The Lost Day on Google Places


Update, 20 Oct 2011, 12AM EST: Statistics for October 12 have returned everywhere I checked and I have confirmations from others about the same. That was fast. Kudos to Google.

Every now and then Google loses data from the Google Places Analytics tool. Usually for a few weeks there may be no impressions and actions count, as it happened back in February, and again in April this year. This time around the problem is not that major, but the data loss is a fact. October 12, 2011 is the “Lost Day on Google Places” as it seems that no listing had any impressions or actions on that particular day.

There are two possibilities:

1) People stopped using Google to search for local businesses for one day

2) It was another hiccup caused by some (relatively) major changes

I’d bet on the second option any day of the week but especially because the timing roughly coincides with the launch of the new Google Places notification system that was officially rolled out on October 14. A few days before that I wrote about ideas for improving the product. In that post I show that one of the changes that business owners and local search experts desire the most is for improvements in the Google Places analytics tool. Usually bugs like this mean changes, so let us hope something good is coming up in Google Places analytics. For one thing, the Google Places team is definitely on a roll lately, so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  1. Jim Jaggers
    Jim Jaggers10-19-2011

    Mine were gone and then they weren’t. I fell just like Alice after she started to accept that Wonderland was what it was and it didn’t have to make sense according to her standards.

    • Nyagoslav Zhekov
      Nyagoslav Zhekov10-20-2011

      Thanks, Jim. I just checked and it seems everywhere the statistics have returned. Actually compared to the problems from February and April this one was more of a minor glitch, but still quite frustrating.

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