Jan 02, 2019, Monthly News Recaps

SEO News Recap – December 2018 by Manuela Gadancheva

In December edition of our SEO News Recap we will cover the latest Google My Business advancements like the new Product Editor, the new chat feature, and the new user interface design of GMB listings’ photos on mobile. Google officially released the Chrome 72 beta, as well as a “Stories” feature and a new design of hotel highlights. The guys from Facebook were also active with several new tests regarding their Story feature and advertising platform. ... Read the post

Dec 04, 2018, Monthly News Recaps

SEO News Recap – November 2018 by Manuela Gadancheva

The guys from Google have made a lot of important Google My Business changes including the revamp of Google My Business mobile app, the release of the latest version of GMB API, and the new sign-up process for service area businesses. Other Google updates during November include the addition of new features prompting customers to interact more actively with your local business. Google was also experimenting with 3 new features to improve your Google Search Console experience. ... Read the post

Nov 06, 2018, Monthly News Recaps

SEO News Recap – October 2018 by Manuela Gadancheva

Have you heard of Google My Business’ update for marketing agencies and that Google is testing your interest in receiving calls from Google Assistant for your business? In our October's SEO News Recap you will learn about the transformation of Google Plus into a new enterprise product, as well as the experiments Google is making within local Knowledge panels in order to help you easier see your store’s products. ... Read the post

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