A Few Workaround Options for Google Places Verification


Google Places Verification
Google Places Verification
A few weeks ago I was invited to write a guest post on Search Engine People‘s blog. I genuinely accepted the proposal as they are the biggest SEO company in Canada, and a little more exposure for my articles is always welcome. The topic I picked was “Workarounds for Google Places Verification” – problem, which many business owners are facing daily. We are asked all the time about opportunities to get phone verification instead of postcard, as it takes 2-3 weeks longer. Furthermore, the re-verification after practically each more major change on the Place page could also be frustrating.

The article featured three main points:

1. How To Get The Verification Letter Sent To A P.O. Box – while “PO box” is a forbidden word on Google Places, there is a nifty trick to get your letter sent to a post office box address; very useful for those who do not get mail to their physical business location.

2. How To Get Phone Verification – three ways to get phone verification when you are creating a new listing; one of the tactics is specifically for UK and Canadian businesses.

3.Avoiding Re-verification – the title tells it all – how to avoid re-verification when changing your business name or address on Google Places.

If you have missed the article, I recommend you take a look at it.

  1. Phil Rozek
    Phil Rozek10-18-2011

    Hey Nyagoslav,

    Great piece! Thanks. But your link at the very end is dead. 404. The first one works fine, though.

  2. Epanko

    Great Article, very valuable information..

  3. Nyagoslav Zhekov
    Nyagoslav Zhekov10-19-2011

    Thanks Phil and Elad.

    @Phil – thanks for the heads up! It is fixed.

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