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How to Optimize Google Business Profile: Multiple Locations Guide

Optimizing your Google Business Profile for multiple locations is critical to local search engine optimization. Managing and maintaining an optimized online presence becomes increasingly challenging as businesses expand.

This comprehensive guide will explore strategies to optimize Google Business Profiles for multi-location businesses, ensuring that potential customers can easily find and interact with your brand across all branches.

We’ll delve into meeting the specific criteria set by Google My Business for multiple-location businesses and discuss the importance of consistency in branding and information across platforms.

Additionally, we will cover essential tools such as store locator features, optimizing categories/attributes tailored to each branch’s unique offerings, and engaging customers through high-quality content using Google Posts.

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Meeting Google My Business Criteria for Multiple Locations

A few conditions must be met to claim multi-location business listings on Google My Business (GMB). Ensure your company has at least ten verified locations, uses the same brand name for all locations, and is not a service area business or an agency managing multiple businesses. To optimize your GMB profile for multiple locations, we will discuss the importance of meeting these criteria and how to achieve them.

#1. Having at Least Ten Verified Locations

To optimize your GMB profile for multiple locations, you must open at least ten physical branches to customers. This requirement ensures that only genuine multi-location businesses can use this feature. To verify each location, follow the steps outlined in Google’s verification process guide.

#2. Using Consistent Branding Across All Branches

Maintaining consistency in branding across all your business locations is crucial when optimizing your GMB profiles. This includes using the same logo, color scheme, tagline, and other visual elements throughout each branch’s online presence and offline marketing materials. Consistent branding helps build customer trust by creating a unified image of your company.

#3. Avoiding Being Classified as a Service Area Business

If you provide services primarily through visiting clients’ homes or businesses, you may be classified as a service area business (SAB) by Google. SABs are not eligible for multi-location GMB listings because they need physical locations that customers can visit. To avoid being categorized as a SAB, ensure your company has distinct brick-and-mortar locations where clients can receive services or purchase products.

In summary, meeting the criteria for multiple locations GMB profiles is essential to optimize your online presence effectively. By verifying at least 10 locations, maintaining consistent branding across all branches, and avoiding classification as a service area business, you’ll be well on your way to optimizing your Google Business Profile for multiple locations.

#4. Ensuring Consistency Across Platforms and Verifying Listings

To optimize your Google Business Profile for multiple locations, it’s crucial to maintain consistency across all platforms and verify each listing. Maintaining consistency and verifying each listing helps create an improved user experience, boosting your online presence by making it easier for customers to find you. This section will discuss how to delete duplicate listings or accounts created by other staff members while maintaining accurate NAP (name, address, phone number) details on separate About pages for each location.

#5. Deleting Duplicate Listings/Accounts

Duplicate listings can confuse users and negatively impact your search rankings. To avoid this issue, make sure that there is only one verified listing per location. You can use the Google My Business dashboard to manage all your business profiles in one place. If you encounter duplicates while optimizing your multi-location business profile, promptly remove them.

#6. Updating NAP Details Consistently

Maintaining consistent NAP information is essential for local SEO success and improving the overall customer experience when searching for a specific branch of your company online. Ensure that every platform where your business has an online presence consistently displays the same name, address, and phone number so customers don’t get confused with conflicting information about different branches.

  • Name: Use the official name of each branch without any variations or abbreviations.
  • Address: Ensure addresses are formatted correctly according to local standards and include suite numbers if applicable.
  • Phone Number: Include area codes and direct lines if available; consider using toll-free numbers if appropriate.

#7. Creating Separate About Pages for Each Branch

In addition to maintaining accurate NAP details, creating separate About pages on your website for each location is essential. This helps users find specific information about a branch and allows search engines like Google to index and rank these individual pages more effectively.

To optimize these pages, include the following elements:

  • A unique description of the branch that highlights its services or offerings.
  • High-quality images showcase the interior and exterior of the location.
  • Contact info like phone numbers, emails, and social media accounts related to that branch.
  • Google Maps URL with directions to help customers easily navigate their way there.

These steps ensure platform consistency while optimizing your Google Business Profile for multiple locations. By deleting duplicate listings/accounts, updating NAP details consistently, and creating separate About pages for each branch, you’ll provide a seamless user experience while improving your online presence in local searches.

How to Set Up Google Business Profile When You Have Multiple Locations

Setting up a Google Business Profile with multiple locations can be daunting, but bulk location management makes it much easier. Bulk location management allows businesses with ten or more locations to add, verify, and manage all their listings simultaneously. This streamlines the process significantly and helps ensure that each listing is accurate and consistent across the board.

The first step in setting up your business profile is to create an account on Google My Business (GMB).  Once you have created an account, you must enter basic information about your business, such as name, address, phone number, etc. You will also need to upload photos of your business for visibility on GMB.  After completing this initial setup, you can add additional locations by clicking “Add Location” from the GMB dashboard. When adding new locations through bulk location management, it is important to ensure that all the information provided for each listing is accurate and consistent across all sites.

