Feb 24, 2015, Link Building

What Are Nofollow Links Good For? by Nevyana Karakasheva

You know well the cost of a good dofollow link, right? What is the common input that a fine dofollow link chase would include: long hours of research on a selected topic; great writing skills to express your idea; much persistence to uncover the most suitable audience for your post; the art of a true diplomat as to persuade the webmaster of the site to share your content with his readers, and patience. ... Read the post

Jun 27, 2014, Interviews

Interview with Nick Garner – The Online Reputation Management Dilemma by Nevyana Karakasheva

In times when the Internet has a huge impact on brand image, customers’ buying decisions and eventually business sales, investing in online reputation management has become a must for any self-respecting company. To address this need to stay in line with the ever-changing marketing strategies, today we have invited the SEO expert in online marketing communications, the founder of 90 Digital, Nick Garner. ... Read the post

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