Great Local Search Articles From the Last Week


As I’ve promised, I would try to make it a regular practice to post links to some of the most interesting articles I’ve spotted during the past 7 days on topics related to local search and Google Places. But as the social element becomes more and more important part of the marketing of every small company, I would add also some references to articles related to small businesses’ local marketing (social + deals):

Local Search and Google Places:

Optimizing Your Google Places Page

Business Listing Management

6 Key Takeaways From The Local Search Association’s Inaugural Conference

Google Places Ranking Shakeup, New Algo, Testing or Bugs?

How To Find The Right Local & Vertical Sites For Your Small Business

Google and Marketing to the SMB

TechCrunch Interview: Marissa Mayer Reveals The Two Pillars Of Google’s Local Strategy

Google’s Marissa Mayer Talks Location Strategy

Google’s Plan To Win Location & Social

Google Wonders…

Yelp Help: Optimizing Your Small Business Listing on Yelp

Social (Foursquare) + Deals (Groupon, Facebook Deals, Google Offers)

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Coupon Marketing: The Sorority Girl: Facebook Deals

Big Man on Campus: Groupon

The “A” Student: LivingSocial

The Geek: Google Offers

Small Business Guide to Online Couponing

Deals and Repeat Buying: Is It Happening?

Survey: Deals More Impactful than Reviews in New Customer Acquisition

Local Consumer Review Survey 2010, Part 3

Can Geolocation Apps Win Over Smartphone Users?

Top 14 Things Marketers Need to Know About QR Codes

Checking Into the Future with Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley

Wish you a good reading!

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