Citation Audit & Cleanup

The telltale signs that you need Citation Audit & Cleanup:

  • You have recently changed your business name, address, or phone number.
  • You have previously created a lot of low quality citations and now want to get rid of them.
  • You have neglected your citation campaign and your local rankings are suffering because of that.

Let us make your local citations consistent!


Improve Your Local Rankings

Having inconsistent business information (especially Name, Address, and Phone – NAP) on your online properties can prevent potential clients from contacting you and will damage your search engine local rankings.

Concentrate Your Time & Efforts on Your Business

The citation cleanup process is difficult and time-consuming. It can take more than 50 hours to be able to clean up a messy citation profile. Save time by letting us do this for you and put your extra time towards running your business.

Correct Wrong and Duplicate Citations

Allowing distribution of incorrect or duplicate information about your business to the local business listing ecosystem will cause confusion among the search engines, hurt your local rankings, and provide the wrong information to potential clients.

Do it the Right Way

We have years of experience cleaning up and building citations across many industries. We’ve been in partnership with the local SEO gurus from Whitespark for the past three years to provide a great Citation Building service. We live and breathe citations!

Our Process


Citation Audit

Your Input

We will ask you to fill out our intake form with your current and old business information.

Information Verification

We will verify the information you have sent us. If we find any inconsistencies in the data you provided with the business information available online, we will get in touch with you to discuss ways to resolve this. This step is crucial in order to be able to discover all existing citations.

Search the Major Data Aggregators

We will look for your business in the four major data aggregators (InfoGroup, Acxiom, Localeze and Factual).

Discover All Existing Business Citations

We find all existing business citations manually using the information you provide us with.

Quality Control

We take quality very seriously and we take pride in our quality control for all our services. This one is no exception. After we finish the discovery stage, we will send your report to our quality control specialists who check the information manually.

Citation Cleanup

Clean Up Data Aggregator Information (U.S. clients only)

The cleanup process begins with ensuring your business information within Infogroup, one of the major data aggregators, is clean and accurate.

Clean Up the 50 Top National Business Directories

We will clean up the 50 most important for ranking national business directories. The national business directories, as the name suggests, don’t specialize in a certain location (state, city, etc.) but rather operate across the whole country. Usually they list businesses across many various industries.

Clean Up the 10 Top Industry and Location Specific Business Directories

For local businesses there are a handful of industry-specific and location-specific directories which affect your local rankings. Nevertheless, they play an important role in sending local and industry-specific signals to the search engines to help your healthy rankings.

Verification (Important!)

The major data aggregators and many of the business directories require phone verification in order to change business information in their databases. This is usually done through the phone number associated with the business. We will need to work closely with you to be able to verify the information changes.

Turnaround Time

2 months


At the end of the cleanup stage we will send you a comprehensive report of all citations discovered during the Audit stage and all the listings we have cleaned up for you during the Cleanup Stage.

The Big Picture

Having consistent business NAP across all your citations is considered one of the top ranking criteria when it comes to a local search. This also includes the consistency of your NAP on your website. If you really want to tackle the Local Snack Pack, we recommend a more holistic approach with your optimization. Check out our Onsite SEO service page for more information about optimizing your site.


  • $499

Fixed price per business location regardless of the business industry. This price includes a comprehensive audit and a cleanup of 50 national and 10 industry specific business directories. Contact us to order now or to request a quote for a different number of directories you want us to clean up!