Local SEO Audit

The telltale signs that you need a SEO Audit:

  • You doubt your site is in par with the latest Google algorithm changes.
  • You feel you are missing out on a significant amount of search traffic.
  • You wish to learn how to surpass your competitors.

Let us assess the weak spots of your website!


Know What Holds You Down

Taking a deep dive into your online presence and identifying all weak spots of your website will give you a clear picture of why your online business doesn’t get the traction it deserves. The first step towards improving your site performance is to diagnose the unhealthy onsite issues and to understand how they influence your rankings.

Have a Strategy for Improvement

The detailed nature of our SEO Audit has both a diagnostic and a strategic side to it. The Audit offers an actionable plan on how to recover from your disadvantageous position and optimize your site for the search engines. You are free to either entrust us with the implementation of the plan or to apply our recommendations in-house.

Benchmark Against Your Competitors

Among the key stages of the SEO audit is the competitive analysis. Knowing what works for your online rivals and what you’ve failed to incorporate in your online strategy is what eventually moves the needle in the game of rankings. Learn what kind of keyword targeting, content pieces and link opportunities make your competitors superior.

Learn How Google Sees Your Site

In order to be successful you need to create a great website for your target audience, while still keeping in mind Google’s guidelines. The SEO audit helps you conclude how Google perceives your website: how it crawls and indexes it, whether he approves of its loading speed, content and other technical issues, including if it has a Google Penalty. 

Our Process


Your Input

Website and site analytics login information will be required for conducting the SEO Audit, along with some additional details regarding your business and objectives.

Identifying Your Audience

Defining your target and actually being able to reach it are two separate things. Based on your business plan and objectives, we will verify whether your expectations are being met and your target customers reached.

Keyword Research

No SEO Audit will be complete without an extensive keyword research. Knowing how your target customers are searching for your business, products and services is valuable intel, on which to build your online marketing strategy. We will present you with a report, listing your rankings for your niche-related keywords, along with an analysis of missed or overlooked opportunities.

Competitor Research

Knowing your competitors is vital. It helps you identify your own weaknesses and relative strengths. Staying tuned for their next move will help you differentiate your service and properly position your brand and company.

Content Analysis

We will audit your onsite content and will assess how well it reflects your targeted keywords. By analyzing the contextual core of you content we will investigate for missed or overlooked opportunities and for ideas on how your current onsite content strategy could improve.

Technical Audit

With the right professional expertise and attention to detail, big technical onsite inefficiencies can easily be transformed into big easy wins. Problems with indexability and accessibility, semantic markup, HTML markup, site speed, internal linking, title tags, meta descriptions, headings, URL architecture, and naming are all factors that we pay close attention to.

Citation Audit

A thorough analysis of citation quantity and quality, as well as online NAP consistency, will show if you need to update, clean up, or build more citations (and how many) for your online business.

Inbound Link Analysis

If your inbound link profile has predominately spammy and low quality links that could affect your rankings and visibility in search engines, we will identify those and will advise on the best course of action. Your backlinks will also be benchmarked against your competitors to identify how strong your site is in terms of authority.

Mobile-Friendliness Assessment

As mobile-friendliness has been appointed as a strong ranking factor in Google’s mobile search algo, we are able to conduct a Mobile-Friendliness Assessment, supported by recommendations on what key aspects of your mobile site version require further improvement.

Turnaround Time

One month.


At the end of the month we present you with the complete SEO Audit. We also offer some post-audit support that consists of answering up to 2 rounds of questions (a total of 1 hour discussion) aimed at clarifying conclusions stated in the audit that do not require additional research. You could take advantage of this special support service up to two weeks after you’ve received the complete SEO Audit.

The Big Picture

The SEO Audit is an extensive assessment of your onsite presence. It’s like a massive walk-through guide that could help you fix certain malfunctions and bad practices applied to your business website. If you feel incapable of handling those on your own, you could entrust us with your Onsite SEO and let us implement the strategy outlined in the Audit.


  • $599

Fixed price per website. Contact us to order now!