Get More Followers on Facebook: 10+ Useful Tactics for SMBs

Currently there are 1.39 billion monthly and about 890 million daily active users on Facebook (source: Facebook).

But don’t let the overwhelming size of the community fool you. All these numbers don’t mean a thing if your business page doesn’t have sufficient likes or fans.

Social media marketing can help you build trust and credibility. It can help you engage potential customers, and convert them into clients. It can also help you stay on top of your customers’ minds. But all that is possible only if you manage to build and maintain your fan base of target customers.

Our main goal behind creating the following guide is simple: we wish to help small businesses get more likes and followers on Facebook. So let’s go over the following 10 tried and tested methods and learn how to successfully attract new followers.

1. Setup: Laying the Right Foundation:

    • Select the proper page type. Each Facebook Page format comes with a different set of fields and subpages. Usually the best fit for your business will be the “Local Business or Place” page because you need to add info like “About”, “Hours of Operation”, “Parking Details” or “Price Range”.


  • The About section as well as your Page Name will help people find your business when they run a search for your name or services on Facebook. Other than the brand name, you can also use a couple of keywords describing your business. Use the “About” section to introduce your business and make sure you insert a link to your website.
  • Both the Cover Photo and the Profile Picture of your FB page could contribute to your online image. The Profile picture is the face of your business on Facebook, so make sure it’s a good one. The Cover Photo usually serves branding purposes, though it could also influence your page visitors to like your page.

     How’s that for Enticement? (Chocolate for Breakfast)

    You can also post custom images for special occasions, local events, or seasonal greetings on your Cover Page.

    Happy spring, or Christmas, or Halloween (Talking Finger)

2.Posting Strategy for More Likes:

Most users will take a quick look at your recent posts before hitting the “Like” button. They must see some value in what you’re posting first. But don’t stress out over what to post. Just keep it relevant and mix it up with some useful info about your business, products, or services, or with some helpful tips related to your industry.


Nothing Fancy, Just Be Yourself (Onyx Car Hire)

You should focus on your content consistency if you wish to keep your page followers hooked. There’s no point in planning to attract new likes when you are not able to retain the current fans of your page.

But, while you need to be consistent, you’d better keep your posting frequency in check too.

3. Get Help from Your Fans – Create Viral Content:

You can opt for creating Top 10 Lists, infographics, interesting images or other pieces of engaging content. Viral content isn’t something that spreads like wildfire and gets millions of instant shares like the Gangnam Style hit. The key is to try to create share-worthy content that will be of interest to your target audience.

For example, suppose you are a luxury car rental business in London, and you’re trying to create content that will attract some shares or likes on Facebook. Let’s say that while you are browsing online, you come across a post that talks about the world’s best luxury cars. The post has more than 10K likes! The chances are that if you create a post on a similar topic it will have the potential to go viral. What you can do is visit the Motor Expo in London, take a picture of some of the best luxury cars, and create a post about the event.

Even if you achieve only 10% out of those 10K likes, it would be a mighty good response for a local business.

4. Don’t Ignore the Power of Contests & Sweepstakes

There are apps that can help you create, host, and run contests or sweepstakes in order to get more likes (e.g. Viralsweep, Pageyourself, or agorapulse – the latter helps you run both photo contests and quizzes).

Your target audience will have to like or share your page as to be a part of the prize draw. Photo contests for instance will require uploading and sharing certain types of photos.


Lots of participants, 65k+ likes (Starbucks White Cup Contest)

The best part about all these fan engaging activities is that when your fans accept your contest invite their friends will also get to learn about the contest. As a result your page will get some free exposure and hopefully you’ll be able to attract more fans.

5. Tag Your Page

You can tag your own page while posting on other people’s or business pages walls. However, be careful, excessive posting and tagging will easily be perceived as spam. Make sure that you have something valuable to say and that you are not tagging your page in every single comment you post.

You can also tag your own page while posting a status to your personal wall.


6. Attract Followers Outside Facebook

Make sure that you’re making the the most of your website and blog by adding social sharing buttons and a Facebook widget on your website. You can also use email signatures, newsletters, even offline marketing materials like business cards or fliers to promote your page.


7. Make Your Employees Ambassadors of Your Brand

It’s baffling how many small businesses overlook this simple technique.
On average, Facebook users have more than 330 contacts. Suppose a small business has a staff of 10 people. That’s potentially 3300+ likes that you can get without spending a penny.

You and your employees can use the “Suggest to Friends” feature to popularize your Facebook business page. Rest assured, many of the contacted Facebook users will go ahead and press the “like” button.

8. Master Facebook Ads

Like it or hate it, but Facebook has curbed the free organic reach to a great extent, so you’ll have to go for paid ads to reap maximum benefits.

Good thing is, Facebook Ads are fairly cheap, and the targeting features are superb. You can target users based on their location, gender, age, education, profession, and relationship status. In short, you will be able to target your potential customers with precision.

Reaching out to your Target Market

9. Understand Facebook News Feed Ranking

Just like Google, Facebook has an algorithm that defines the reach of a particular post. If you want your posts to reach their maximum potential, you must go over the Facebook News Feed Algorithm.

10. Be patient

That’s not really a tip for gaining more followers, but it makes for the perfect closing of this post.

Businesses often complain that Facebook doesn’t work for them. They don’t realize that they are the ones that need to “make it work” and not the other way round. Facebook promotion has enormous potential, you must learn how to put it to good use.

You can’t have a buzzing community right from start. Patience is the key.

Likes begets more likes, and the first few likes are the hardest to get. Follow the above-listed tips, and give it some time, Facebook will not let you down.

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