Google Returns the Red Star Review Bar on Places


To stick to the trend of never-ending changes on Google Places, today Google got back to the red stars bar for Google reviews. Since November 2010, the star bar has been in yellow color, a consequence of an update in the system of review writing. In some countries the modification hadn’t been evident (being sure about Brazil, Mexico and Argentina). However, the current alteration seems to be evident worldwide.Google Places Red Review Bar

The star bar on the search results page is still bright yellow, but everywhere else it has been changed, including Google Maps search, Place page itself, as well as the Google User page.

Why Google decided to revert back to the old times design is vague, but it is obvious that this way overshadowing of the rating and prioritizing the reviewer’s profile (name+avatar) and the review text are achieved. Furthermore, the best ever badge shines over the other reviews.

  1. Abby

    Isn’t the ‘Sign here to rate’ red bar new as well? it’s actually the second option to rate a business on the place page itself.

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