Private vs Personalized Search Duck Duck Go vs Google – OptiLocal’s New Infographic

Online privacy is a serious issue that is quickly gaining popularity nowadays. Our right to privacy as online users has gradually been violated by targeted surveillance or simple data collection acts performed by governments, enterprises and individuals.

In days when Internet is considered by many to be Google’s formal alias, we’ve decided to look into the modern society’s privacy concerns related to online browsing and surfing. For the purpose of this experiment we have created a detailed infographic that compares the worldwide leading search engine Google and the less popular privacy-focused search engine Duck Duck Go.

The study covers various privacy-related issues like: search engine transparency policies, ads and monetizing, ads targeting, localized results, major concerns and much more. You’ll even have a chance to take a glimpse at the results of the 2014 Privacy Data Survey conducted by SurveyMonkey. The infographic will lead you through the major differences between the two search engines both in terms of general functionalities and SERPs layout.

Having skimmed through all this data, you’d be able to recognize the essential threats and opportunities that a personalized search offers to its users, as well as the pros and cons of the private search & the no-data-collection policy . Enjoy the infographic and make sure to share you thoughts with us in the comments below!

  • paulgpetty

    Can you post a link to the raw image? The zoomable (sea dragon) UI is constrained to be small enough that I can’t read the graphic edge to edge when I zoom in & Fullscreen doesn’t seem to make it any better.

    • Nevyana Karakasheva

      Sure Paulgpretty, you can check the infographic at http://optilocal DOT org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/DuckduckGO_final-01.jpg