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Holistic Local SEO

A combination of a number of best-value optimization techniques (spanning
technical On-site SEO, Content Optimization and various Google+ Local optimizations such as
Citation Building) aimed at increasing the rankings of your website and
Google+ Local listing for local queries in Google (such as “Boston attorney”)

Holistic Local SEO has a more beneficial effect on your rankings than the sum
of its elements. If we are in charge of only one element of the Holistic Local
SEO service, like technical on-site SEO, we apply all our knowledge
within the natural limitations of the service; if we are in charge of all elements
of Holistic Local SEO at once, the optimizations that we perform on the
different elements interplay with each other to create best results.


We use the most advanced tools in order to identify all potential issues and fix
them manually with great attention to detail.
We use our broad experience with companies that operate in different industries
“Bing-friendly optimizations” - we are aware that Google is not the only search
Your input is highly valued - just like with On-site SEO, we want
to understand your online presence goals, the history of your optimization
attempts, how you see your brand’s image, etc. We are going to be your online
marketers, we want to know your business.

Diagnostics Stage

Before we begin any optimizations, we conduct an Online Presence Audit.
This document includes (among others):

key phrase research
website state analysis
link profile analysis
Google+ Local listing analysis (including but not limited to a citation profile analysis)

After discussing this document with you, we have a roadmap for all future work
of the project.

Six Months of Local SEO

We perform a combination of Onsite Optimization and Google+
Local Optimizations (on-listing, review gathering, citation building, etc.).
Optimizations are prioritized in a sequence most beneficial to the overall
We continuously monitor the success of optimizations that we do so that we
tweak them if needed
We look at the problem “holistically” and think “outside of the box”; with the
Holistic Local SEO service, we are in charge of your online presence - we are going
to rise up to whatever challenge and get as creative as needed to see your
rankings up there at the top.


You can track all reporting and ask questions any time at an online project
Preliminary Report outlining how we are going to spread out the work over the
next three to six months and containing starting rankings for the selected key phrases
Detailed monthly reports on all optimizations made and ranking changes for the
selected key phrases
A Final Report containing a summary of all optimizations made, end-of-campaign
rankings and a roadmap for possible future optimizations

Our price range is extremely competitive - starting from $350 per month
depending on the present level of optimization and how competitive
the business’ location and niche are
You are not obligated to sign a contract

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