The local business citations are a fundamental element of every Local SEO strategy. However, as important the local citations may be, they are kind of an abstract and confusing topic for most of the SMB business owners out there.

In order to aid the less digital-savvy businessmen, in their attempt to understand and improve their local online visibility, we’ve created an infographic on local citations that explains hard-to-grasp SEO terms via the popular Star Wars characters and situations.

So, prepare to follow Fynn’s journey in-between the dark and the light side of the Force and learn:

•    the purpose of the online citations;
•    what does the term ‘inconsistent citations’ mean;
•    how your online citations got inconsistent in first place;
•    and what all this has to do with Star Wars!

Of course having a geeky side to you will definitely help you enjoy the Local SEO Wars infographic, but yet again, if you are interested in Local SEO, I guess that you have that already covered! Enjoy the comic!


Local Citations Infographic

Interview with David Wallace – The World of Infographics

 David WallanceIn today’s interview with David Wallace  we are to discuss the power of the visual content, the good, bad and scalable infographic campaigns, some infographic distribution options, various online reputation management and negative PR escape plans, and much more! We are pleased to have David Wallace with us, sharing so many interesting insights on a topic so widely discussed in the digital marketing field.

David is the founder and CEO of SearchRank  – a search & social media marketing agency, as well as the founder of Infographic Journal –  а top infographic  portal. He is a conference speaker (PubCon, Search Marketing Expo and Search Engine Strategies, etc.) and a blog editor and contributor and to give away his secret passion before he has said to keep quiet about it, he is devoted roller-coaster fan! His enthusiasm for high-speed adrenaline rides is equally genuine as his interest in infographics, so read on and takes notes for your next content creation project that will involve infographics. Continue reading “Interview with David Wallace – The World of Infographics”

Rule The Local Search Results – the Infographic

As most of you local entrepreneurs have already figured out, creating a website and a Facebook page for your business alone won’t be enough to ensure satisfactorily site traffic and conversions. The revenue earned through online sales may still remain scarce and your website visits often would be rather disappointing.

Don’t give in to desperation just yet: there is much you can do! You can improve your rankings in the local search results and boost your business online visibility if you put some effort in it. Of course this process will require time and persistence, but ,hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right!

We have prepared a detailed guide for you that easily explains what you should pay attention to and what factors you should closely monitor. Read carefully, take notes and of course, in case you have any questions, just share these with us in the comments.

And now sit back and learn how you could Rule the Local Results!

Optilocal Infographic Rule the Local Results

Continue reading “Rule The Local Search Results – the Infographic”