All You Want For Christmas is a SEO Service Discount



Santa is coming to town to help your business rank for industry terms and geographic location!

We know that businesses often struggle to find the best ways to attain search visibility so we’ve decided to give out the most useful gifts this year! We invite you to play a quiz for an opportunity to win coupons for exciting discounts on Local SEO Services!

You will find three categories of questions assigned to three different services that you can play for!

Need more than one? Not a problem! We welcome you to play for all services offered!

Here are the services that we have prepared gifts for this Christmas!


Outrank your local competitors by taking advantage of our Local SEO Services. What does this include?

Citation Audit: Your business has recently changed name, phone number and address or it’s simply too burdensome to keep track of your local citations? Our elves will manually uncover your business citations and let you know if there are any flaws.

Citation Audit + Cleanup: Adding to the spice of Citation Audit, in this dual combo we detect and fix all inaccurate data about your business. The gift that you receive will result in higher local rankings and wider customer reach. Joy!

Citation Building: Start fresh with a clean, high quality citation profile that will have a positive influence on your local rankings!

Onsite SEO: Our elves will get you on Google’s good side. Laying healthy website foundations will allow you to befriend search engines and get the clients you are after! Everything from structure to content – we’ve got it covered!


Our elves have reported that many of you feel like the search traffic you’ve wished for is nowhere near! Your competitors always seem to get the customers they want while you remain in the shadows of Google’s pages. Our team of dedicated SEO Audit experts can diagnose the weak and unhealthy parts of your website and understand how they have influenced rankings. In no time you will have a vision of where you stand in comparison to your competitors and a brand new strategy for improving your rankings!


You’re not sure if you’ve been good or bad with your online marketing this year and would like to see what you’ve missed? Or maybe you’ve been stuck on a specific question and would like to hear an expert’s opinion? Don’t you worry! Our elves will be delighted to share some knowledge with you! Benefit from a two hour SEO Consultation to see if you are getting the maximum return on your efforts and if not, what you can do to turn the tables in your favour.

These could all be in your Christmas bag of SEO!

All you have to do is answer a question correctly.
Fear not, rules and clues are there to guide you!

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