Nov 01, 2015, Monthly News Recaps

SEO News Recap – October 2015 by Nevyana Karakasheva

Have you heard that this October Google revealed why his ranking algorithms are getting harder to account for: get the popcorns ‘cause we will introduce you to Google’s AI project, the RankBrain! This month Google is spreading his influence not only in the machine learning field but in the SERPs of other search engines just as effectively. ... Read the post

Aug 31, 2015, Monthly News Recaps

SEO News Recap – August 2015 by Nevyana Karakasheva

Hi friends, this is the second edition of our monthly SEO News recap, so, if you have enjoyed a month of a sunbathing and beach walking or you’ve had a cool SPA gateway in a calm mountain resort, here’s a great way to catch up on things. In contrary to the common belief that the end of summer is a slow and uneventful work-wise period, this August introduces some pretty interesting changes in the SEO world. ... Read the post

Jul 31, 2015, Monthly News Recaps

SEO News Recap – July 2015 by Nabeel Tanveer

Here’s the first edition of our monthly news digest devoted to the world of online marketing. In case you don’t have time to keep tabs on everything that’s going on in the SEO industry, going through this concise and info packed recap will definitely come in handy. Let’s have a look at this month’s news! ... Read the post

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