channels. Following the movement of digital innovation, automobile technology is a greatly affected player in the evolution, with increased in-car search provoking the need for better-connected cars.

For local businesses, this means expanding local SEO efforts further than simply creating a few business listings and resting on your laurels, waiting for consumers to discover you. In-car search provides a huge opportunity for marketers to expose brands to consumers when the chance of purchase is high. Performing a search on the move could be considered as a signal that users are looking for an instant solution that they are ready to drive to at the moment of search. By understanding local search in-car, local business owners can understand where to focus their local SEO efforts to increase their chance of being found and increase sales.

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Online Business Listings and Visibility for Healthcare Providers


It is every business’ dream to fully tap into the pool of online opportunities offered by today’s broad digital arena. Customers are increasingly finding products and services online but still, unveiling the potential of the online world is a common challenge for businesses as competition is now fiercer than ever before. For the medical industry, this challenge is no less vivid. 77% of patients used search before booking an appointment, indicating that practitioners who ignore the importance of online visibility and search engine optimization (SEO) are often left at a disadvantage.

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The Dangers of Citation Directory Networks

Importance of citations and a clean citation profile

A solid foundation of citations can significantly boost the local ranking of a business. In fact, citations are among the top ranking factors as determined by the Local SEO experts in this 2013 survey organized by David Mihm. In order to send even more location- and/or niche-specific signals to Google to help you achieve a competitive advantage in the local rankings, you can boost your citation profile with listings in location-specific (here just called ‘local’) and industry-specific(here called ‘niche’) directories.

Citations can have a great positive impact on your local rankings but if not done properly – for example if the directories where your business is listed are of poor quality – they can also hurt you. There is a huge number of factors that can make a directory a good or a bad choice. Here I’ll discuss directory networks and more specifically how some networks can present a good source for your local citations, while others must be avoided at all costs.

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