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Starting March 1st we are offering you a chance to win a FREE SEO service for your website!

Our grand prize is a full onsite optimization service for one whole month. We are also offering 3 runner-up prizes – Google Local Listing Optimization service offered by our in house local SEO experts! We are giving away these great prizes to those of you who like our Facebook page and subscribe to our brand new Local SEO Newsletter. End date for entering the contest is April 15th. Prizes will be drawn on the 16th and the winners will be notified via email and also publicly announced on our Facebook page.

Win SEO Grand Prize

What does the prize include?

Grand Prize: Full On-site SEO Service for 1 Month.

  • Full SEO audit of your website. This includes a comprehensive report on all aspects of your online presence that influence rankings. We will provide suggestions for each one of them.
  • We will fix all accessibility and indexability issues of your website. These include but are not limited to:
    • Optimizing Robots.txt so crawlers do not crawl unneeded content on your website and making sure it doesn’t block any content that should be crawled.
    • Removing 404 Not Found errors (if any); analyzing current redirects (301 and 302) and changing them if necessary; applying new redirects as needed.
    • We will improve your page loading speed if its score is below 80 according Google’s tool.
    • Canonicalization – make sure that the same content is not found on multiple URLs. This includes redirecting www to non www versions of URLs and vice versa, correcting trailing slash issues and applying canonical tags if necessary.
    • Optimizing the sitemap.xml so it includes all of the pages that we want indexed and none that we don’t.
    • Manually checking all of your websites URLs in Google index and comparing them to the optimized sitemap. Actions will be taken using noindex tags and submitting pages for deletion from the index if they return a 404 error.
  • We will do a comprehensive keyword research to determine the best keywords for each of your pages and uncover new possibilities for targeting.
  • We will optimize on-page elements such as titles, meta descriptions, header tags (H1, H2…), keyword usage in content, URLs, images, apply structured data markup to business information and other if appropriate (using, apply publisher markup, etc.

3 Runner-up prizes: Google+ Local Listing Optimization Service

  • Helping you claim your listing (if it is not claimed) or create one for you (if you do not already have one).
  • Making your listing 100% complete, by filling out all information such as business name, address, phone, description, categories, business hours, adding photos, etc.
  • Optimizing all components of the Google+ Local listing using the best SEO practices and in accordance with the Google Places Quality Guidelines.
  • Generating a review gathering strategy (reviews are an extremely important ranking factor)
  • Attempt of removal of duplicate listings, if any (success is dependent on Google’s algorithms and cannot be guaranteed)
  • 2 hours of free consultation regarding everything “local”

Why did we decide to offer this prize?

A good online presence is crucial to a lot of businesses today. Even if you do not have an online business or an e-commerce site, chances are that the web is your main source of new clients. Your customers should be able to find your business’ website when they do a Google search for your service or product. When this is not the case, SEO comes into play to improve your rankings. And we are now offering you a chance to win SEO services for a month which would definitely benefit your website’s rankings on Google.

Another huge aspect of online presence is a business’ ability to rank in local results. If you are operating a brick and mortar business then you should be doing local SEO to bring in customers. Local results in Google link directly to Google+ Local Listings and these provide the key to ranking well. That is why we chose our Google+ Local Listing Optimization Service as the runner-up prize.

A lot of people do not realize the potential that optimizing your Google+ Local listing has for helping you rank better for searches with local intent. Your Google+ Local listing is the foundation and one of the most important factors in Google’s local algorithm. Since Google+ Local listings are key to optimizing a local business for appearing in the blended results pages of the search engine, this is practically “step 1” of local optimization.

Being a local SEO company, Optilocal has had experience with all sorts of clients and we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve been faced with incomplete listings, listings that violate Google’s quality guidelines, listings that have inconsistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone), listings with multiple duplicates, old listings for previous addresses, etc. We handle each situation with our expertise and knowledge of the best practices and leverage Google support to complete tasks such as deletion requests that were not approved, moving of reviews from one listing to another and every other situation that has no solution through the tools that are available to the public.

How do I enter for a chance to win one of these great SEO prizes?

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The official Rules for the contest are available here.

Get a jump start in “local” provided with the help and guidance of our local SEO experts by entering today!

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