On-site SEO

The telltale signs that you need an Onsite SEO Service:

  • Your website has poor organic rankings.
  • Your competitors are way ahead of you on Google.
  • Google Search Console informs you of various issues on your site.

Let us make your site more attractive to Google!


Onsite SEO Is The Technical Foundation Of All SEO Efforts

Creating a website with solid technical foundation precedes all other online marketing efforts. You can think of onsite optimization as creating the optimal website structure and content, which will allow you to get the most out of all other online marketing work you do.

Google Knows How To Best Treat Your Site

Crawling and indexing issues could be a deal-breaker when it comes to getting ranked in Google.

Fixing a website’s crawling and indexing errors helps clear up any miscommunication between your website and Google. Google will be able to understand much better your site structure, content and purpose and thus give you the deserved attention and rankings. And let’s not forget that having a good, clean site structure will make your visitors’ lives easier.

Stacks Up Against Your Strongest Competitors

SMBs often struggle to steal market share from their competitors. They invest vast resources in paid ads and social campaigns, only to realize that none of those pay off in the long run. If a business site has bad architecture, poor quality content, and/or is not indexed or crawled properly by the search engines, then no external boost can make up for its scant online visibility.

Onsite Content On Steroids: The Keyword Boost

Is your on-site content really targeting the right keywords? Chances are your site is not living up to its full content potential. Keyword research can uncover untapped possibilities for creating content and also give insights into building a better site structure and optimizing the existing onsite content.

Our Process


Your Input

We get website and site analytics login information along with some additional info from you. We need this information to learn as much as possible about your website and the SEO problems it’s experiencing.

In-Depth Analysis and Strategizing

During the first month of the campaign we assess the weak aspects of your site and we come up with the best strategy for optimizing your company website. We will present you with a detailed Onsite SEO Audit, which will contain full onsite analysis and clearly-stated plan for the upcoming optimization for month 2. During this month we will start monitoring your site rankings.

For the In-Depth Analysis we will go over the following steps:

Keyword Research

A thorough keyword research serves as a cornerstone of your content strategy. We will conduct extensive keyword research for your business and find new opportunities for keywords and topics relevant and useful to your target audience. Given the semantic search nature of Google, being familiar with the keyword core of every topic covered by the client is essential.

Content Analysis and Strategy

We’ll assess your onsite content type and quality and verify against onsite content duplication and thin content. Then we will inspect if main service pages are well-written and cover the keyword semantic core for the specific subject. We will ensure that there is no keyword cannibalization for important keywords and pages on the site. We will advise you on required content rewrites or other content-related improvements. Finally we will research new opportunities in terms of topics that could prove to be beneficial for you, and we’ll draft and post those upon your approval.

Technical Optimizations

With the right professional expertise and attention to detail, big technical onsite inefficiencies can easily be transformed into big easy wins. Problems with indexability and accessibility, semantic markup, HTML markup, internal linking, title tags, meta descriptions, headings, URL architecture, and naming are all factors that we pay close attention to.

User Experience

Your site architecture and page loading speed are major aspects that we focus on. Every website though has unique issues that negatively affect the UX: from poorly developed headers and footers, to incomplete “Contact Us” and vague landing pages. We make sure to navigate through your website to check for such warning signs and fix them in order to increase the time spent by your site visitors and their satisfaction with the onsite experience.

SEO Strategy Implementation

We start actively working on your site by implementing the recommendations listed in the initial In-Depth Analysis. We continue to actively analyze your site in order to uncover any possible aspect that may be holding your online business down. Keep in mind that the findings cited in the Analysis are not “set in stone”, and we are dynamically prioritizing what’s important for your online visibility.

Turnaround Time

The first month covers the In-Depth Analysis. Depending on what kind of campaign you’ve selected your project may take from 3 to 6 months in total.

The Big Picture

Onsite SEO is a technical service that takes care of the overall health of a website. It is the first step towards gaining both local and organic visibility. Onsite SEO is closely related to our more creative service Content Creation. Given that they both help a website to become more attractive to customers and Google, they are often offered as a package for better and long-lasting results.


You will get monthly reports, outlining the onsite work we’ve performed throughout the past month. These reports may contain additional recommendations (building on the initial In-Depth Analysis) concerning possible onsite improvements that we’ve encountered during the more in-depth stage of the work. The monthly reports also include the outline for the next month’s SEO work.

Comprehensive ranking and traffic analysis reports for all keywords tracked are sent with every monthly report.


  • $499

A fixed $499 fee for the first month In-Depth Analysis, accompanied by a monthly retainer starting from $499 based on in-house capacity, workload and client’s personal preferences on project completion timeframe. Schedule a free consultation now by clicking the link below to discuss the project and request a free quote.