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Edmunds Car Dealer Reviews : Everything You Need to Know

As a savvy car buyer, you know that researching dealerships before purchasing is crucial. One of the most popular resources for dealer ratings and reviews is Edmunds.

In this blog post, we’ll examine how Edmunds dealer ratings can assist you in making an educated decision when buying a car, from accessing the ratings on their website to evaluating customer reviews and contacting dealerships.

We’ll cover everything from accessing dealer ratings on the website to what to look for in positive and negative reviews submitted by other customers.

You’ll have all the knowledge necessary to confidently use Edmunds dealer ratings as part of your car-buying research process.

Edmunds Car Dealer Reviews

What is Edmunds?

Edmunds is an online automotive resource that provides car shoppers with detailed information about new and used vehicles. It offers various services, including reviews, ratings, comparisons, pricing tools, etc. The company was founded in 1966 by automotive journalist Ken Edmiston and has since become one of the most trusted sources for vehicle research on the web.

Edmunds online automotive
  • Research Tools

Edmunds offers various research tools to help car buyers make informed decisions. Its Vehicle Selector tool allows users to narrow their search based on criteria such as price range, body style, desired features, fuel economy needs, and more. Additionally, its True Market Value (TMV) tool helps buyers determine what others pay for similar cars in their area to get the best deal possible when negotiating with dealerships or private sellers. Other helpful resources include safety ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), expert reviews from industry professionals, and consumer feedback from real owners who have purchased specific models.

Where Are Your Edmunds Car Dealer Reviews ?

Edmunds also allows customers to leave reviews of their experiences with local car dealerships, providing valuable feedback that can help other buyers decide when selecting a dealership. Your Edmunds car dealer reviews are important because 59 percent of car buyers conduct online research for their new vehicle.

Your Edmunds Dealership Page and Customer Reviews

The “Customer Reviews” section of your Edmunds dealership page will show your overall star rating, the total number of submitted reviews, and a small breakdown showing which reviews recommend your dealership. Edmunds says your star rating is based on all reviews spanning the last two years – from the first day of the month to two years ago. On the page, the latest review is displayed by default, but customers can filter the reviews to show only feedback related to either the sales or service experience. You can access additional customer reviews if you click the “Read More Reviews” button below the most recent review. These reviews are sorted by the newest first, but you can also choose to sort them by the highest or lowest rating.

The key here is creating an experience that encourages people to leave behind positive reviews on Edmunds – this could include offering discounts or incentives for doing so (as long as it complies with state laws). Edmunds will ask the reviewer additional questions for more context. These questions include

  • Would you recommend this dealer?
  • How satisfied were you with the quality of work performed on your vehicle?
  • Did the dealership complete the work within the promised timeframe?
  • Did the dealership provide the quote accurately for the work performed?
  • Do you think the service(s) price was fair and reasonable?
  • Did the dealer fulfill all the commitments they made?

You should also provide clear instructions on how someone can leave a review; this could include links directly within emails sent out after each purchase or service appointment and printed instructions in the paperwork given out during these transactions. Finally, don’t forget about encouraging word-of-mouth referrals; having satisfied customers tell friends and family members about their great experience at your dealership can go a long way towards boosting sales.

Responding to Your Edmunds Car Dealer Reviews

Thanking customers for their positive reviews is a great way to build relationships and boost your online presence. Show genuine appreciation for their feedback by pointing out specific parts of their experience that stood out, such as the salesperson they worked with or the vehicle they bought from you. This level of detail tells them that you are paying attention to what they have said, which could be another step in improving the relationship with a potentially recurring customer. Anyone at the dealership can reply to an Edmunds review without creating an account. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the dealership’s page on Edmunds and locate the review you wish to respond to.
  • Click the “post a comment” link at the review’s bottom. This will take you to a different page.
  • Before composing your reply, input a “display name” (which will be visible to the public) and a valid email address.

Responding to Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can hurt your dealership’s reputation, but responding promptly and professionally can help turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied one. Start by apologizing sincerely and then explain how you plan on rectifying the situation. Offer solutions such as discounts or free services, showing customers that you value their opinion and want them to have a better experience next time. This helps appease angry customers and gives potential buyers confidence in your business practices.

Get More Reviews for Your Edmunds Dealership Page

To get the most out of reviews, you should leverage automation to help acquire them from customers efficiently and consistently. This can be done by providing physical handouts before they drive off or setting up automated SMS messages or emails that ask for reviews after their purchase experience is complete. You can also have a review process set up through a tablet at the dealership, making it easy for customers to leave feedback immediately without waiting until they get home. All these methods will ensure you get more reviews on your Edmunds dealership page in no time.