Google Business Profile for Multiple Locations

Inconsistent data could lead to confusion among customers or even result in duplicate listings being created unintentionally, damaging your online reputation if not corrected quickly enough. It’s also important that any images uploaded are high quality. Hence, they accurately represent what customers should expect when visiting one of your stores or other physical locations associated with your brand. Once all the necessary information has been entered into GMB for each location, it’s time to verify them using postcards or instant verification via phone call or text message, depending on which option best suits your needs.

Postcard verification requires sending out postcards containing unique codes directly from Google, which must be inputted into GMB before those particular listings are verified. In contrast, instant verification only requires entering a code sent via text message or phone call directly into GMB without having to wait days for postcards for them to become verified instantly instead – both options are equally valid, though, so choose whichever works best for you!

How to Set Up Google Business Profile for Nine or Fewer Locations

Setting up a Google Business Profile for nine or fewer locations is an important step in local marketing. It allows businesses to reach potential customers, build their online presence, and increase visibility on the web. To get started, it’s important to use a general company email account as your listing’s owner and designated managers responsible for managing the profile. Additionally, consolidating local listing information into one place helps ensure accuracy across all listings.

Google Business Profile for Multiple Locations
  • Using a General Company Email Account as Your Listing’s Owner 

This ensures that any changes to the profile are done with proper authorization from someone within the organization. This can help prevent unauthorized changes by outside parties or individuals needing access to the necessary information about each location.

  • Designate your Google Business Profile managers

Designating managers also provide accountability when making changes or updates to profiles; this way, you know exactly who is responsible for what actions are taken on behalf of each business location listed in Google Business Profiles.

  • Consolidate Local Listing Information

Consolidating local listing information into one place is key for ensuring accuracy across all listings associated with your business profile. This includes ensuring that contact details such as phone numbers and addresses are consistent between platforms like Yelp and TripAdvisor, which can sometimes contain outdated information if not regularly updated.

Additionally, having accurate images of each location helps potential customers find them more easily online – especially those using mobile devices – which could increase foot traffic at physical stores or other locations associated with your business profile!

Best Practices for Optimizing Your Google Business Profile 

Advanced Google Business Profile optimization

  • Once you have the basics down, it’s time to take your profile to the next level. Advanced Google Business Profile optimization includes: 
  • Including a description of your business and services offered (200-300 words)
  • Adding additional categories that are relevant to your business
  • Enabling messaging so customers can contact you directly from the listing
  • Creating posts with images, videos, or offers that appear in search results
  • Encouraging customers to leave reviews on third-party sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor.
  • Optimizing for local SEO by adding keywords related to your industry and location throughout all listing sections.
  • This should include phrases like “best [your service] near me” or “[your city] [service].” Additionally, ensure any URLs include a link back to pages on your website with content related to those keywords.
  • Finally, regularly monitor customer feedback across all platforms where people can leave reviews about their experience with you—Google My Business is just one part of managing an online reputation.
  • Responding promptly and professionally when negative comments arise will help maintain trust among potential customers considering doing business with you.

FAQs about How to Optimize Google Business Profile for Multiple Locations

Optimizing your business for multiple locations on Google requires a comprehensive strategy. First, you must create separate pages for each location with unique content and meta tags. Additionally, make sure to list the address of each location accurately in schema markup or structured data format. Finally, build citations from local directories such as Yelp and Yellow Pages to ensure accurate information is available online about your business across all its locations. By following these steps, you can effectively optimize your business for multiple locations on Google.

Yes, a Google business profile can have multiple locations. Through the My Business feature on Google, users can add up to 10 physical locations for their business and manage them all from one dashboard. Businesses can utilize the My Business feature to focus on consumers in distinct regions with strategies and materials suited for each site. Additionally, businesses can use this feature to track performance across their stores or branches more effectively.

Optimizing local SEO for multiple locations requires a comprehensive approach. First, creating location-specific pages on your website with unique content and optimized metadata is important. Additionally, you should ensure that each of the business listings is consistent across all directories and accurately reflect the physical address of each location. Finally, link-building efforts should be targeted toward specific locations to increase visibility for those particular areas. Following these steps can effectively optimize local SEO for multiple locations.

OptiLocal’s Google Business Profile (GBP) Optimization Service helps multi-location stores maximize their online presence. Our experienced professionals will ensure your GBP is up to date with accurate information and optimized for search engine rankings. We’ll also create engaging content, manage reviews, and use local SEO techniques to drive traffic from potential customers in the area. With our service, you can be sure that your business profile stands out amongst competitors and reaches its full potential on the web.


A strong presence on Google My Business is essential for any business with multiple locations. By following the tips mentioned in this blog post, you can enhance your Google business page and make sure that all listings are uniform on different platforms, current, and precisely illustrate what makes each place exclusive. With an optimized GBP listing for each location, you can increase visibility in local searches and engage customers more effectively while providing exceptional customer service. So don’t wait – start optimizing your Google business profiles today.

Take your local marketing to the next level with OptiLocal‘s comprehensive services. Let us help you optimize and manage your Google Business Profile for multiple locations today!

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