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The Reduced Google Places Local Search Results – Why?


A few days ago, Mike Blumenthal first noted that the Google Places results when performing local search have been reduced for a number of markets. Now, one could find 3-packs and 4-packs (I’ve never seen such before) even for major, very highly competitive search terms such as “Hotel San Francisco“, or “Restaurant New York“. What is the reason and the …

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Google Places Reviews Finally Showing up on AdWords Ads?


A few weeks ago I wrote about the AdWords – Google Places linkage and the corresponding reviews that could (and should) potentially appear on the live ads. However, a little later Matthew Hunt provided some feedback saying that this function is currently not working. Here is an excerpt from an answer he received from a Google AdWords rep: I also …

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“Stay a Hippie” or Summary of Digital Marketing Ideas Presented on Webit Congress Sofia 2011


Hello bloggers, business owners and all web marketing curious people, here is the promised summary of interesting data from Webit Congress Sofia 2011 that took place on 26-27th October. Intuitively, digital marketing was the topic I was most interested in. I have tried, where possible, to extract the points and statistics that I found interesting and present them organized by …

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Joomla Day Bulgaria 2011 Summary (With an Emphasis on SEO Topics)


Hello again everyone – time for me to deliver the report from Joomla Day Bulgaria 2011 that I promised. The event happened yesterday in a nice and cozy lecture hall in a university in Sofia, Bulgaria and took a lot longer than expected, hence me writing today rather than last night. There were four speakers and about eighty people audience …

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Google Testing AdWords Express in the UK


Last October, Google launched Boost – an (supposedly) easy way of online advertising for small business owners. While the problems of this marketing tool are not the topic of this post, it has to be mentioned that recently Google decided to re-brand the product and re-named it “AdWords Express”. A few weeks ago, I noticed a comment by Sheetal_M (a …

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