You Ask, We Answer: July 17, 2014

People Are Not Clicking On My Website – What Should I Do?

This Friday we are  delving into the beauty industry. Nelle  was brave enough to share with us her traffic concerns regarding her skincare online store Scentrelle. Here are some interesting optimization tips that a business owner in her shoes should definitely take into account.

Meanwhile, if you are having any questions yourself and you can’t seem to resolve them, you could always drop us a line and ask for an advice.  Just like Nelle did:

Q: I would like to ask the difference between why a search term/key word that is prevalent in my website will be searched in Google but why users do not click on my website. Is it too far down the search page? Is the description for my website not catchy enough?
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You Ask, We Answer: June 27, 2014

Launching a New Online Retail Business – How to Rank?

Today we will discuss the challenges that a new online business faces when trying to rank in the organic results. This week question was sent by David Goudie. He shared with us his frustration of not being able to get much traffic for his new online business, so we have decided to feature his question and answer it accordingly.

If after reading the post you still have some questions that were not addressed, you could send them our way. Who knows you might get featured on the next Friday Q&A session! But let’s get back to David and his specific question:

Q: We have recently launched a new online retail business at are by no means SEO experts, but we have run a few other sites before and managed to rank quite well organically for our key products and phrase (for the most part by good, relevant content).

We followed the same philosophy for sleepmajor adding lots of good relevant content. We hoped that we would start to organically rank across our range, but we are really struggling. We checked with webmaster tools and whilst we did have some errors to start with, they are now clear (I think). Still, we are getting next to zero organic search traffic to the site. We are like a new shinny shop on the street, but know one can see us or are interested to step inside.

I’ll love a expert review to help us on where to focus to improve. On site front end stuff, back end stuff, or off site links in??

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You Ask, We Answer: May 30, 2014

How to optimize my website for a selected keyword?

Are you in a lazy Friday mood? Then take a breath, lean back and forget about your piling work for a moment. Sometimes the solution to your troubles is right in front of you. If you are running out of ideas on how to improve your rankings for the selected key phrases, then read on. Today’s post will focus on establishing credibility and encouraging online referrals and you don’t want to miss on that.

The questions that we will cover were sent by Jacob Lang and are tailored to the needs of his website. If you wish to take part in our Friday Q&A session, you simply have to email us and share the issue that you are concerned with. We might select your question and discuss it in a detailed post, just like the one that you are about to read. And here comes Jacob’s questions, actually:

Q: I’m working to optimize my website based on the key phrase “direct mail advertising”. I’ve done keyword research and found this to be a viable option. What I’m trying to do is generate enough viable back links to my site to be recognized and more credible according to Google. What is the best way to go about this?

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You Ask, We Answer: May 23, 2014

How to ensure that your website is in full compliance with Google standards?

This Friday we are about to delve deeper into Google’s quality guidelines in order to be on the safe side when improving the quality of our website or blog. The idea for today’s Q&A post was sent to us by Lauren Witte the Associate Director of Marketing & Client Services at the Mesa, AZ law firm, JacksonWhite. We thank him for the interesting suggestion and we welcome all of our readers to take part in this open Q&A series and send us their questions with a subject You Ask, We Answer. The most interesting questions will be selected, featured and answered on this blog, so feel free to join our Friday discussion.

And now let’s see the original question that Lauren sent us:

Q: How can you evaluate your website to ensure that you are in full compliance of Google standards?

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