Content Strategy

Your site is relatively new.
Your site has few pages that fail to encompass the whole set of keywords you wish to rank for.
Your site has pages with duplicate or thin content.

Content Strategy


Let us draft a custom Onsite Content Strategy for you!
SEO often boils down to quality content. Users want to find useful information and search engines have come up with many ways to gauge the quality of content and its relevance to the search query. Addressing the interests and problems of your clients will not only shorten the distance between them and your business but will also have a positive effect on your website rankings.

Onsite SEO always goes hand-in-hand with quality onsite content. At the same time, Social Media Promotion has little value when you do not have content of your own to share with your audience.

Content attracts links, helps build brand and company authority, triggers social buzz, and helps you get new leads and convert clients. Content is the SEO task that unites all other online marketing activities into a rock-solid working SEO strategy.


Creating content which resonates with our client’s audience is the cornerstone of every onsite content strategy we forge. Content is the most efficient way to build up brand and company image.

The smart onsite content strategy creates a strong bond between a business and its target audience by showing understanding and awareness of a client’s needs and consequently offering high expertise and the best solution to their problems.


Posting regularly is a must, but having a relevant and helpful message behind that content is what matters most for online users. This tends to bring in traffic, natural backlinks and eventually, higher rankings and increased conversions.

When you know the exact type of information that people search for and you provide them with this information, you’ve won half the battle of converting them. Couple it with the right user experience and perception of authority and you will be securing sales like none of your competitors.

Regularly creating high quality targeted content will eventually place you as an authority in your niche. This plays a big role in attracting and converting customers.
Let us build high quality citations for you!
Your Input
We want to actively involve you in the info-gathering stage. Seeing your business from your perspective makes all the difference when we decide on what tone of voice, content ideas and format to go for with content creation.
Keyword Research
Thanks to the comprehensive keyword research we conduct, we are able to identify long-tail keywords that are relevant to your business, niche, and services or products offered. Via thorough competitor and customer research, we draft a detailed list of all the keyword opportunities that the client has failed to take advantage of as yet. Based on that list, we will start brainstorming on the best topics for new articles, posts and landing pages to add to its existing onsite content.
Content Audit

The content audit aims to answer questions like:

  • Are there pages on the site that offer duplicate or thin content?
  • Is the current onsite content of high quality, relevant to the business niche, and does it address and speak the language of the targeted audience
  • Is there a site blog and does it have a regular posting schedule?
  • Is the on-page content semantically optimized
  • What are the shortcomings of the existing onsite content and how could they be fixed?
Identify the Need to Alter Existing Content
Sometimes onsite content may not be a good match for the keywords your company tries to rank for. Or it might not be of good quality. Just adding new content may not always be an adequate option because there is a risk of keyword cannibalization between two pages. After covering the above-mentioned stages, we are able to determine which path to take towards optimizing the existing onsite content.
Identify the Need for New Content

There is always need for new quality content: people are feverishly searching for it and search engines are diligently crawling the whole web to find it.

However, sometimes just posting fresh content on a regular basis is not enough. We verify if your site has sufficient content to target the topics and keywords you wish to rank for. It is our responsibility to suggest content creation for topics that have been overlooked and the opportunities which were never seized.

Competitor Analysis

We identify what kind of content works best for your competitors and learn from it.

We also search for free content niches that could be useful in your particular case. Benchmarking against the competition is a good way to stay in touch with the latest marketing trends in the industry and when the data is used properly, it will ultimately contribute greatly to your company’s growth strategy.

Create Content

Our onsite content strategy service includes writing, posting, and optimizing the newly created service page or blog post pages.

Whether it’s a sales pitch format for a service page or a well-researched blog post on an industry trending topic – the content is always relevant to your business and services. It is of interest to its target customers, in par with the semantic core of the site, taking advantage of topics overlooked but proven successful to competitors, and above all, of high quality with engaging subject matter.

Closing the SEO Circle

The newly created content pages are optimized to fit the website structure and purpose. The Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and URLs are optimized and relevant internal links are added to fit the specific page content and semantic scope. Every newly created page is incorporated in the site’s internal linking architecture to become a native and easily found destination.

Upon your request, we can add a relevant image which complements the content piece (a free stock photo or a custom-made one).


We’ll send you monthly reports, listing the specifics of the created content and its performance in terms of traffic/rankings. The monthly report also includes the following month’s content creation and publishing calendar.

What We Do

Optilocal’s Content Strategy Process


Content might be the king of an online marketing strategy, but it should not be the sole tactic you employ on the battlefield. A well-drafted powerful Onsite Content Strategy could lead to skyrocketing traffic and conversions, but only if it’s backed up by Expert Onsite Optimization. Above all, successful Onsite Content Strategy is a long-term commitment, rendering lasting results.