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RealSelf Reviews : A Beginner’s Guide

Organizations with doctors specializing should get a listing on RealSelf. Reviews play an integral role in the medical field since they provide valuable feedback about how you interact with patients and whether you follow through on promises made during consultations or appointments. If you’re ready to take control of your online reputation and visit RealSelf with confidence, keep reading for our comprehensive guide on managing reviews!

What is RealSelf?

RealSelf is an online platform that helps people make informed decisions about cosmetic treatments and connect with the right doctors for their needs. It offers detailed reviews from real patients, photos, cost estimates, and educational resources to help users find the best options for them. The website also features listings from over 20,000 physicians specializing in various cosmetic treatments, including plastic surgery, dermatology procedures, and laser hair removal. With over 9 million monthly visitors, it’s one of the most popular sites for researching cosmetic treatments and finding qualified professionals nearby.

How to Get Started with RealSelf?

Setting up your listing on RealSelf requires creating a profile that showcases all relevant information about your practice or organization, including location details, contact information, doctor profiles, etc. You should also ensure that you provide accurate pricing estimates and before-and-after images, if available, so potential customers have everything they need when deciding on treatment selection. Once this has been done, you should start collecting essential patient reviews since they serve as social proof, attracting even more new patients while helping build trust between existing and prospective ones alike.

Realself Features

Like health industry-focused websites like Healthgrades, RealSelf also makes every effort to make their available information as accessible and user-friendly as possible. Having a listing on Realself can be incredibly beneficial for organizations specializing in cosmetic treatments as it gives them access to millions of potential customers every month looking for reliable providers near them. There are some features such as:

  • Cost

RealSelf provides cost information for each treatment option, which can be helpful when comparing treatments. This cost information includes the average price range and any available discounts or financing options. Consumers can also find out if their insurance will cover the procedure.

  • Patient Reviews

RealSelf’s patient reviews are one of its most popular features. The reviews provide insight into a doctor’s experience and level of expertise and the overall quality of care provided by that provider. Patients are encouraged to leave honest feedback about their experiences with a particular doctor or practice, which helps other consumers make informed decisions about where to receive treatment.

  • Videos

In addition to patient reviews, RealSelf also offers videos from patients who have undergone various procedures and treatments at different practices worldwide. These videos give viewers an inside look at what they should expect during their procedure and recovery. They can even see before-and-after photos to understand how successful a certain procedure might be for them.

  • Q&A Section

The Q&A section on RealSelf is another great feature that allows users to ask questions directly related to their medical needs or concerns regarding specific treatments or doctors to gain more knowledge before making any decisions about receiving care from those providers. Doctors often respond directly within this forum, giving consumers further insight into what kind of care they may receive from that provider should they choose it over others listed on realself’s website.

How to Claim a RealSelf Listing

Since listings are the core of our business, any doctor or medical provider can get a free listing on RealSelf, provided they meet the site’s “Healthcare Professional Listing Criteria.”  Each provider listed on Healthgrades meets one of the many health-related qualifications (such as being licensed or certified). Those who meet the requirements can then go through the signup process on RealSelf’s claim page. There will be a form available that asks for information such as:

#1. Verifying Your Credentials

Before claiming a RealSelf listing, you must meet the site’s “Healthcare Professional Listing Criteria.” Each healthcare provider listed must have valid licensing or certification from specific organizations. Once verified, you can access the signup form on realself’s claim page.

#2. Filling Out The Form

The form asks for basic information such as your name, contact details, practice address, and website URL. You may also need to provide additional information depending on which type of listing you are claiming (e.g., medical specialty). There is an option to tell RealSelf if someone also referred you to the site. After agreeing to their Terms of Service, hit the “Claim Profile” button to finish the process.

#3. Processing Time

Once all requirements are met and submitted, it usually takes one to two days for processing and verification by RealSelf staff members before your profile is approved and publicly available on their platform. During this time they may reach out with any questions or requests for additional documentation regarding your credentials or services offered at your practice location(s).

Patient Reviews on Realself

Reviews are important to RealSelf because they provide valuable insight into a physician’s practice. Reviews on RealSelf can assist potential patients in deciding the right doctor for them by giving truthful opinions concerning quality of care, customer service, costs, and general patient satisfaction.

