Mobile SEO

The telltale signs that you need Mobile SEO:

  • The mobile version of your site offers poor user experience.
  • You’ve lost a high % of your mobile traffic after Mobilegeddon.
  • Your site has virtually no mobile visibility.

Let us optimize your site for mobile devices!


Mobile Traffic is as Important as Desktop Traffic

In 2015, Google reported that the number of its mobile searches exceeds the number of desktop searches in 10 countries including USA and Japan. The lightning-speed growth of the mobile searches confirms the indispensable need to stay up-to-date with the technology advances and maintain a website that is mobile-friendly.

Mobile-Friendliness is a Ranking factor

As of April 2015, Google officially introduced the new ranking factor added to their algorithm: the website’s mobile-friendliness. The change was applied on a worldwide scale, aimed at improving user experience. This means that by improving a site’s mobile performance, a business could easily get a competitive advantage and leave its competitors lagging behind.

Improved User Experience

Mobile visitors should be able to access a site and interact with its content in an easy and convenient way. Having to repeatedly zoom in/out, scroll back & forward, waiting forever for a site to load will not only hurt conversion rates and reduce the time spent on a mobile site but will also significantly raise the site’s bounce rates. Designing a website for desktop users is simply not enough nowadays. Optimizing it for mobile users means you are investing in recognizing and connecting with your online customers.

Our Process


Select the best mobile implementation for your needs

Responsive web design is by far the most common type of mobile implementation. Google explicitly recommends serving desktop and mobile on the same URLs because alternative strategies require special expertise, lots of work, and hide a potential risk of emerging technical problems if not implemented properly. Nevertheless, we always verify if the responsive design configuration is the best option for your particular case. On certain occasions, designing a separate mobile-specific website or using a Dynamic Serving Configuration would be much more appropriate for your business and we’d make sure to let you know your options.

Coordinate the necessary web design improvements

If new mobile implementation is required, we will coordinate the recommended plan of action with you. We’ll come up with the best technical solution that complies with both your requirements and the latest UX standards.

Technical on-site work

There are many things to consider when optimizing a desktop website for mobile. A standard project will cover all elements that facilitate proper rendering and indexing by Google. Those include: allowing Googlebot’s access to Javascript, CSS and image files, inspecting for on-site unplayable video content, removing faulty redirects, making sure to return smartphone-only 404 errors, removing interstitials and screen overlays, and fixing irrelevant cross-links.

Implement mobile UX optimizations

Taking page speed into account throughout the whole mobile site is a key element of creating a mobile-friendly website. Further, we will also recommend and implement UX improvements concerning the on-page design elements and visual appeal. These include, but are not limited to: content size and readability, font legibility, viewpoint configuration and scalability, size and proximity of links, adequate plugins usage, CTA and phone number on-page visibility.

Turnaround Time

1 month. (This time-frame is a rough estimate. Please keep in mind that each project varies in complexity and could require custom redesign solutions, thus custom time frame may be applied).


We will send you a detailed Mobile SEO report at the end of the project.

The Big Picture

People rely more and more on their smartphones and tablets to browse for nearby local businesses and services. Thus, having a website that is mobile-friendly will make all the difference when trying to get your customers’ attention. Relying only on onsite optimized websites for desktop simply won’t cut it anymore. You need to know your target customers and the channels they use to find your business. Starting with mobile optimization and going over the Local SEO basics will put your online marketing efforts back on track.


The pricing is determined based on the project complexity and time requirements. Schedule a free consultation now by clicking the link below to discuss the project and request a free quote.