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On-Site SEO

Different techniques performed on the website's code and content that
facilitate better rankings for it and the
Google+ Local listing associated with it
for traffic-driving key phrases
On-site has consistently, through the history of SEO, been one of the
most important factors to get online traffic & sales


We use the most advanced tools in order to identify all potential issues and fix
them manually with great attention to detail.
We use our broad experience with companies that operate in different industries
“Bing-friendly optimizations” - we are aware that Google is not the only search
Your input is highly valued - just like with Holistic Local SEO, we want
to understand your online presence goals, the history of your optimization
attempts, how you see your brand’s image, etc. We are going to be your online
marketers, we want to know your business.

Diagnostics Stage

Before we begin any optimizations, we conduct an Onsite Audit.
This document includes (among others):

key phrase research
content accessibility analysis
content indexability analysis
analysis of page, URLs and internal link structure, content, design, HTML markup and other onsite factors

After discussing this document with you, we have a roadmap for all future work
of the project.

On-Site SEO Execution

All optimizations are executed within a one to three month period, depending on
the bulk of the work.
Some of the most common improvements include: the website’s accessibility
and indexability, existing content optimization, new content creation, website
architecture, design aesthetics, NAP consistency, SEO-significant HTML tags,
internal linking and semantic markup.
Our strategy can be dynamically tweaked depending on intermediate


You can track all reporting and ask questions any time at an online project
You receive monthly reports with ranking changes for the targeted key phrases
and details on all changes performed on your site
A Final Report containing a summary of all optimizations made, end-of-campaign
rankings and a roadmap for possible future optimizations

Our price range is extremely competitive - starting from $250 per month
for the most comprehensive on-site SEO you are going to get out there.
Prices vary mostly depending on the present state of optimization of the website and the
volume of content present/to be developed on it
You are not obligated to sign a contract

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