Happy New Year


Hello friends,

Happy 2012! We want to sincerely wish all of you health, composure, calmness, balance, smiles and hugs with your loved ones, motivation, emotional and financial satisfaction at your work. Let’s have less greed and envy in 2012. The world will not end in 2012* so let’s build a better one with small steps. We truly believe that positive changes happen from within and can happen any time, regardless the season or the year, so we always strive to improve ourselves and be critical of our actions. It is also nice to have a specially designated time for analyzing the past, making resolutions for the future and charging yourself positively, too. Let’s just not solely depend on that.

For us, 2011 is the year that OptiLocal was born. As fresh graduates from college, we are charged with a lot of energy to try and satisfy our clients’ personal needs, to always play by the rules and not get tempted to take shortcuts and to stay in service for years to come. Although both Nyagoslav and I, Vladislav, have lived in metropolitan and highly international atmosphere, we still learned a lot of social skills. We also learned a lot about setting up a company and its accounting – oh gosh, if we had to do it all over now, it would be so quick! We feel that we became better in our field for the short time of OptiLocal’s existence and we definitely learned at a lot faster rates than we did at our previous jobs. With the risk of sounding unrealistically cheerful, there haven’t been any downsides yet – yes, we worked really hard but we have the capacity to work even harder. It has been rewarding to see our work help businesses reach their audience and our team has gotten stronger. We are looking forward to rolling our sleeves up in 2012 in order to be able to draw the line in a positive mood same time next year, same website.

To sum it up: HAPPY 2012 (my Slovakian friend next to me tells me “Happy Silvester” as they say in Slovakian), ENJOY YOURSELVES AND GIVE US A SMILE!


*If the world does indeed “end” in 2012 because of some horrible and unthinkable series of disasters, it will definitely not be because the Mayans counted so.

  1. Lynn H
    Lynn H01-01-2012

    Thanks! What a great way to start the new year by receiving this post. I especially liked “We truly believe that positive changes happen from within and can happen any time” – this is an attitude that is sweeping the planet as we enter into the ‘last year’ of an unbalanced surplus of negative energy. I’m glad to see that you are putting it out there – it inspires me to do the same. I too believe in the power of the individual to effect change in their own life and subsequently, the world.

    Here’s to many, many more years of growth, as you help tip the scales toward a more positive, optimistic future worldwide. You guys are great, and especially appreciated for your willingness to share what you learn with the rest of us, with humility, and in service to all.

    • Vladislav Todorov
      Vladislav Todorov01-02-2012

      Thanks for the reply Lynn and we are glad that you appreciate our post!

      About sharing what we learn in the SEO world – we wouldn’t try to make a cheap profit out of our knowledge; we’d rather contribute to other people’s interest in the field just like so many sources contributed to our knowledge and interest. Again, have a fruitful 2012:)

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