Google Places Reviews Finally Showing up on AdWords Ads?


A few weeks ago I wrote about the AdWords – Google Places linkage and the corresponding reviews that could (and should) potentially appear on the live ads. However, a little later Matthew Hunt provided some feedback saying that this function is currently not working. Here is an excerpt from an answer he received from a Google AdWords rep:

I also looked in to the issue of the Places Reviews. It turns out that it is in fact not available on AdWords. The Seller Ratings we discussed are completely separate from Places Reviews, and AdWords Express is currently the only ad format that shows Places Reviews. I’m sure we will be looking to change that in the future.

However, on Friday David Kyle tweeted that the Google reviews finally found their way on the (normal) AdWords ads with location extension. Here is the screenshot:

Google Places Reviews on AdWords Ads

Obviously, the review count of 0 is incorrect.

David Oremland shared a similar screenshot, where 3 AdWords ads linked with Google Places, and 1 AdWords Express ad were displayed. The 3 normal AdWords ads were all showing 0 reviews:

AdWords with Google Places Reviews

I saw the same type of results for searches in the UK and Germany, too. Since yesterday, they don’t show anywhere.

Google is obviously running an update, which might have a very positive effect for the advertisers targeting locally and using Google Places as a reputation management tool. This would be a logical step in their fight for conquering the small business reviews vertical. Such a step could also significantly increase the absolute number of businesses using AdWords as an advertising mean, and at the same time could potentially cause a major traffic drop for the ones focusing only on organic search.

  1. Shefiu

    Interesting update about Google Local Adwords program….Nyagoslav. Thanks for commenting on my blog the other day. Much appreciated. It’s good to know Google are now adding local reviews to both normal and Express Adwords programs. Certainly….positive news for local businesses to better optimise ROI on their ads.

  2. Matthew Hunt
    Matthew Hunt01-19-2012


    I really hope this is true. I been asking adwords reps why this doesn’t work in adwords and only in adwords express. I still haven’t seen show up in any of the accounts i am managing, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

  3. Kunle Campbell
    Kunle Campbell02-25-2012

    Thanks for sharing this update Nyagoslav!
    One question I have is what if the site currently has rich snippet reviews or even product feed reviews – which would take precedence to displaying in an AdWords text ad?

    I am quite sure that in a eCommerce product scenario, product feeds would obviously be of higher priority but what about rich snippet reviews?

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