Get Reviews Edmunds Dealership Page

Deliver a Worthy Customer Experience

The key to getting positive reviews is delivering an exceptional customer experience worthy of praise and admiration from your customers. This means being courteous, friendly, and transparent regarding pricing and financing options so that customers feel like they are getting the best deal possible with their purchase or lease agreement. By taking this approach, you can increase customer retention and acquire new business due to positive word-of-mouth marketing stemming from satisfied customers who were pleased with their experience at your dealership.

Take Advantage of Edmunds TMV

Another great way to boost your online presence on Edmunds is by taking advantage of its True Market Value (TMV) feature, which shows consumers what other buyers paid for similar vehicles within certain parameters such as make, model, trim level etc. Not only does this give shoppers an idea about what prices range they should expect during negotiations, but dealerships themselves can use this information, too, allowing them greater insight into current market trends when determining fair offers for potential car purchase leases while still turning profits along the way.

Research shows that 71 percent of car shoppers are researching online for vehicle prices. Ultimately, it is essential to remember that a satisfied clientele equates to more five-star ratings, thus leading to increased visibility and higher revenue. Consequently, car dealers should seize every opportunity possible by providing incentives such as discounts or freebies for those who leave positive reviews about their experience at the dealership. Additionally, investing time into cultivating relationships with existing customers is important so they feel appreciated enough to share their opinions publicly. Finally, creating content designed around motivating people who had good experiences at your store write up a review outlining why they enjoyed working with you could be an effective way of garnering additional endorsements.

The Power of Edmunds Car Dealer Reviews

Edmunds’s reviews significantly impact car dealerships and their online reputation. With over 9 million monthly visitors, it’s one of the most popular automotive websites in the U.S., providing shoppers with unbiased information about cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles available from local dealerships. In addition to providing vehicle specifications and pricing information, Edmunds also allows customers to leave reviews about their experiences with particular dealerships. These reviews can be extremely influential when swaying potential buyers towards or away from a dealership – making them an important factor in any dealership’s success or failure.

 Power of Edmunds Car Dealer Reviews
  • Taking Control of Your Online Reputation

Given the importance of customer feedback when attracting new business, taking control of your online reputation is essential for all car dealerships that want to remain competitive in today’s market. By monitoring customer feedback across multiple platforms, such as Edmunds and responding promptly to both positive and negative comments, you can ensure that your dealership is perceived positively by prospective customers who may be considering buying a car from you in the future. Additionally, proactively soliciting positive reviews from satisfied customers will help boost your overall rating – something that has been shown repeatedly to result in increased sales numbers down the line.

Strategies for Increasing Positive Reviews

There are several strategies that car dealers can use when looking for ways to increase their number of positive reviews on sites like Edmunds:

Firstly, make sure that you take advantage of every opportunity possible by offering incentives such as discounts or freebies for those who leave glowing reports about their experience at your dealership;

Secondly; invest time into cultivating relationships with existing customers so they feel valued enough to share their thoughts publicly;

Thirdly; create content specifically designed around encouraging people who had good experiences at your store write up a review detailing why they enjoyed working with you so much.

Ultimately though – always remember: happy customers = more five-star ratings = greater visibility & higher sales figures.

FAQs about Everything You Need to Know About Edmunds Car Dealer Reviews

Edmunds has been a trusted source of automotive information, providing reliable data and expert advice since 1966. The company has earned the trust of millions of car shoppers by offering accurate pricing information, detailed vehicle reviews, helpful tips on buying and leasing cars, as well as an extensive inventory search tool. Edmunds’ expert team also provides unbiased opinions to help customers make informed decisions when purchasing or leasing a car. Edmunds’ dedication to accuracy and customer satisfaction has earned it a reputation as an outstanding source of automotive knowledge.

The most reliable source for car reviews is Consumer Reports. This organization tests and evaluates hundreds of vehicles each year, offering unbiased and comprehensive ratings on cars from all major automakers. Their findings are based on rigorous testing in their state-of-the-art facilities and surveys of millions of consumers who have owned the vehicles they review. Their independent and dependable evaluation provides precise data regarding a vehicle’s functioning, safety amenities, cost-effectiveness and general excellence.

Both Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds are trusted sources for valuing used cars. However, many experts consider Edmunds more accurate due to its greater detail in data collection and analysis. It also has a larger database of vehicles than Kelley Blue Book, allowing it to provide more comprehensive pricing information. Ultimately, both services provide reliable estimations that can aid in making a knowledgeable choice when acquiring or selling an automobile.


Edmunds car dealer reviews provide valuable insights into the quality of a dealership’s service and products. Reading the reviews can be beneficial in making a well-informed purchase decision and allow dealerships to address any unfavorable or unfair remarks. By following best practices for improving your online presence with Edmunds car dealer reviews, you can ensure that potential customers can access accurate information about your business before purchasing. Everything you need to know about Edmunds car dealer reviews is now in your hands – use it wisely.

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