Citation Building

In Partnership With Whitespark

The telltale signs that you need Citation Building:

You have a business with a physical location and…

  • Your business just launched and you want to achieve good local rankings.
  • You haven’t invested in local citations before and you want to take advantage of all the benefits they bring.
  • You are in a competitive industry and need a competitive advantage for your online presence.

Let us build quality citations for you!


Take Control of Your Local Rankings

Citations play a big role as it comes to local online visibility, especially in highly competitive niches. With a 13% share in the overall local search ranking factors, the citation building campaign comprises a solid foundation for a successful Local SEO strategy.


Having citations is a crucial foundation. However, simply having any citations won’t do the magic! We build citations in top quality business directories which will, in reality, have influence on your local rankings! Because we put emphasis on the details, we offer three different citation types (generic – national and international level; local – specific to your location; niche – industry-specific) which we carefully select based on their relevance for your business.

Clean Citation Profile

We pay extra attention to your overall citation profile and never create duplicate listings in the business directories. Not only that, when we find a prior existing duplicate citation we include it in the report so that you can take a necessary action.

Manual Verification

We have taken measures that allow us to provide impeccable citations for your business. Strict quality control standards and practices, along with a manual verification of the information you have provided us with, guarantee a mistake-free process!

Our Process


Your Input

We will ask you to fill out our intake form with your detailed current business information which we will use for our campaign.

Review the Supplied Information

Our first task will be to receive, review and verify your information. As establishing NAP consistency is essential when it comes to running a successful Citation Building campaign, we analyze and search for any discrepancies with your business information online. If we find anything alarming we will let you know and we will fix it.

Pick Relevant Citation Sources for Your Business

We manually select the best local citations list for your business from our vast database of sources.

Check for Existing Citations

Once we have picked the relevant citation sources for your project we manually search for existing listings in the selected business directories. If we find any, we will substitute the directory with another high quality directory from our list.

Build Citations!

We manually create your business listings in the custom made list of directories for your business. To ensure the completeness of each listing we will include as much information as possible.

Turnaround Time

  • Regular order – 5 business days
  • Express order – 1 business day


At the end of the campaign we will send you a detailed report on all citations that we have built for your business. The spreadsheet will also refer to each listing’s current live status, and will list the login details at the corresponding business directory, as well as their specific type (whether the listing has been created at a generic, local or niche business directory).


The Big Picture

Business Citations not only boost your Google My Business Listing in Google local search results, but also help with your barnacle SEO (i.e. they help with your online business prominence in the relevant high quality business directories and thus if a given directory is ranking for your keywords in Google local search results, it might just as well rank with your business listing – and now that is a win worth considering).

Having a rich citation profile is only trumped by having a clean citation profile and consistent NAP across your local citations. Listing the correct business information is crucial when it comes to local rankings. That’s why we take quality very seriously.

In some cases your business listings might be outdated or simply incorrect. If you have recently changed your business name, address or phone number, the chance is that you need to clean up your citation profile before building new business citations. We tend to provide a comprehensive service which closely investigates the health status of your online business citation profile and leave it squeaky clean thanks to our exceptional Citation Audit and Citation Audit & Cleanup services.

Keep in mind that the high local rankings depend not only on the consistency of your business citations, and on your spotless Gooogle My Business listing, but also on the health status of your business website. The Technical SEO we perform  starts with a comprehensive Local SEO Audit and develops into a monthly on-site optimizations to ensure both organic and local traffic growth, conversion spike and eventually higher ROI throughout the Local SEO campaign.


  • $2.99
  • per citation

Every citation that we create for your local business is charged at the same rate. Whether we create a business listing for you at a generic, local or niche directory you won’t see us overcharging you for the citation opportunity used..

Aditional Options

  • Follow Up Report
  • $20

Want to get an update about the status of the listings we’ve created for you? With our follow-up option you get two additional reports on the 1st and 3rd month after your citation building campaign that will reflect the current status of your listings.

  • Express Order
  • +20%

    Do you wish to speed up on your Citation Building campaign? We can offer you an Express Service that would be completed within a matter of a single business day. We will channel all our efforts to boosting your local rankings.

    Order Your OptiList Citation Building Package

    Pin It

    $ 74

    Suitable for newly created businesses facing low competition

    • This Plan Includes:
    • 20 Generic Citations
    • 5 Local & Niche Citations

    OptiList Pin It (package options)

    Racer Run

    $ 179

    Suitable for businesses that aim to differentiate from their active competitors.

    • This Plan Includes:
    • 50 Generic Citations
    • 10 Local&Niche Citations

    OptiList Racer Run

    Leader’s Edge

    $ 279

    Suitable for businesses in highly competitive verticals

    • This Plan Includes:
    • 80 Generic Citations
    • 15 Local & Niche Citations

    OptiList Leader's Edge