The Latest Google Places Makeover – Welcome to Google My Business

Google Finally Releases a User-Friendly Interface for Its Local Business Pages

On Wednesday Google announced the roll-out of a huge update aimed to terminate the old Google Places as we know it.

The new Google My Business is said to be just a dashboard improvement, however it brings us a much more significant change: the long-awaited integration of all products that Google has designed for the local business is now on. Both business owners and local SEOs have been experiencing the shortcomings of maintaining both the social and the local Google pages in the pursuit of improving their brand visibility on Google. When Google decided to merge the two types of company pages (social and local) a new wave of problems aroused. The automatically created duplicate social pages seemed like a real nightmare to the confused business owners. Hopefully with the latest Google Places makeover all those challenges will be left behind.

But let’s see what Google My Business is all about: Continue reading “The Latest Google Places Makeover – Welcome to Google My Business”


Why Unpersonalized Search Grows in Popularity – Is DuckDucKGo The Future of Search

Highly personalized search is one of the key services that Google takes pride in offering to its users. Even though Yahoo and Bing are lagging behind, they try to follow Google’s lead in improving their custom search results too. The constant improvement of the personalized search has definitely facilitated countless people. However, it seems that a significant number of online users has decided against giving away their personal data and have opted for a less intrusive web search alternative. Continue reading “Why Unpersonalized Search Grows in Popularity – Is DuckDucKGo The Future of Search”


Google Penalizes a Guest Blog Community Forum – an Attempt to Impose Fear of Guest Posting Altogether?

A couple of days ago, on March 19, 2014, a popular website that gathers an online community of guest bloggers was hit and penalized by Google. The search engine’s official public announcement quotes: “Today we took action on a large guest blog network. A reminder about the spam risks of guest blogging:”.

This led to a massive discussion on Twitter and as Rae Hoffman guessed right it was the My Blog Guest that Google wiped out from its SERPs that day. The controversial opinions on the issue lead to some pretty curious questions and stands: some were favoring Google’s manual action; others were expressing their support towards the affected website owner Ann Smarty. Truth be told, it would be rather naïve to accept this case as a simple piece of news and ignore the underlying reason why Google have decided to penalize this particular site and practically publicize its action on the same day. Continue reading “Google Penalizes a Guest Blog Community Forum – an Attempt to Impose Fear of Guest Posting Altogether?”


Google’s Transparency Issues Due to Users’ Indifference?

We all wish to keep up with Google’s algo modifications and tweaks, however often the changes become visible only quite a while after their actual introduction.

Many attempt to foresee or at least detect the fluctuations of Google’s ranking algorithm in real time. Tools like MozCast and the Local Weather at 51blocks could be quite fascinating and could easily tempt us to base our future forecast on their stats, but the truth is that we are no crystal gazers and at the end of the day, we all learn by our own mistakes. Team Google seems to have settled for a pretty convenient strategy of act first –disclose later. They make sure to employ the planned innovations first, then assess how those changes are being adopted and only after that they confirm that a certain change has taken effect. Continue reading “Google’s Transparency Issues Due to Users’ Indifference?”