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Don’t Waste Your Time: GoDaddy Website Builder and SEO Don’t Mix

GoDaddy Website Builder and SEO? Don’t even bother. It’s a question that many local businesses, digital marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, or individuals who want to establish an online presence for their business have asked.

Unfortunately, the response could be more complex. While GoDaddy offers website builder tools which may seem like an easy solution at first glance, it only offers some of the necessary features for effective search engine optimization (SEO).

Therefore, to ensure your local business succeeds in today’s competitive market, it is best to avoid using GoDaddy Website Builder for SEO purposes and opt for professional web design services instead.

So don’t let yourself get fooled by false promises – read on to learn more about how professional web design services can help your local business succeed in today’s competitive market.

GoDaddy  & SEO

What is GoDaddy Website Builder?

GoDaddy Website Builder is a website creation platform allowing users to create and design their websites. GoDaddy Website Builder offers a range of functions, including customizable designs, drag-and-drop tools, and search engine visibility alternatives. The platform also provides an array of services for email marketing, such as automated campaigns and contact list management. Before subscribing to GoDaddy Website Builder, potential users should be aware of certain drawbacks that could affect their experience.

The Overview of Features section includes information about what you get when you sign up with GoDaddy Website Builder. This includes access to hundreds of pre-made templates which can easily be customized using drag-and-drop tools. You’ll also have access to Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool, which helps optimize your site’s performance on search engines like Google and Bing. Additionally, the service comes with integrated email marketing services, so you can build relationships with customers through newsletters and other promotional materials without switching between platforms or learning new software applications.

GoDaddy Website Builder offers competitive prices, but this does come with limited customization options and less control over SEO optimization as advanced techniques such as schema markup or canonical tags are not supported in the builder plans. The content generated by the platform is of decent quality. Yet, it cannot compete with professionally written copy from experienced writers if you want to successfully establish your local business presence online through organic search results. Achieving maximum online visibility requires more expertise than GoDaddy’s Website Builder can provide. Depending on your plan, this will decide how much cash is necessary to pay out monthly or yearly. 

 SEO with GoDaddy Website Builder

SEO with GoDaddy Website Builder is a great way to get your website noticed by search engines. It provides an easy-to-use platform for creating and optimizing websites for SEO purposes. The platform has several features that make it easier to optimize content, such as keyword research tools, site maps, and automated optimization options. However, before investing in the service, it is important to consider any limitations when using GoDaddy Website Builder for SEO purposes.

How Does it Work?

When you create a website with GoDaddy Website Builder, the system automatically generates optimized HTML code for search engine visibility. This code helps Google’s crawlers find and index your pages quickly so they can appear in relevant searches more often. Additionally, the platform offers various tools to help users improve their page speed score on Google’s Pagespeed Insights tool, which can also impact ranking performance over time.

GoDaddy Website Builder’s limitations should be considered for the more advanced level professionals before investing in its services. Its template designs severely restrict customization options, making it difficult to target competitive markets that require tailored solutions rather than generic ones provided by these platforms alone. Furthermore, the content generated by this builder could be of better quality. It does not reflect custom-written keywords or phrases related to a business’ niche – necessary for successful SEO techniques such as link-building campaigns or local citations from reputable sources.

 Why Should You Avoid Using GoDaddy Website Builder for SEO ?

Despite its ease of use, GoDaddy Website Builder could be better-suited for SEO due to its limited features and customization options. The content generated by GoDaddy Website Builder is usually of low quality, making it difficult to optimize the website for search engine visibility. Additionally, GoDaddy does not offer advanced SEO techniques or support tools like Google’s Pagespeed Insights or Google Search Console.

GoDaddy Website Builder’s plans provide limited customization and design options when it comes to content creation, thus making it difficult to optimize for search engine visibility. You cannot craft custom titles or meta descriptions; instead, you are stuck with generic templates provided by the platform, which could result in duplicate content issues with search engines. Moreover, there is no built-in email marketing service on GoDaddy Website Builder, so if you wish to send out newsletters or promotional emails, then an additional service such as Godaddy Email Marketing needs to be employed – although this, too, has its own set of limitations regarding deliverability rates that may not always be accurate.

There are no native solutions available on the platform nor any integrations with third-party providers to help in this regard either, thus putting them at a disadvantage when compared to other platforms like WordPress, which offer these features readily through plugins and extensions without having to shell out extra money – something that most people can appreciate. 

GoDaddy Website Builder might be great if all you need is a basic website quickly, it does not measure up against more established platforms when talking about features related directly towards improving organic rankings on major search engines such as Google and Bing. 

