SEO Consultation

The telltale signs that you need a SEO Consultation:

  • You are looking for professional advice on your online marketing strategy;
  • You need basic SEO concepts regarding your online business explained;
  • You wish to learn how to work on the weak spots of your site.

Let us walk you through the SEO realm!


Get an Expert Opinion

You may be tech savvy and know a thing or two about SEO, but there is always an issue that is better left to the professionals. There’s nothing quite like experience, guiding you through a tough situation. We can share with you our in-depth knowledge backed by extensive experience and provide you with ideas for the most suitable solutions to your SEO struggles.

If you are not certain of your current online marketing strategy, you feel that it is not bringing you much traction and the long-expected results still seem a long way off, you can rely on our expert advice. We will investigate and point out to you the pros and cons of your digital marketing strategy.

Do It Yourself – the Right Way

Are you a one-man business, struggling to gain traction online, or do you have an in-house techie team that usually covers the SEO for your site? The chances are that you need a specific question answered and some good advice on the best practices related to a particular issue that is damaging your online visibility. You’ve come to the right place!

Get to Know an SEO Agency Before Ordering

Entrusting a new SEO agency with your online visibility is a serious commitment. It is important to trust your SEOs, their skills and sense of responsibility before you commit to a mutual project. Our SEO Consultation service presents you with the opportunity to see for yourself our SEO specialists’ level of commitment, along with their extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

Get a Second Opinion

Whether you are optimizing your online visibility in-house or you have entrusted a contractor with the task, you could always benefit from an objective professional opinion. We can discuss Local SEO, keywords, traffic, indexability, penalties: everything your business needs in order to thrive online.

Our Process


Your Input

If you are interested in discussing a particular topic, you could mention it when scheduling your SEO Consultation appointment. The more details you share with us prior to the consultation, the better prepared our team will be for your conversation.


The scheduled consultation could be conducted by phone or via a Skype call depending on your specific requirements.

The Big Picture

In many cases, after having received actionable tips during the SEO Consultation hours, our clients try to implement our recommendations in-house. However, if you feel that you lack the skills and you don’t have the time to work on your Citation Audit & Cleanup, or on your Onsite SEO strategy, we are here to help you out.


  • $120
  • per hour