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Sending Review Requests via SMS : Examples & Best Practices

Do you need help getting customer reviews for your business? Look no further than sending SMS review requests.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of SMS review requests and how they can help increase positive customer feedback.

We’ll start by explaining what SMS review requests are and why they’re effective. Then, we’ll provide tips on how to craft the perfect review request text message that encourages customers to leave a review.

Additionally, we’ll share some email review request templates for those who prefer email over text messages. You’ll also learn the importance of including a direct link to your business’s Google or Facebook page in your SMS templates so customers can easily leave feedback. Let’s start.

send sms review requests

What is SMS ?

SMS, or Short Message Service, is a text messaging service that allows users to send and receive messages over cellular networks. It’s one of the most widely used forms of communication today, with billions of texts sent daily worldwide. With the rise in mobile usage, businesses increasingly turn to SMS to reach customers quickly and effectively.

How to Ask for Reviews in a Text Message ?

SMS review requests are an effective way to get customer feedback and can help you boost your online reputation. Asking customers for reviews via text message is a great way to ensure they’re engaged and have time to respond without feeling overwhelmed by too much information. Here are some tips on how to craft effective review request messages that encourage customers to leave feedback:

Ask  Reviews Text Message

Personalize Your Message

Personalizing your SMS messages helps make the recipient feel valued, increasing the likelihood of them leaving a positive review. Include personal details such as the recipient’s name, order numbers, and product names to make them feel valued and help them locate their order history or search for items more easily. This will also make it easier for them to find what they need when looking up their order history or searching for a specific item.

Keep It Short & Sweet

Keep your message short and sweet – no one wants to read through long-winded paragraphs. Aim for around 160 characters to fit within one text message; some mobile carriers may truncate anything longer than this, making it difficult for people to understand what you’re asking them.

Use Positive Language

When asking someone for a review, use friendly and upbeat language rather than aggressive or demanding. For example, instead of “leave us a review now”, try something like “we would love it if you could share your experience with us” or “we value your opinion – please let us know how we did” instead.

Include A Call To Action

Include a clear call-to-action (CTA) in every SMS request so that recipients know exactly what action you want them to take after reading the message – e.g., click here/visit this link/reply yes, etc. Ensure these links direct users directly into the platform, where they can leave feedback quickly and easily without having to search around first.

This will increase response rates significantly compared with just providing general instructions such as ‘please leave us a review on Google’. Texting customers to solicit feedback and boost visibility on the web can be an efficient approach. To ensure the best results, following certain best practices when requesting reviews via SMS is important.

Is SMS Better Than Requesting a Review via Email?

SMS messages are an effective alternative to email for requesting reviews, with a 98% open rate and 45% response rate. This makes reaching customers who may not be as responsive to emails much easier. Additionally, SMS notifications are difficult to ignore; people check their phones more frequently than inboxes, so you’ll likely get a quicker response when sending text messages.

 Data shows that the average professional receives around 120 email messages daily. At the same time, consumers will spend just ten seconds reading brand emails, and the average email open rate is just 20.94%. Since most people can receive SMS messages on any device (even if they don’t have access to the internet), it’s an incredibly versatile form of communication that can reach almost anyone.

Customers also tend to be more open to receiving texts from brands than other marketing communications such as phone calls or physical mailers. Research shows that up to two-thirds of consumers prefer being contacted by companies via text message over any other method!

SMS Templates for Requesting Customer Reviews 

Use these text message templates to deliver strong open rates and conversion rates.

Templates for Requesting Customer Reviews 
  • SMS Templates for Requesting Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to increase the visibility of your business online. In addition, customer reviews can help you build trust and credibility with potential customers. SMS messages are an effective tool for requesting customer reviews from existing customers. Here are some examples of SMS templates that you can use to request customer reviews:

  • SMS Template for Review Request for Google Reviews

Hi [customer’s name], Would you consider writing a Google review [add Business Profile URL] to share your experience with potential customers and us? Thank you.

  • SMS Template for Review Request for Facebook Reviews

Hi [customer’s name], Would you consider writing a Facebook review [add Facebook page URL] to share your experience with potential customers and us? Thank you.

  • SMS Template for Review Request for Yelp Reviews

Remember that Yelp’s review policy says, “​​Businesses should never ask customers to write reviews.” While small businesses shouldn’t ask for reviews outright, you can include a link to your company’s Yelp profile in an SMS message sent after a transaction, as demonstrated in this SMS template:

Hi [customer’s name], Thanks for your business. How was your experience? We value your feedback. Thank you.[BUSINESS NAME][PHONE NUMBER][YELP PROFILE URL]

These templates provide clear guidance as to the most efficacious way of requesting feedback from customers without contravening any rules or regulations laid down by the relevant social media platforms or other review sites such as Yelp and Google My Business. Furthermore, these templates give businesses a chance to demonstrate their appreciation for their patrons while also garnering valuable insights about their products/services through candid customer reviews, which will ultimately help them progress along the path to success by providing insight into what clients want from them and how they can improve upon those offerings accordingly.