 What are the Alternatives to GoDaddy Website Builder?

Instead of using GoDaddy’s website builder, WordPress is a great option for optimizing your site for SEO with its wide range of features and plugins. WordPress provides a plethora of features and add-ons that make optimizing for search engine optimization simpler. Additionally, WordPress has a suite of tools, such as Google’s Pagespeed Insights and Google Search Console, which can help improve the visibility of your website in search engines.

WordPress gives users more website control than popular CMS platforms like Wix or Squarespace. This allows users to modify themes, install plugins and utilize different CMSs without restrictions from coding or design. Plus, plenty of resources are available online if you need help getting started with WordPress.

Another benefit of using WordPress is that it simplifies email marketing more than other platforms. You can easily create newsletters or send promotional emails from within the platform without having to purchase additional services or plans from third-party providers like GoDaddy does with its “builder plans” feature.

When working with an agency specializing in local marketing, a longer-term commitment is usually required to give both parties the time needed to reach their desired goals. However, this is not possible when using Go Daddy’s services as no long-term agreement is involved; if you do not see any improvement within a few weeks, you must find another provider quickly without wasting more money and time.

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Godaddy for SEO

Reasons Not Use Godaddy for SEO

#1. Lack of Technical Expertise 

GoDaddy is not known for its technical expertise in SEO. They need to gain the experience or knowledge necessary to provide effective SEO services, and their lack of understanding can lead to poor results.

#2. Limited Resources

 GoDaddy offers a limited range of essential resources for successful SEO campaigns, such as keyword research tools, analytics tracking software, and content optimization solutions. This means you may miss out on valuable opportunities to improve your rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

#3. Poor Customer Service 

Many customers have complained about the customer service they receive from GoDaddy’s support team when trying to resolve issues related to their website or SEO campaigns. In some cases, customers have reported long wait times before getting a response from a representative and inadequate responses once they did.

#4. Expensive Pricing Structure 

While GoDaddy does offer competitive pricing for domain registration and hosting services, their prices for other services like website design and SEO packages can be quite expensive compared with other providers in the industry who specialize in these areas specifically.

Godaddy prices

#5. No Guarantees 

Unlike many reputable companies offering professional SEO services, GoDaddy does not guarantee any specific outcomes regarding SERP rankings or organic traffic increases resulting from an optimized website or campaign implementation efforts by them on behalf of clients.

#6. No Long-Term Commitment

When working with an agency specializing in local marketing, you usually commit yourself to a longer-term contract which allows both parties the time needed for achieving desired goals, but this isn’t possible while using Go Daddy’s services as there is no commitment involved whatsoever; meaning that if you don’t see any improvement within few weeks, then you’ll need to find another provider immediately without wasting more money & time.

FAQs about Godaddy Website Builder and SEO?

SEO on GoDaddy can benefit local businesses, depending on the size and scope of their online presence. If a business has a website already optimized for search engines, then using GoDaddy’s SEO services could help improve visibility in organic search results. However, if the website needs more extensive optimization or content marketing work to reach its full potential, it may be worth investing in additional professional SEO services instead. Ultimately, the decision should depend on your individual business goals and budget.

It is achievable to build a website using GoDaddy, offering an uncomplicated experience for users. They offer an intuitive user interface that makes setting up a website relatively straightforward. Additionally, they provide reliable hosting services and other useful features such as domain registration and email accounts. Furthermore, their customer support team can help answer any questions you may have during the setup process or if needed. GoDaddy offers comprehensive services to create a professional website quickly and cost-effectively.

Yes, SEO can be done on GoDaddy. It is important to know that there may be some restrictions when optimizing your website on GoDaddy, so it is best to consult an experienced professional for successful SEO results. It is advisable to consult an expert to guarantee the success of your website optimization endeavors. Additionally, local SEO requires a specialized approach which may only be possible with GoDaddy’s tools and services. OptiLocal offers comprehensive local marketing solutions for businesses looking to maximize their online presence and visibility within their target market.


GoDaddy Website Builder may be a decent choice for basic website creation, yet there are better options if aiming to enhance SEO performance. The lack of customization options and limited functionality makes GoDaddy Website Builder unsuitable for optimizing local businesses’ online presence. Professionally crafted websites can bring visibility to search engine result pages and a pleasing, intuitive interface. By investing in professional web design services, local businesses can ensure their website stands out from the competition while also being optimized for higher rankings on SERPs – something that cannot be achieved with GoDaddy Website Builder.

Let OptiLocal help you maximize your local marketing efforts and get the most out of your website. With our comprehensive services, we can ensure that your online presence is optimized for success!

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