  • Reviews of Patients

RealSelf is a website that allows patients to review their experiences with doctors, procedures, and treatments. The reviews are sorted by star rating and the total number of reviews for each physician at the top of the listing page. Consumers can also sort them by highest and lowest-rated reviews and the most recent review. Additionally, there is a pie-chart breakdown of patient reviews for each specialty, if applicable.

  • Start Your Review

The “Start Your Review” tab on RealSelf’s navigation bar gives patients an easy way to leave feedback about their experience with physicians or treatments. It requires answering questions such as the type of treatment they’re reviewing and whether or not an appointment was already scheduled. Patients can direct their review toward a specific physician or rate the overall treatment experience before submitting it on realself’s platform.

  • Review Content

Once all questions have been answered, patients must provide a title for their review and a 200 characters minimum description of their experience to submit on realself’s website. There is also an option to upload photos and videos related to their procedure, which will be displayed alongside the written content once moderators from the RealSelf team approve it after the submission process has been completed successfully.

Best Practices for Any Realself Listing

Creating a great RealSelf profile can help you attract more patients and build trust with potential customers. With the Patient Engage Tool, you can manage reviews on your profile efficiently. Here are some tips:

  • Contact and Location Information

Providing up-to-date contact information is key for any RealSelf listing. It allows potential patients to easily reach out for more information or schedule an appointment with the physician. Ensure that all addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and website URLs are correct and current so that customers don’t get lost trying to find you or call the wrong number. Additionally, adding images of your office space can give customers a better idea of what they can expect when they come in for their visit.

  • Room for Q/A

Utilizing the Q&A section on RealSelf listings is important because it allows physicians to answer questions before patients even book an appointment. Potential patients may have concerns about procedures or treatments that need answering before deciding; make sure you take time each week to respond thoughtfully and professionally. Also, remember that HIPAA compliance must be followed when responding online to avoid any legal issues.

  • Monitor Reviews

Monitoring reviews from previous clients is essential for maintaining a good reputation on RealSelf listings – both positive and negative feedback should be taken into account to continue providing top-quality services for future patients. Pay attention to star ratings and reviewer comments – this will help you identify areas where improvements could be made to provide better experiences in the future.

  • Responding To Reviews

When responding to reviews on RealSelf listings, always keep responses professional yet personal at the same time – this shows potential customers that you care about the feedback given by previous clients while still maintaining a level of professionalism expected from licensed physicians. Additionally, create guidelines around how reviews should be responded to ahead of time so there’s consistency across all responses; having these plans laid out beforehand helps ensure HIPAA compliance and maintain patient confidentiality during online interactions.

Why Are Reviews Important?

RealSelf reviews are invaluable for building trust with potential customers and increasing your online visibility, so it’s important to understand how they work. Reviews also give doctors an insight into how they can improve their services or better serve their current clients. 

For example, if several reviews mention that wait times are too long at a particular practice, this could be addressed through changes in scheduling processes or additional staff members being hired. Additionally, reading positive reviews can be beneficial as it helps build trust between the physician and future patients while increasing visibility among local consumers looking for healthcare services online.

FAQs in Relation to A Beginner’s Guide to Realself Reviews

Yes, reviews on RealSelf are real. Verified by a third-party and requiring proof of usage, RealSelf reviews are ensured to be genuine and reliable. Moreover, each review is carefully scrutinized for precision and dependability before making it accessible on the web. As such, users can be confident that the reviews they read on RealSelf are genuine and trustworthy.

No, doctors cannot remove RealSelf reviews. Reviews on the RealSelf platform are permanent, and once posted, they remain visible to other website users. Though it is impossible to remove reviews from RealSelf, if the content of a review is considered inappropriate or breaches the terms of service, users can contact customer support to have it flagged for removal. Additionally, physicians can respond directly to patient feedback to provide additional context or explain misunderstandings.

Writing a review on RealSelf is an easy process. First, sign up for an account and search for the provider or establishment you want to review. Then, please rate your experience with them based on the quality of care/service, wait times, cost efficiency, etc. Finally, provide detailed feedback about your experience in the form of comments that explain why you rated them as you did. When crafting reviews, ensure that the grammar and punctuation are accurate for them to be taken seriously by potential customers.


 Understanding the importance of having an effective presence on this platform is important. Having a great profile and using patient engagement tools can help you get more visibility and reviews for your practice while improving customer satisfaction with healthcare services. 

Take control of your online reputation with OptiLocal’s expertise in local marketing and RealSelf reviews. Leverage our services to ensure you are accurately represented on the web and get a competitive edge in today’s digital landscape.

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