Transition to A New Google Places Help Forum


In the beginning of the last week the Google Places Help Forum has moved to its new home. The link you should bookmark is:!forum/business

While this is a generally good move, and a long-awaited one (at least by me), mostly because of the relative clumsiness of the old platform, one thing spoilt (spoiled?) the mood of the local search experts and me. Google decided to not only shut down the old forum, but to remove all its content from public usage, and to not archive it. Therefore, it was going to be completely gone. Here stepped Mike Blumenthal, who saved the day by pulling as many of the posts as possible. The old Google Places Help Forum (or at least the biggest part of its information) is now located at: . This is a very valuable resource for everyone as it might tell a lot about the history of Google Places and the different stages through which the platform passed – its bugs, updates, support issues.

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