Benefits of Sending Review Requests via SMS

Sending review requests via SMS has become an increasingly popular way for local businesses, digital marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, or individuals wanting to establish an online presence to increase customer reviews. This technique is much more direct than other communication methods, enabling clients to rapidly offer their opinions without going through a website or app.

  • Offers Faster Response

One of the primary benefits of sending review requests via SMS is that it offers faster response times from customers. Text messages are typically opened within minutes and can be responded to just as quickly. Businesses can quickly obtain customer feedback by leveraging SMS to request reviews and establish a direct connection with them for any queries or assistance.

Moreover, this form of communication can aid in fostering customer relations by giving them an immediate avenue to get in touch with the company should they need assistance or have queries regarding their experience.

Benefits of Sending Review Requests SMS
  • Receiving an SMS Feels Personal

Another benefit of using SMS is that it feels personal. Unlike emails which often feel like impersonal mass-marketing campaigns, text messages come across as direct conversations between brands and customers – making them more likely to engage with your request for a review or feedback.

  • Target Specific Demographics and Locations

Another benefit of using SMS for review requests is its ability to target specific demographics and locations. Businesses can customize messages based on location data so that only people in certain areas receive them.

This ensures that businesses reach out only to those most likely interested in leaving reviews, thus increasing the chances of receiving positive ones. Furthermore, this feature allows businesses to send personalized messages tailored to each customer’s needs and interests, further increasing engagement rates among potential reviewers and loyalty among existing ones.

Examples of Effective Review Request Messages Via SMS

SMS review requests offer a swift, effortless route to reach customers interactively. By sending review requests via SMS, businesses can solicit feedback from customers that they may not have been able to capture through other methods.

  • Broadly

Broadly is one of the most popular services for sending SMS review requests. It allows users to send targeted messages with customizable parameters such as location, product type or service offered. Broadly also provides analytics on how many people opened the message and how many reviews were left by each user after receiving it. This data can be used to optimize future campaigns and ensure the maximum effectiveness of your efforts.

  • EmbedReviews

EmbedReviews offers another effective solution for collecting reviews via text message. With EmbedReviews, businesses can create personalized messages that include images or videos and a link to their website or social media page where customers can leave a review about their experience with the business’s products or services. The platform also provides detailed reporting on who has responded positively or negatively so you can better understand your customer base and tailor future messaging accordingly.

  • SMSBump

SMSBump provides businesses with an effective tool for requesting reviews via text message, offering more than just direct feedback-gathering capabilities. Utilizing its automated templates feature, businesses can easily target specific segments of their audience based on criteria such as demographics and geography to maximize engagement rates across multiple channels. Businesses can maximize their return on investment by taking advantage of SMSBump’s scheduling capabilities, enabling them to pre-plan campaigns for maximum efficiency.

FAQs about Sending a Review Request via SMS

At OptiLocal, we believe in the power of reviews to help build a successful local business. That’s why we offer our customers an easy way to request reviews via SMS. Send us your business name and contact details, and we’ll provide instructions on how to leave a review for you—excited to get your opinion.

To ask for a Google review over text, start by thanking the customer for their business and expressing your appreciation. Then explain why you are asking them to leave a review on Google. Let them know that reviews help other customers make informed decisions about your business and encourage them to share their honest opinion of their experiences with you. Finally, please provide a link directly to the page where they can leave the review so it’s easy for them to do so quickly.

Do you want to make your local business visible on the web? OptiLocal can help. Our services include website optimization, local SEO, content creation and online reputation management. Contact us now, and let’s work together to ensure local customers see your business.

As a professional, it is important to ask for reviews appropriately. Gently request their feedback, expressing appreciation for their time to review your business. Provide clear instructions on how customers can leave their feedback and ensure that your request does not come across as demanding or pushy. Thank them for their time and effort in providing feedback, and be available if they have any questions. Finally, ensure that you are available if they have any questions about leaving a review so that they feel supported throughout the process.


Sending a review request via SMS (with examples) effectively engages customers and increases online reviews. By providing customers with a personalized message that expresses appreciation and value, you can encourage them to leave feedback about their experience with your business.

When crafting a review request message for SMS, it’s important to be clear, concise, personalize where possible and use best practices such as including links or providing incentives when appropriate.

Considering these steps when sending out text messages asking for customer reviews will help ensure that you get positive responses in return.

“Let OptiLocal help you get the most out of your local marketing efforts. Reach out today to find out how we can send review requests via SMS and boost customer engagement.”

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